Shabby Creek Cottage-y Stuff

Hi y'all!

I apologize for not posting more 2 or Day 3 or the finale yet!

Our days at Gina's were full and exhausting and the internet wasn't cooperating with my Dell, 
so I was unable to update you as I had planned.

I PROMISE to be back tomorrow with ALL the happenings!

HUGS and such to you all!!



  1. That is the cutest pillow Leslie! Can't wait to see what you are up to. I am playing big time catch up in blogville.

  2. So excited your post about our weekend! Lisa~

  3. It is really so cute pillow. Its design is so unique and very much beautiful. Alphabet is best way to make attractive pillow.

  4. I love the colors I've been seeing, Leslie! I'm looking forward to seeing the reveals!

  5. Those pillows look great. I am so fond of the big "ta da" that I never care if folks keep me waiting.

  6. Ohhh lookin great so far cant wait for the reveal!

  7. Hi Leslie...just have fun and enjoy yourself. Susan


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