Home Staging -- A Kitchen (to Paint or not to Paint the Cabinets)

The kitchen, to many people, is THE most important space in the home.
If this room is staged right, it will absolutely impact the buyers
and generate many offers on a home for sale.

What are people looking for, you ask?

The same things YOU would be looking for in a kitchen:
Warmth, efficiency, cleanliness, organization, neutral tones, updated features.

This home has a beautiful kitchen layout, brand new tile countertops and sink,
a plethora (I just love this word!) of cabinets and drawers,
gorgeous hardwood flooring, a breakfast bar, and a central location perfect for
everyday meals and entertaining.

However, this space was very dark and dated.

I consulted with my painting contractors and here's what we came up with.
We chose a Valspar Ultra Premium paint in Creme Fraiche CI200 Signature Color.

Removed were:
the wood trimwork above the stove and the menu/book rack at the end of the counter,

the knobs and the hinges.
The knobs and hinges were taken outside and primed and spray painted
Oil-rubbed bronze.

The dishwasher, stove, and microwave were still in sellable condition.

Then all the doors were removed.
The cabinets and doors were primed and painted.
The refrigerator, which was old and too large for this space was removed.

And this kitchen went from dreary

to cheery!

To read about the transformation/staging of the breakfast area off this kitchen, go HERE.

The hardwood floors were lost before, but now they are a gleaming selling point.
Once cave-like, this heart of the home is now cozy.

The beautiful tile the homeowner had recently invested in became another selling point.

The sticking-out-like-a-sore-thumb ceiling light now blends in.

I replaced the refrigerator with a table, that (although not pictured here)
had a pitcher and some glasses on it, as props.

Other props (staging "decor" used to suggest activities within the home) included 
Italian pottery, oil jars, a faux onion, and head of garlic.

Props for a coffee station.

Props for a baking station.

This home sold in 1 1/2 weeks.
It had been on the market for 4 months, as is, before this client called me.

Paint (and makeup, in my case) covers a multitude of sins.

This is what the back of my car looks like when I've gathered
some things to do staging repairs, painting, and updating.
Lowe's is my friend.

Don't be scared to paint your outdated wood cabinets to sell your home!
It makes all the difference in a kitchen!

Any thoughts?



  1. Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! You are amazing Leslie. You've also made me double glad I've painted my cabinets...just on the off chance we ever sell. ;)


  2. i adore the wonderful paint job!! you my dear, are amazing!!

  3. Wow, what a transformation!!! Looks amazing! No wonder it sold so quickly after that!

  4. WOW! Talk about an amazing transformation! That is absolutely beautiful Leslie and you are right about the floors really standing out now. It is truly incredible how something as simple as paint can make such a HUGE difference! :-)

  5. Unbelievable transformation! If only that could happen in this rent...

  6. This is definitely a wonderful transformation, Leslie! Pictures speak louder than words and the fact that they sold so quickly is a testament to making updates like this. Great job, lady! : )

  7. Oh yes I definitely would have painted the cabinets, it went from dark and dingy to light and bright and it looks amazing.

  8. What a difference! Isn't it funny how we all had those dark cabinets and dark floor at one time or another. I'd run fast if I walked into a home with all that dark wood. Good call painting!!

  9. Oh I had to come back and say that I love the little nook with the desk. That would be a real selling point to me. I'd love it!

  10. Oh it looks so much brighter and cheerier. Love the white. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  11. No wonder it sold so quickly after you worked magic on it, Leslie. So bright and updated now. Love your logo on the wheel cover too, I dream of having a staging business, lucky you!

  12. We did our update at our last house almost EXACTLY the same...the likeness is uncanny!

    FARMHOUSE PORCH: Kitchen before and After (at our old house)

    Looks good!

  13. What a difference! You've totally inspired me to do the same :) Thanks!

  14. That could be my kitchen, dark cabinets, red walls, you have totally inspired me to lighten it up. Could you tell me the color that you used on the cabinets and the gold on the walls? I love every bit of it!!

  15. Where did the fridge go? I LOVE this transformation! I painted my kitchen cabinets off-white years ago...never had dark wood but even the lighter wood was too dark for me in its "before" state. But get this, around where I live, people are still WANTING the "before" look and get rid of light cabinets to replace with the darker oak..Ugh! Not me! I like bright and cheery! :-)

  16. That looks sooooo goood! It sure makes me want to repaint my cabinets. They are cream, but dirty and look horrible. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. I'm not moving, but am interested in painting my cabinets. Does the paint hold up well longer-term or does it chip and peel off? I'm just afraid it'll all be a waste of time and money if it doesn't last a few years. I am planning to have a professional painter do it though if that makes a difference.


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