10 Simple Kitchen Organizing Tips

As a professional organizer, I am excited that I get to share both 
my love of organizing with you today, 
as well as the tidy, frugal ideas that I use 
to simply keep my sanity in my own kitchen. 

Maybe you can use some of these solutions, too?
Here we go!
1.  To save drawer space, hang your oven mitts in a hook inside a cabinet door near the oven, and hang your aprons on the pantry door or a wall hook.

2.  Store like items together in zones. A common space for small appliances makes their access handy and easy for your dishwasher-emptier to put the accessories that belong to each appliance with its mate.

3. Store your utensils out in the open, in an urn, crock or ceramic pitcher, so that they will be easier to find and to use and to be returned after being cleaned.

4. If you can afford to do so, buy matching storage containers, like these jars from Ikea, and label them.

5. Remove a few cabinet doors to have easy access to dishes. Contrary to what you might think, these dishes don’t get dirty simply because they are out in the open. They are frequently used and don’t sit still long enough to gather dust.

6. Use baskets INSIDE the refrigerator to group like items. They keep those science experiments out of the rear of the fridge, make the good foods easier to grab, and shelves stay cleaner longer.

7. Use an ordinary plate easel as a cookbook stand. It keeps your book open, clean, and in view while you are creating your newest culinary masterpiece.

8. Keep daily-use supplies handy and corralled. This is my coffee station, resting on a marble cutting board.

9. Keep only the best of your kitchen helpers. These are literally all of my casserole dishes and pie plates. 
I never need more than a few of these at a time.

10. If you notice a “theme” in my kitchen’s gadgets, it is that of white, glass and silver. A simple, complimentary color scheme brings unity and harmony to the space and is easy on the eyes. This is the easiest way to “organize”.

May you be blessed as you make your home!

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  1. You have such a nice kitchen, Leslie! I'm sure made all the nicer by how neat and organized you keep it! : ) Our new place has one of those appliance garages in one corner. We tend to keep out our electric teapot and toaster as far as small appliances go. It seems like it is a decent size, but never having one before, what would you put in an appliance garage?

  2. Very nice I have been doing the same thing lately little things that add to home. Your photos are inspiring.

  3. OH, I love the refrigerator! I use bins everywhere, but have never done that in the frig! Love the idea, and thanks for all the inspiration!


  4. *Goes to put utensils in a big vase* Ahh...that's better! Thanks for the tips! ;-)

  5. I love your kitchen, and my Mom totally transformed her fridge after seeing yours!!

  6. These are fantastic tips! Love your kitchen too!

  7. wow such a neat arrangement...i just stole some ideas.;-)

  8. You are my hero!! Love it...everything so neat and tidy. Maybe someday, when I meet you, you can tell me all sorts of other great ideas ;)

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  9. I am having so much trouble getting used to my new refrigerator. I think I'll try the baskets in there. Great tip. Thanks.

    And I do so love that kitchen of yours.

  10. A great post, Leslie! Honestly, though, I think I need more than tips. I think I may need to hire you to come organize my kitchen. :)

    Seriously, I have a couple of questions. Where did you get the cool handled baskets in your fridge? And do you REALLY only use that many casserole dishes and pie plates? I have lots of these, but it seems that they all get used. Maybe I'm delusional about how many of these I need.

  11. I LOVE your kitchen a bit jealous mine is so tiny and the baskets in the fridge is an awesome idea. thanks

  12. I absolutely agree with every one of these! I think I've done them all except removing two cabinet doors. I was thinking glass, but maybe I'll reconsider.

  13. Everything you showed are things I do pretty much except the baskets in the fridege...brilliant idea! I am also amazed at how much you kitchen looks like mine! We have the same layout almost...same white cupboards too..except mine go all the way to the ceiling!

  14. Your kitchen is lovely and you have offered some great tips.

  15. LOVE the fridge idea! Been wanting to do that for a while!

  16. Such great tips! I've just started using baskets/bins inside my fridge and it is so handy! Your kitchen is just so warm and welcoming...a reflection of the lovely homemaker who lives there. :-)

  17. After you go to Richella's house, will you come to mine??? Looks so, so nice in your kitchen!


  18. I'm stopping by from SIDAC! Thanks for all the tips, now I'll be in organization mode today thanks to you, yay!

  19. Your wooden utensils look so much better than mine. :( I've been bad by putting mine in the dishwasher sometimes. I know, I know, big no-no. :( I promise I'll try next time I get new ones.
    My favorite in your kitchen is always that cute little lamp in the corner in front of the mirror.
    Great tips. <3

  20. First off, lovely kitchen!! :)

    All of these are great tips. I especially love the baskets in the icebox idea. I have always been very picky about keeping the icebox (anything really) organized. Well the drawer thing in my icebox broke so now I only have the three shelves and no drawers. This is a great way to get that organization back! Thanks!

