How I Organize My Seasonal Decor

Am I the only one with too many Christmas/Autumn/Spring decorations?
Do any of you have more than one box of decorations?
I sure hope so. Cuz I would feel like a hoarder.

This is my dining room post-Christmastime last year.
Notice the PEACE sign hanging on the mirror.
How ironic.

But, after I sort and purge (donate extras or items that haven't been used awhile)
order and peace are restored and here's how I do it.

1. I get out my handy dandy pop-up Rubbermaid spring bag/cans.
(Out in the foyer.)
In these, I put the donateables.

Before I put the decor in the pop-up cans, and into the back of my car,
I laid out all of the stuff on the floor to show you how much stuff I donated.

In the pile is a Christmas village, miles of garland, red outside bows, a faux poinsettia,
Peace (!?) and Joy pillows, a tablecloth, tree skirt, towels, gift boxes.
(The glitter houses under the cloches on the dresser are safe. Still here.)

2. I get these cans into the back of my car and over to the Salvation Army.

3. I round up all the gift wrapping supplies and get them into their
Rubbermaid Gift Wrap Storage Organizer that I found at WalMart years ago.
I {heart} it. 
If you do not have one of these to contain and sort your wrapping stuff, GURL, you NEED one.

4. While all the Christmas things are out in the open, I take the opportunity
to sort and purge my other seasonal decor.
The Autumn and Spring boxes are also stored with the Christmas boxes.

5. Then I sorted and placed all the Christmas pretties back in their boxes, too.

6. Each box is numbered, and as I put items in their boxes, I write down what's in each box.
So, I can decorate in small chunks of time, or certain rooms at a time.
It is easier to take down only a box or two at at time, knowing what is in the box,
and not have the chaos of digging through every box's contents 
just to find my vintage flocked birds and ornament hooks.
(I don't usually type this up and give it a title and a border--
but for blogging purposes, *smile* this was neater than showing you my scrawling 
on some college-lined notebook paper which I file in my Holidays folder in my office.)

By the time I finished this project, it was evening.

And the PEACE is once again restored to the dining room.

Now the boxes are ready to be stored away till next year.

7. The numbered boxes get hoisted up into this fantastical garage overhead shelving.
It's called HyLoft.
And I {heart} this, too.

Mark installed two sets above our cars.
It needs to be accessed by a ladder, so I need to make sure the individual boxes
aren't TOO heavy, so I can fetch them myself when I need them.

We love having instant retrieval of the containers and that they
don't take up precious floor space in our basement or garage floor.

8. I sit and have a cup of tea. 

Okay, the whole pot.

What's your organizational system look like?


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  1. Oooh, I am in need of some of those shelves...I despise getting into the attic..those would be GREAT!
    I am impressed with your progress!

  2. You are not a hoarder...if anything you're the most organized hoarder on the planet. Thanks for this post, I've got some organizing to do hehe

  3. I think we all hoard Christmas decor...I try and keep mine to a managable size...I have everything in tubs like yours...only mine are clear...that way I can see what's in them.

  4. Wow- I only wish I had that much Xmas stuff. You are very blessed. I keep everything I have in an antique hope chest that I also like to display next to the xmas tree for a vintage feel. Great ideas on organizing!

    BTW, I am the Disney ticket lady and I'm not sure what happened- but I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're no longer interested since you never replied. Still love your blog :) Thanks~ Rachel D

  5. You are soooo organized! I love it. You are not a hoarder. I have just as much if not more because my husband has been collecting Santa's since 1990 when our oldest son was born. I dread unpacking and packing them each year, but they are beautiful out, and make him so happy. Thank you for the inspiration. Merry Christmas.

  6. Leslie, I've got lots of Christmas decorations, too, but I'm in the process of CONSIDERING getting rid of some things. :-) I'm lucky to have a big walk-in closet where I store all of my clear plastic boxes with the "pretties." The trees and lights and garlands get stored in the walk-up attic above the garage. ...You are sooooo far ahead of me this year. I'm planning to go really simple this year rather than pull it all out. We'll see if that happens. LOL

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. I've used the Rubbermaid containers for years, too, Leslie! Unfortunately, they are too big to get up and down from the attic in the new place easily so I've had to get smaller size containers. The move and this "moving things to smaller boxes" has caused me to donate quite a bit of my decor. Mainly stuff I just don't use anymore and there's no reason for me to hold onto it any longer.

  8. Haha,I bought a few stems of greenery this weekend for something Christmasy on my table. We have a tree and that's it. I think all together it would probably fill one of those boxes.

  9. The colors of the first pic go so well with my blog. Couldn't resist clicking. My holiday decor boxes are the same but gray (if I had seen the teal you know I would have gone for that instead). ;) I have way too much and want to get rid of most, although this year I am in love with a beautiful nativity set I purchased at Kirkman's. On the inside of each lid, I've taped a paper listing the items located in each box because some are wrapped and sometimes I don't use all of them.
    Yeah, well, boring.
    Thx for sharing.

  10. Gosh, Leslie, I want to be you when I grow up.

    Unfortunately, I'm guessing that I'm already older than you. Darn it.

    Seriously, you are AMAZING. Do you ever do out-of-town work??

  11. Oh, and I didn't mean your post is boring, P. I meant my rambling is.
    Muah, T.

  12. You are so organized. I can't believe you have lists for what's in your bins. I totally love your overhead storage. Peace to you!

  13. Hi Leslie.....More than one box of decorations? Uhhhhhhh, are you kidding me? I need YOU over here. That's what I need. I have an entire ATTIC that desperately needs "peace."

    You are an inspiration, though. I'll really TRY to throw out before packing after the holidays. Yeah. I'll really, really try. Susan

  14. You are not alone. I use the color coded Rubbermaids & the label maker :)

  15. umm... now that have read this post... I need your Peace sign!!lol... I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am not the only one with numerous bins of dis-array at Christmas and "fall"!! I was so irritated with myself this year... going thru bin after bin... searching... talking to myself.... throwing my hands up in the air... "where is my mantle garland?!?!?!) LOL.... I will organize this year... I will organize this year!! YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME!!!! :)

  16. Now that is fantastic. I love this idea. I need to be more like you after the New year.

  17. Now that is fantastic. I love this idea. I need to be more like you after the New year.

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  18. Awesome! When we moved last year we downsized our Christmas decorations and this year was so nice to only have a few boxes to go through!! I wish we had space in our garage for over-hang shelves..they are awesome!!

  19. Hello My wonderful friend!!! You are such an organizing extraordinaire(I hope I spelled that right:) Seriously, you inspire me, I am stil trying to do that paint organization you posted about!!!Thanks for stopping by.....xoxox

  20. I am impressed with your organizational skills. I love your blog. I have read several and you have inspired me! Thank you.


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