Last Week and the Week before the Week before that Week

This is just a weird, random, awkward post about the goings on around here lately.
(Just in case you were wondering.)

Do you ever have those seasons in your life where you are busy,
but it feels like you're not accomplishing anything? I purposefully took these pictures to remind myself,
that I am indeed making my home.

I taught our new girl, Miss Lovely (our S. Korean foreign exchange student),
how to paint furniture. This is the desk in the office.
See the stenciled wall behind her? She helped with this, too.
I love having a little helper!

Miss Lovely has the cutest accessories.
(I must do a post about all the little darling things she brought with her in her suitcase,
including a baby sock change purse and a kitty cat contact lens case.)

My Miss S, Miss Lovely, and Miss A.
Fast friends and sweet sisters already.

Some of you suggested I start with the staging of our house to sell next year
in the foyer. So, I am. First things to go are this light and the toile wallpaper.
Sad. I love this paper.
I found an ugly "new" fixture at a yard sale for $5.
It is being spray painted, as I type.

Goodbye toile, hello wall.

We took a trip to NYC last month.
Except for the flat tire we got in Virginia (which could quite possibly be 
one of the most beautiful states ever), we loved our train, subway, and ferry ride.
We enjoyed Central Park, Broadway, Lady Liberty, Chinatown and much more.
190 pictures on my camera's worth.
This picture below was actually taken in the Times Square Starbucks bathroom.

We had a birthday.
Miss S turned 21.
She requested a chocolate peanut butter cake with ganache.
I complied.

A friend of mine is readying her home for selling and I am consulting her with that.
Befores and afters sometime in the near future.

Mark found a great new gadget to help him stain the deck.
He's all about the gadgets.

It's a Shur-line Stain System. He finished our deck quickly and evenly!
We use Cabot stain in the color Redwood.

Miss Lovely had never watched a pie be made, so, of course, I obliged her, as well.
This is the first apple pie of the Fall season.

I have been organizing and purging these.

Then, there was another birthday.
This time, our pastor's. He got the same kind of cake as Miss S did.

One afternoon, I enjoyed a loverly tea party with Miss S and my other mom.

Two of my sweet blogging friends, Lisa from The Pennington Point
and Marcia from Home is Where One Heart Is mailed our Miss Lovely (Emily is her American name)
some VERY thoughtful gifts, a pillow from Lisa and a journal from Marcia.
Emily was so touched by these kind gestures from Americans she had never met.
Lisa embroiders almost anything (I also met her in person when I went to TN in July)
and sells them in her etsy shop, Shop 24. The name of her shop is Proverbs 31:24 inspired.
My friend, Marcia blogs about almost anything, but, her focus is on making a godly home.
I haven't met her yet, but next year when I get to Florida, I am driving down to see her,
and she'd better make me some guava pastelitos when I get there.

Thank you, Aunt Lisa and Aunt Marcia!

For an International festival at Emily's school, I baked over three dozen cupcakes.
And taught Miss MaryAnn, an extra daughter that frequents these parts,
how to decorate them.
While I supervised with my coffee in hand.

MaryAnn made teeny flags from a sheet I printed out, double-sided tape and toothpicks.
Now the cupcakes are Korean.

These two Pinterest pins inspired me to make a bloomin' sewing mess in the dining room.
Click on the picture to take you to the pin.


 (and a few more stitches of a few more things are needed.)

I have decided to sell these window treatments, I sewed.
There are four lined panels, they measure 8' X 54" each.
They are heavy and beautiful. 
A buffalo check pattern is on top, and a smaller Waverly check is across the bottom.
The background of the red is an off-white.
The liner is white.
I would like $160 for all four of them.
(Or I may consider a trade or barter for something else, too!)
If you are interested, email me.
(Envelope icon top right.)

I attended a gingerbread house making party last year,
and had so much fun, that I am hosting my own on Saturday, December 10th
from 10AM-2PM, here at our home in our Basement Cafe'.
If you live near Greenville, SC, and would like to come, I have 4 more seats available.
(It is $15 a person, though, for all the goodies. Brunch is included, too!)