  21. I was surprised to find that I've stumbled on a few of these naturally :)

    We have out oven gloves on a hook by the stove which is handy for both the adults and the 14 year old. Score.

    And, I've begun to group all of our small appliances on a small butler/island thing.

    The coffee supplies are all in one cabinet - right next to the coffee pot - easy reach.

    I don't have our aprons on hooks yet - been intending to. But, I do have our fabric lunch boxes and cloth Target bags hanging withing easy reach. (Two different groupings on 3M Hooks.)

    We have a narrow baking cabinet. Measuring cups, BS, BP, extracts, etc.

    I have my top 10 spices close by and the other less used on lazy susan's in our baking cabinet.

    Leslie, thank you for so many great suggestions!

  22. I can't find the refrigerator baskets at my WalMart, are they older? Or does my WM just suck? (that's probably it).
    Lots of great tips. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  23. I found you on Tip Junkie, and I just LOVE what you did. Maybe one day my kitchen will look this nice!

    By the way, I am hosting a giveaway right now & would love to have you check it out!


    Your newest follower!

  24. All right! I am taking those doors right off!!! Love all your inspiration and your kitchen is wonderful.

  25. These are such great tips. I know there are a few that I can start doing tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. Hi this is Taylor from the Hannah Handmade team! I just wanted to say I love this blog! It is so creative and just awesome! Hannah is having a HUGE giveaway on her site with awesome prizes! Check it out?(: There will be lots of winners! We are your newest followers! Come follow us back? (:

    or come like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002749232128#!/pages/Hannah-Handmade/200408909971427 Thanks!

  27. What great tips! Thanks for sharing :)

  28. Oh, yeah, I had already implemented 2 of your suggestions a few days ago. I put my potholders on hooks inside the cabinet door close to the stove & hung my aprons on a hook in the pantry. I also put a hook in there for my plastic grocery bag holder. I kind of have my own version of some of your other suggestions. You do have lots of great ideas. Keep 'em comin'!!!
    :) CAS

  29. Did you know that potatoes and onions are better off not stored in the fridge. This also goes for tomatoes.
    I do love the look of the inside of your fridge all neat and tidy. Ours never looks that way after our little grandchildren have been here for a few days.

  30. Everything looks both organized and pretty, not generally easy to accomplish. I really like the silver champagne bucket for your utensils and baskets in the 'fridge.

  31. So smart! We actually have the IKEA storage containers, too- they're so cute and practical, too! Thanks for the tips, they were really helpful!

    xx flor

  32. So glad I found your website on Pinterest!!
    Also, can you tell me what paint color your kitchen is???? Thanks!!!

  33. I discovered your web site via Google while looking for a related subject, lucky for me your web site came up, its a great website. I have bookmarked it in my Google bookmarks. You really are a phenomenal person with a brilliant mind!

  34. The ideas you shared are really helpful. Thank you for inspiring more people to achieve the ideal home setup. Hope to see more posts and creative concepts!

  35. You have shared very useful tips for everyone..Thanks

  36. Came across your blog via Pinterest while searching for some ideas to organize my fridge. Love what you did with the handled baskets and plan to follow suit. You have such a lovely kitchen and I really like the letter on your refrigerator door. Lord bless you. :)

  37. Question here......input appreciated.

    here is the scenerio:

    room is 25 X 25

    living room on one side kitchen on the other side with a stairway going down right in the center of the two rooms

    need to put in a new railing around this stair way on three sides and will have support posts.....want to use a combination of wood and iron

    cabinets in the kitchen are the dark merlot colored cherry floor in the living room is Brazillian cherry. Trim in the house is provincial oak.

    question is........what color should the wood on the railing and support posts be?

    1. Hi!
      After I envisioned it in my head, I think trim, doors, and molding should all be painted white (but you didn't ask about that, LOL!)
      But, if it's not painted, then the wood on the railing and support posts ought to match the provincial oak trim.
      If the trim, doors, molding are white, the posts could match the kitchen cabinets.
      How's that?
      Thank you for the interesting question!

  38. Where do you put the leftovers in your fridge?

    1. Hi Owldreaming!
      The leftovers go under the cheese drawer :)

  39. I really enjoyed your tour and helpful hints for the kitchen. I also just took the tour over at Toni's of your baking center organization -- loved it!

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  42. If you have a Dollar Tree near you, they tons of baskets in the ref. They different colors. But I really want to know where you found the coffee filter container?


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