My Ballard Designs Knock-Off :: Ogden Mirror

I got my Ballard Designs catalog in the mail at Christmas last year 
and fell in "like" with a beautiful mirror, B., on the back cover.
Beveled. Thick molding. Trimmed in antique silver.

Only problem?
It was $199.00. Yikes.

Then, as all epiphanies do, it happened!
Six months later.
I remembered a mirror I had taken down and stacked in my decor stash
in the basement office closet.
This would do nicely!

I gathered some supplies.
Paint from this project.

I painted two coats of Valspar's Gray Teal to cover the red.

And with these little fellas, I painted the molding edges.

I mixed some Metallic Silver Sterling with Burnt Umber.
I painted over that with Metallic Pearl White. 
(I love the pearl paint! It is clear, but adds a soft, luminescent shine to the color underneath it.)

With a paper towel, and more Burnt Umber, I aged the blue area.
And hung it up.
I used the flash so you could see how the pearl paint glows.

Ballard's Ogden Mirror.

Leslie's Bedroom Mirror.

How'd I do?



  1. That is GREAT! You should submit it to Knock Off Decor - totally would get featured!!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. OK. I'll take a pair, please.

    A pair of pairs, please.

    Grade: A++

  3. Oh my! That looks great! I also adore that color!

  4. I think you did great, Leslie! Love the color and those chunky frames!

  5. Fantastic!! And it looks great on the wall!

  6. This is fab! So glad I clicked on this post, I have a mirror in the garage waiting for a revamp, so may have to pinch this idea. If I do I will be linking all my readers to where I got my inspiration from.

  7. Great job Leslie! Looks awesome!

  8. It looks fabulous. I think you did a wonderful job. Hugs, Marty

  9. always! I just love free stuff, especially when it looks that good :). We made a sign for the baby's side of the room last week with stuff we had lying around - free art, gotta love it!

  10. Spectacular!
    You did a wonderful job. I think it is great and look at the money you saved by using what you had already!

  11. Spectacular as usual.
    And you know I love the color.
    As far as the paper I used for the cupcake know, it does look familiar. Wonder where it came from? ;)
    You do realize that's what made them even more special, right?
    Love ya!

  12. Lovely job on that mirror, Leslie. That teal color is yummy.

  13. Don't you just love that moment, when you're like, aw mannnn...I wish I had that (item, whatever it is)...and you go...holy crap I have that in my stash!!! :) looks great!

  14. First of all.......WOW!! Your blog space looks AWESOME! I can't believe this is the first time I have been on your site in AGES!! Secondly...I LOVE the way the mirror turned out! It is so fresh and pretty! I need to wait for new catalogs to come to me, because I got rid of ALL my magazines and catalogs before the move. :( Blessings! Paula

  15. Beautiful! I saw that mirror in my Ballards catalog and "swooned". Great job!

  16. I'd say you did great! Your mirror looks lovely, and doesn't recycling make you feel all nice and warm inside? :)

    I need to look for that pearl paint. I've never heard of it before, but I love that pretty sheen. Thanks for the tip!

  17. That's awesome! You did amazing!

  18. It's beautiful!!! I love the colors! You did a great job!! Love your blog!! :)

  19. You did a fantastic job, Leslie - love it! You have me inspired to paint an ugly brown mirror I have hanging in my hallway. How did you protect the mirrored part as you were painting?

  20. Wow ! This turned out really well ! Love it xx Ava

  21. That looks FABULOUS!!!! Love it! You did a fantastic job!

  22. Your work is such a impressive. I think it is great and look at the money you saved by using what you had already, for me it is very much inspirational.

  23. You did awesome! Found you via Knock Off Decor. I love how you mixed B.Umber w/Silver. Brilliant - I've gotta try that.

    I just used a pearl glaze in a baby's room. It's my new fav 'color'.

    Great knock-off!

  24. I honestly like yours a bit better.
    Isn't Ballard fun to use as inspiration? :)


  25. Thank you so much for this idea.
    I did this just this weekend to three of my mirrors.
    Once you trim the tiles off of the mesh it goes super quick.
    I used the smaller glass tiles for a mosaic look and am absoutly in love with the end product.
    It transforms the look of my bathrooms.
    Thank you,

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    thank you.
    thank you!


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