I'm busy, but blessed.
And I am especially blessed by you, my sweet, funny, creative, and inspirational bloggy sisters!

Have a beautiful weekend.
I need a nap.

You have created us for Yourself, Lord, and our heart cannot be stilled until it finds rest in You.


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  1. You definitely have been busy!! Sound like all good things though and that you are truly enjoying this season of life even if it feels crazy at times. I love hearing about Miss Lovely and how she is adapting to her new "home". Can't imagine a more wonderful "mom" for her to have while she is here! :-)

  2. Girl, you've been busy! But what fun. I love the way you're blessing Lovely's life and she's blessing yours. Such is life in the Kingdom!

    Now I have a burning question from all those photos:


    (Told you it was a burning question!) I really do beg you to answer! :)

    Love ya!

  3. Sounds like you've been enjoying life. Thanks for sharing your life with us : )

  4. Oh my gosh, I am astounded at how much you have had going on, and still find a few extra minutes to blog. I have to read your posts about staging your home for selling, my hubby and I are on the same plan. We intend to put our condo on the market next spring, and while many of the projects we're undertaking are delayed maintenance issues, we're doing everything with an eye to making it market ready. Good luck on all your endeavors!

  5. Sounds like you have accomplished a ton to me. I am totally impressed. Maybe a little rest now. Hugs, Marty

  6. You have definitely accomplished a lot, Leslie! I feel that way sometimes, too, but if you really think about it, you realize what you've done. I'm holding off taking on clients here until after the holidays. I've got two great networking opportunities coming up, too, so that will help get me started.

  7. Holy Moly! You have been busy! I have the EXACT same metal thing(?) above my door! See?
    Sadly, it's the last pic in the post, but you get the idea...I painted mine.

    I love what you're doing with your house, and although I'm crazy for toile, as a Home Stager, I have to agree that it's a good idea to remove it.

  8. I need a nap after this post... sheesh! ;) You rock, my friend. I love how you have welcomed Emily into your family.

  9. After all that + all I've done emptying boxes since they arrived September 11, I need a nap, too! Enjoyed your post!

    Kelley of

  10. You are too cute, not to mention extremely special and highly loved. I am blessed to know you and call you friend.
    Thank you for sharing the pic of Emily's gift. Sweet.
    I did; however, cry at the picture of the wallpaper going down and the curtains being sold. Boo-hoo!!!
    I meant to ask when we spoke last week but forgot (and I wonder how on earth I could forget things to say when our calls last three hours), is there any way you can send me a piece of your foyer paper? Maybe an 8 x 10 piece with a favorite section of it in the middle (this section not necessarily covering 8 x 10 but 5 x 7). Please tell me you still have it. Actually, if you do, send me two pieces.

  11. Can we please have the recipe for the cake!?! My hubby lives for chocolate and peanut butter. Really, he loves that combination more than he loves me. You have been busy. I've been sitting around propping up my feet (and holding the cutest baby boy in the world!)

  12. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. Telling myself to do the same:)

  13. Sooo wished I lived closer! That "gingerbread" house looks fabulous!!

  14. loved all the details of your crazy week. but what caught my eye today?? are you going to Haven????????????
    I hope sooooooo!!!!!! {we shall meet???!!!}

  15. I always go away from you blog feeling inspired to go make something in my house prettier! Thanks!


  16. Oh my goodness that is a lot of goings on! Between your trip to NYC and Miss Lovely seeing how to make a pie I was so proud. I just love your sweet family...the whole bunch! Lisa~

  17. Oh my sweet friend, it looks like you have been up to some beautiful usual! I would love to come for the gingerbread house decorating party. But alas, my schedule will not allow for a trip to Greenville. BOO HOO! I am planning on doing so w/my fellas. Should be lots of fun! Missing you! Big hugs!!!!

  18. Aaah!! Yes, it feels like that right now, like I'm just overwhelmed but never getting anywhere. I'll just keep repeating, "I'm making a home." Girl, you have seriously been busy, and I want one of those cupcakes. :)

  19. Love love love the birthday cake I have a daughter who will be turning 16 in 3 weeks and peanut butter is her favourite could you possibly post the recipe please
    Thankyou so much


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