Cottage Makeover of Room #2 :: Teen Girl's Bedroom

Hi y'all!
I apologize for not posting this sooner.

I showed y'all the younger daughter's room that we blogger ladies madeover,
during my time at Gina's Shabby Creek Cottage, at the end of July,
but haven't shown you the older daughter's room yet!
How time flies!

After my time at Gina's, read more HERE,
Gina and her hubby drove me an hour + to Nashville to Jenny's house,
my sweet friend that I met and roomed with at Relevant last Fall.
My family picked me up there, and we spent a week in Nashville.
Jenny's blog is titled: The Southern Institute.

She wrote about our time together HERE.
Go say "hi" to Jenny. She is super-duper lovely.

On to the room...
Here it is.




Lala, the teen who lives and dreams here, is an arteest!
All the paintings were created by her.

This is the under the seat base of a loveseat!
Painted white and hung so Lala can display pretties.

The red console also started out as plywood.

These nightstands were made from plywood by Gina's hubby, and I gave them 3 coats of paint!

What a blessing to be able to create this space with these fine ladies:
and Polly.

It was a lot of work and a lot of fun, too!

Lala loved her room and I had pictures of her during the reveal...but I can't find them!
Suffice it to say, she was all smiles!



  1. This room is beautiful! I really love the red/yellow combination. I LOVE the idea of using the base of a loveseat for hanging things! What a cool way to display things! Thanks for some new inspiration :)

  2. The room came out beautiful. I found you over at At The Picket Fence. I saw you on their blog roll and stopped by to check out your post. I am your latest follower. I have that same Dwell Studio fabric (the mustard and brown) in my home. Love it. You did an awesome job with the room. I would love if you would stop by my blog and say hi and consider following me back. Thanks.

  3. Very cute Leslie! I love all the touch of whimsy too.

  4. Great work! I'd never gotten to see either room so I've had fun checking out all the wonderful details.

  5. How pretty and it looks like it has a lot of personality, Leslie! I have to tell you, that my grandma name is Lala! I got a good chuckle over that pillow.

  6. Very cute and different than Ppnk thats been done and redone.

  7. Oh my goodness, the room is transformed! What a difference that moulding made! And, i really like the painting of the girl with the eye, and the placement of it!


  8. Oh my gosh!!! So adorable!! GREAT job!

  9. Takes me back...seems like so long ago! Now I miss you all and can't wait to see each other again. Have a great garage sale! Lisa!


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