DIY Knock Off Ideas from My Visit to Anthropologie

While in Nashville, TN, this summer, we visited the Anthropologie in the beautiful downtown area.

I'd never been inside an Anthropologie.
It was quite charming.
And I got A LOT of ideas for some DIY projects.

Like this birdcage.

I collect vintage birdcages, but mine are plain ol' white.
But, couldn't I paint at least one of them with a happy color?
You can find vintage bird cages on eBay HERE,
and transform one for yourself, too!

The chandeliers were AMAZING!
You could find a plain one at a yard sale or even one that came in your house, 
and dress it up with strands of beads and crystals.
The Saturated Dew Drops chandy (in green) below is $2,000. Yeah.
This SITE carries chandelier parts wholesale.

Oh, dear. 
The selection of knobs and handles was glorious.
They were showcased in a revolving tiered display, nestled in dried green split peas!

The buffet of color below had me daydreaming about changing out every single knob
on every single knobbed item in the house!
The KNOBS cost anywhere between $8 and $14 each.

I find my knobs at Hobby Lobby.
I wait until they are 50% (or more) off and I've found some for as little as $2 each.
Hobby Lobby's selection is just as glorious.

As much as I adore these Night at the Movie lamps,
I could only envision getting some Vintage Movie Reels off etsy,
and attaching them to a floor lamp found at Goodwill.

Lovely toile shades. 

Okay. If there was one item in the store, that if I could afford,
and would fit in my CR-V, it would have been this table,
which had personality to spare.
Notice all the unmatched newel post legs.

There are several home salvage yards here in town.
Here's the one I go to: OLD HOUSE SALVAGE
which resells pieces from demolished or remodeled old homes.
What's stopping me from going out and taking a look to see what they've salvaged lately?

The packaging was even inspirational.
These Finnia Curtains' box was designed to look like a window.
Could a house warming gift be "wrapped" like this?

I think so.

Fabric shades are such a pretty accent for a lamp.
This Ranunculus Swirl Shade is no exception.

What if yards of ruffled trim (layered and hot glued) could make a shade just as pretty?
This idea is from my Pinterest board: EXQUISITE LIGHTING.

A vintage mail sorter cabinet could be found at an auction.

I know. I saw one.
At an auction I went to with my friend, Kristi, at The Speckled Dog blog.

This cord keeper is just a strip of fabric, with a button and velcro adhered to it.
How easy would that be to make???

For the bathroom, couldn't primping supplies be kept in glass cylinder jars?
Even jars that had a layer of epsom salts in them?

Beautiful ruffled Flamenco shower curtain.
I saw one being sewn while I was at Gina's (The Shabby Creek Cottage) this summer.
See my friend,Cha Cha's tutorial on the curtain she made!

Meet Me in St. Louis pillow.
Layers of (t-shirt) jersey fabric. Doable!

Fabric glued to the front of a note pad. Hmmmm....

A strip of houndstooth tweed is attached to the lip of the terracotta pot.
I could see this in my hubby's office.

An old or ugly lampshade could be Modge Podged with dictionary pages, 
vintage sheet music, vintage newspaper...

This bathmat is vintage chic!
What if you sewed a rug-sized rectangle of a chenille bedspread
to a terry cloth towel (used as the backing)?

This Sure Footed Lamp Base is $498.
But, if you were imaginative, and had a drill and a lamp kit,
couldn't you build your own lamp?

More lamp bases.
The One-Lump-or-Two Teapot/Teacup Lamp is on my to-do list.

I found these pieces at (where else?) Goodwill.
My lamp will be teapots only.
I found the drill bit to cut holes through the bottoms of the pots.
HERE at Lowe's.

Thank you., Anthropologie, for all the ideas!

Maybe you found something you'd like to Knock-Off? 

What's interesting and exciting to us, is that Anthropologie 
is coming here, to our town of Greenville, SC!
Read HERE.

Oh, goodie. More projects!

Please have a beautiful day making your home.
I know I will!


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  1. fun, fun , fun! Lots to inspire. I can't wait to see your teapot lamp! :-)

  2. Can't wait to see the lamp you make!! Love it!
    Ps...i messaged you about the basket...Let me know if you still want it. thanks!

  3. I can't believe you've never been inside an Anthropologie! Did you know that each store is decorated differently? I will go in there just for decorating ideas...forget their merchandise. Then I will go to a different store and get MORE ideas. LOVE it! Lisa~

  4. You were so close to me! Dont' you just love getting all those ideas though!!!

  5. I love walking through the one here for ideas too! I can't wait to see your teapot lamp...sounds wonderful...GoodWill is my favorite store to find cool things too!!

  6. Oh my, I see you destined to have many more ideas when thou art old and gray. I love all your thoughts and I think after I finish my tour of duty with the pups, and the craft sale on Saturday, I shall have to scour Goodwill for teapots.

  7. You need to come visit me. . . there's an Anthropologie just 10 minutes from my house, right next door to a Restoration Hardware and across the street from a Pottery Barn. Then on the way home from there is a HomeGoods, a Michael's, and a Target all together. We could find inspiration and then re-create things! :)

  8. So many knob so little cabinets! They were all so pretty. I don't have an Anthropologie anywhere near me anymore. I'm sure it would be fun to look around. I think I've only been to one!

  9. Have you ever hear of the Pioneer Woman Website (actually blog)? You just might enjoy her posting on Owl Pillows if you like to make something from a little bit of nothing. I think with all you show here you probably could make the pillows shown there.

  10. I love knocking off ideas. I get all the catalogs (ballards, PB, RH) because there are none of those stores near to me. Now I need to get the Anthro catalog.
    Have a blessed day!

  11. That place is so inspirational! I love their window displays, too. I've been obsessed with that Flamenco shower curtain for several years. If I ever learn to sew I will definitely make one. I can't wait to see what you do with the tea cup lamp.

  12. Oh my goodness, Leslie, I would be the one with the cross-eyed daze in a place like that. How fun!! With your gifts and that store you could probably rule the world. ;) K, bit over-the-top there but you get it. hehe
    My favorite is that very first birdcage. It's gorgeous. Wish I had Hobby Lobby here. The knobs (that I really like) are typically so expensive. :( Love how they were displayed on the split pea.
    This was such a fun post, chica. Thx.

  13. Nice items, I want to visit that place! I am sure it would be fun to look around.

  14. I love Hobby Lobby - and I never knew they had knobs!

    I'm so excited!

  15. Wow, I bet this was like 3-D Pinterest for ya! ;o)
    I'm really liking that table idea...really making me want to find an odd assortment of old legs and build a table like that. Thanks for taking us on your trip w/ you, such wonderful ideas for DIYers.

  16. I have several lamp shades to cover with paper and old sheet music and french dictionary pages to cover them with! Love the bird cage lamps too... So many ideas... so little time!

  17. DIY knock off ideas from visit to anthrolpologies. Useful post


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