A Christmas Care Package for the College Girl

Every student in college loves to receive a care package!
Especially one filled with snacks and "junk" food and homebaked goodies.

So, I loaded up a box and it was delivered just in time for pre-holiday test-cramming
when my girl, Miss S, doesn't have much time to head over to the Dining Hall.

The pictures are kinda fuzzy, sorry. It was nighttime when I took them.

I layered:
Annie's Bunnies, Late July Cheese Crackers, Waffle cookies, Walkers (the best!) Shortbread,
and Organic Toaster pastries in her favorite flavors.

The next layer held Newman-O's Chocolate/Mint and Ginger'n Creme cookies, 
Fun Yums Baked mixed veggie crunchy things, Pita Chips, and Hummus Dip.

Next, I added Potato chips, a Green Tea snack mix (we like weird stuff!),
Sunflower seeds, Pretzel Stix, and popcorn.

Then, pencils and pens, chocolate drops, Ritter Marzipan chocolate bars, 
Green and Black chocolate bars, and Scharffen Berger Chocolate Bars (our fave!)
were placed in the box.

And last, but not least, and certainly eaten first (so I was told) was some
English toffee, ginger crinkles, peanut butter balls, and peppermint chocolate balls.
I found the darling boxes (shaped like buildings and houses) at The Dollar Tree.
They made a nice little city on Miss S' entry table as decor.
Miss S has two roommates, so I sent them each a red Santa hat, too.

When Miss S opened her box, she made more friends on her hall that day!
She was delighted to be thought of and reminded of how much she is loved.

So, gather some goodies together and surprise your student!
They will love it!


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  1. You are such sweet mom!! I know I send packages to my boys and they love it!!Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh can packaged gifts for our kids be adorable!? Oh yes they can!!! Its the sweetest!

  3. So nice to do that. I am sure it was a great pick-me-up for the end of the semester. When my son was in college in Florida (we live in Ohio) the school did a fun thing. You could order different boxes for exam week. I loved doing that. But yours is better because you put it together.

  4. That is a serious care package Leslie! What a terrific mom you are. :-) I remember the days of getting those at school from my mom and you definitely become the most popular one on the floor of the dorm. LOL!

  5. Oh my GOSH, Leslie...what a fabulous care package! You did a great job. Bet Miss S was delighted to the hilt.

    Thanks for your visit and comment, too. Susan

  6. Yep, any college kid would love that package...or any postpartum 36 year old :)
    I need to do that for my "adopted" college students.

  7. I remember those when Eric was up in Boston. Yum!! You pack a mean college box, mom. Now, I must be going nuts (more) because I thought Ms. S. was studying at home now. Wee-woo.


  8. I bet that box was a hit! We sure have a lot of different products/brands here in Canada though, the only brands I recognize are the Ritters and of course the Walker's shortbread (my dad's favourite gift.) Your home made treats would be the first ones I would inhale, I mean enjoy ;)

  9. Wow! What a lucky girl! BTW, I adore those "Dirty" brand potato chips but can never find them in FL. In the words of Rachael Ray, "Yum-o!'

  10. Any child of yours is a blessed child. Especially if she's away at college. This beats those so-called Care Packages sold at Parents' Weekend, huh? What a great package!! :)

  11. Can I be your college student? :^}

    That is very sweet, not just taste, but a sweet (full of love) action! You are a good, great Mom!

  12. what a luverly mom you are! Those goodies look so yummy! Especially the homemade ones. Got a recipe for the peanut butter balls?


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