I'm not sure what is possessing me to share this post today,
besides the fact that it was just an interesting curiosity for me.

This fella, named Gregory Lincoln Kloehn, a builder/artist/engineer
and a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln, 
made a house (albeit a very tiny one) out of a dumpster.
A trash recepticle!
He and his wife Erica, who live in Berkeley, California, own this one-of-a-kind, custom home.

It boasts granite countertops and hardwood floors,
a Cuisinart microwave and a toilet!

Gregory started making tiny homes by transforming shipping containers into apartments.
Shipping/cargo containers also known as the boxes that ride on the backs of semi-trucks.
The appeal of these homes is that they are recycled,
pared down to the bare necessities,
portable, and a novelty.

From this:

To this:

Some of the interiors of the shipping containers are amazing!

As he was working in a shipping container one day, Gregory got an idea
while looking over a fence at a dumpster, and he thought to himself,
"That looks like a little house."

And so he made one.
I love that he took a wildly creative idea and made something of it!
(This video is only a minute and a half long.)

One of the pros of a dumpster home is that that cleaning would be a cinch.
Cons? You can't have Christmas parties.

Could you live in a shipping container home or a dumpster?

How about just one night to experience it?
(Me, too.)


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  1. I saw something on those once...my neighbor has one that they has transformed into a little patio house...it's quite interesting!

  2. that is cool!!! thanks for sharing :-) Think we need a little more space though! :-)

  3. Does this mean it is less of a fire hazard if the sides are metal? like as in a dumpster?
    interesting except I would need windows. LOTS of them. How do they heat that thing?

  4. Oh Leslie, that was a riot. People think of everything, don't they?

    No, I would not want to live in a dumpster. I don't care how fancy someone made it.

    I'd be afraid the former neighbors (rats and mice) would come visiting, thinking it was the ol' owner living there.

    What about the smell on a blistering hot or rainy day?

    No, no , no, no, no. But it was interesting to read about it. Shows the ingenuity of the human spirit. Susan

  5. Yes, I could live in a shipping container because our mobile home for the first two years of marriage was actually about the same size. However,I might not have a bed cuz I'd have to have room for my grand piano! LOL!

  6. I may not want to live in one...but I COULD make an amazing craft/sewing room out of one! Can't you see it out in my field? It could have the name of my shop painted on the side. LOL! Lisa~

  7. Sure, I could live in a shipping container. THOUSANDS of people in the Federated States of Micronesia, the Commomwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam do!

    And my shipping container containing my furniture has cleared Customs. Its contents will be put in smaller trucks which will arrive at my door Monday. Finally!

  8. I too am getting quite a kick out of this mini-house trend. (Which is ironic, because we live in a monstrosity!)
    When I was in Mongolia, lots of people lived in containers, but they certainly didn't have hardwood floors or granite countertops! Two small children lived in one near our orphanage. The would steal any toys that they could reach through the fence. (We let them.) I'll never those kids, or their "home." ~Holly

  9. Actually.... a dear friend of mine and her husband live in a "Container" home on their son's property.... Her son is a very innovative kind of a guy and can do it all "himself".... you just wouldn't believe the way this place looks inside. It is attached to a garage on one side and has the cutest entrance. After he finished ... he had to tell us what it was!! Just beautiful!!!!

  10. I could if I had to!

    Of course, one of my favorite childhood books was "The Boxcar Children". I guess "Dumpster Debbie" is workable.

  11. Wow, that is SO inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing!

    -Sarah @ www.modernranch.blogspot.com

  12. Now I'm curious -- how many square feet is a dumpster? The shipping container, I can totally see (just not for a family with lots of kids!) Kind of like living in an RV.

  13. Shipping container, maybe by myself. Dumpster, no. Really cool though!

  14. Really cool! I love when people re-purpose ordinary things into the extraordinary!

  15. I think the shipping container would make a great cottage, placed to have a view of a fantastic lake.

  16. Interesting. Although I can easily imagine a segment of our society demanding we all live in shipping containers stacked high on top of each other.
    I lived in an office cubical once ... but that's an entirely different story. :)

    Your Friend,

  17. I cant believe his dumpster home has hardwood floors and granite countertops. It looks so good in there. I am surprised.


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