October :: 31 Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins

I love Fall! Don't you?
I love the crisp air, falling and changing leaves, apple cider, corn stalks, 
scare crows, fuzzy hoodies, colorful scarves, wool coats, leather boots.
Usually, I am fortunate enough to hear and see a flock of Canada Geese
as they glide through the sky on their way south.
I love turning on the oven in the morning and cranking out a few 
cinnamon-y apple pies by noon!

I especially love using the season's bountiful harvest offerings to remind me
of God's promise that he makes the seasons turn in Genesis 8:22:

So, if while the earth is here, (and I am, too) 
and since I've been a home maker as long as I have (22 years), 
fresh ideas for celebrating His promises are useful when you pull those Rubbermaid bins 
out of the garage and desire to make some fresh vignettes, tablescapes, or displays
with the same old stuff you've loved for years.

This is where Pinterest.com* came in handy this year.
It's a gathering place for ideas of all sorts!
I gathered some Autumn ideas for you and here are some of them.
(Click on Source below the photo to learn more about it.)

1. Got bling? Even if you leave off the rhinestones, the silver is elegant!

2. Berries and branches, feathers and wheat.
Great accompaniments to a single pumpkin.

3. Set a simple striped gourd next to each plate at an autumnal spread.

4. One of my favorite ideas. 
Gather dried corn, gourds, and a mum in a box for an instant Fall fix.

5. Mini pumpkins tied in with real waxed leaves on a strand of jute twine
make a darling garland.

6. How easy is this? Place a smaller punkin' atop a larger one
and pin a WELCOME tag and a velvet ribbon with a corsage (or other pin) to it!

7. Paint your pumpkins to match your vintage tableware.

8. Stack the flat ones you find.

9. Who says pumpkins have to be orange, green, or white?

10. Adorable use of moss and burlap.

11. Add a special touch to each person's place at the table.

12. Just thought this was purty.

13. Book pages, Modge Podge, raffia, a stick, and a tag.
I am making some of these for my office shelf.

14. CHALKBOARD paint! 'Nuff said.

15. Pumpkin dip. Click on Source for recipe.

16. Carve out a large pumpkin and insert a serving bowl for
snacks, apple cider, or ice to use as an ice bucket.

17. These pale green pumpkins hold their own on this harvest table.

18. A vintage vignette.

19. My friend, Lisa sets a few pumpkins on her coffee table
and greets Fall simply.

20. My other girlfriend, Kate, gathered orange pumpkins at yard sales all year, 
spray painted all of them white and now they grace the side table in her kitchen.

21. The Nester simply lined up an assortment on her mantel.
Many other girlfriends around blogland also posted their mantel decor.
To see all their fantastic ideas, click on Source below.

22. Yet another one of my girlfriends, this time it's Abbe
made some paper pumpkins from magazines!
These are perfect for a shelf!

23. Elevate the humble pumpkin with candle holders.

24. Or, turn the humble pumpkin INTO candle holders.
Carve out the center and pop in a votive.

25. These pumpkins urn-ed a spot on an entry table.

26. Glass domes and cloches. 
You ain't lived till you've used these to display something!

27. This might be expensive, but I like the look, nonetheless.
(I also like the word, nonetheless.)

28. A gorgeous centerpiece.

29. Mini plate centerpieces.

30. Create these with more Modge Podge and strips of loverly beverage napkins.

31. Love one another. An Autumn Bridal Shower!

I just got my Fall boxes down this weekend.
Yes, I may be a tad behind in "vignette-ing" for the season, 
but I'm betting I'm not the only one.

Are you just now starting your decorating, too?

I'll be digging through my autumn boxes this week!
How 'bout you?


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  1. Why do I love pumpkins so much??? I don't know, but I do, I just do... and I love each and every idea you've shared here. Thanks for the fall inspiration!

  2. Here I was scrolling through thinking, "Ooh! I love number 7...no! Number 11..." and then I saw MY living room. I can't believe you included me in this gorgeous list! It completely cracks me up that you wrote that I celebrate simply. You will understand when I show you a picture of my front porch, which has so many pumpkins on it that my family thinks my brains has turned to orange. LOL! Thanks for BOTH of my items on your list. I am honored!!! Lisa~

  3. Thank you so much for the gorgeous pumpkin inspiration!

  4. I'll be digging through... AND EMPTYING boxes... and none of them are marked autumn/fall. My container arrived from Guam a week ago. 'Nough said.

    This post makes me miss autumn all the more.

  5. Oh, my... I could look at this post for hours! I'll be back just for the eye-candy fix! :-) ~Holly

  6. Thank you for sharing these ideaqs. You have elevated the pumpkin in my eyes.

  7. So inspired now! I actually just completed some book page pumpkins myself and will be featuring them later this week on the blog but I think I'm going to have to try my hand at the napkins one now too, never even thought of that! Wonderful gathering of links and ideas Leslie, thank you!


  8. So many awesome ideas! Happy to follow along with you on Pinterest!!

  9. Ooooh lots of great ideas! I especially like #17 and #28. The simplicity and calm color palette just speaks to me.

  10. Love all the photos!! Those steps with the pumpkins.."over the top", or "on the floor", in my house....because someone would be tripping down the steps all day long!! :)

  11. LOVE number 4...and 17!
    Check out my mom's blog for our Fall decor

  12. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing these ideas. You have elevated the pumpkin in my eyes, it;s so cool...........

  13. Just pie for me from my pumpkin. Loved all these ideas and you are truly an inspiration.

  14. How do you do #30? I clicked on the "source" link but it said I don't have permission to read the blog. It's so cool I want to try it!


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