Cottage Makeover of Room #1 :: Pre-teen Girl's Bedroom

Last week at Gina's place was long, interesting, tiring, inspiring, hot, educational,
sweaty, productive. I have never experienced anything like it before,
nor will I ever again, I suppose!

To have 6 creative blogging women in one space, well, let's just say that there was
a lot of estrogen and there were a lot of ideas and paint brushes flying.
But what a great gaggle to hang out with!
I learned a few things while I was there and will share them with you, too, soon!

The first two days were spent prepping the rooms and creating the goodies to go in the rooms.

The third day ended sooner than we thought, since everything just fell into place
the last few hours. Then, there was still enough daylight to take decent pictures.
Some are still a tad fuzzy. Sorry! If you squint ever-so-slightly, they look great!

So, without further ado...
here are the befores, some durings and the afters of the makeover
of 12 year old Hannah's (aka Doodlebug) room.

When we got there, Gina and her hubby had already finished the walls and flooring, thankfully.

The full-sized bed and the desk are the only two pieces of furniture that stayed.

More moulding was added behind the bed.

Designing Pillows with Polly.

ChaCha and Hannah make rosettes.

Lisa painted the desk with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Color? Paris Grey.

Polly and I did a lot of this.

To bring you THIS:

Lisa, who designed this grid for the headboard wall,
and had help from Angie and Gina, my hostess, to complete it,
 talks more about it HERE.

This curtain is uh-may-zing.
Made by my new friend, ChaCha.
She shares her tutorial on how to sew your own in THIS post.

She couldn't decide if she wanted to wear it or hang it.

The sides of the desk got sawed off so the built-in shelves could be added
and the edges of the desk would be flush with the sides of the shelving units.

Closeups of a pennant pillow and trivets made by Gina and sold in her etsy shop.

What is so extraordinary about these built-ins is,
they were made to to house (pun intended) Hannah's dollhouse.

The base under it was put on casters and rolls out so it can be turned around and played with!!
When it is pushed back in, it looks like part of the shelving.

What's really precious, the whole reason I wanted to go, and the reason I wrote THIS post,
is the look on Hannah's face when she saw her room after it was done!

So cute. And sweet.

I pray I was a blessing to you, Doodlebug, and that you love sleeping and playing and dreaming
here for a long, long time!

(I really enjoyed Hannah. She was my baking buddy. On Thursday night,
we made lemon scones together. She is one mean baker!)

So, from all of us to all of you...a sweet girl's new room!



I am at Amanda's place for her Weekend Bloggy Reading Party.
Also, I have joined Kate for her Flaunt It Friday Link Up.

Shabby Creek Cottage-y Stuff

Hi y'all!

I apologize for not posting more 2 or Day 3 or the finale yet!

Our days at Gina's were full and exhausting and the internet wasn't cooperating with my Dell, 
so I was unable to update you as I had planned.

I PROMISE to be back tomorrow with ALL the happenings!

HUGS and such to you all!!


Day One at the Cottage

Hi everyone!
Well, I got into Nashville yesterday afternoon, and Gina
and her cute red-headed daughter, Bre, picked me up at the airport,
we got back to their home after 6 P.M. and had dinner with the others and talked a long while,
planned out a few things, and went to bed.

Here's what happened today.
Biscuits and chocolate gravy.

Dozens of painted 2X4s in the sun.

Lisa and ChaCha (I helped when I wasn't taking pictures) hanging the 2X4 moulding
around the top of the walls.

Angie and I had a lot of fun doing this. NOT.

And then moulding got added around the windows.

The tearing of the muslin for curtains.

Hardware for some Ikea nightstands.

Building of the Ikea nightstands.

Gina glazes the painted Ikea nightstands.

I know I am a tease.
No pictures of the rooms.
You'll get to see those on Sunday.
Two more days of painting, sewing, building and then the reveal of the rooms!

I am pooped to bed!
Later, taters!


I'm off to Meet the Gaggle at the Cottage

Plane ticket?
(I leave at 1:50 P.M. Eastern Standard Time and arrive 1:55 P.M. Central Standard Time!
So, like, 5 minutes later!)

Paintbrush and my painting clothes?

Toothbrush and toothpaste?

Pajamas, extra socks, Crocs, sunscreen, and baseball hats?
Canon Camcorder and Canon Digital SLR charged and ready?

Arms worked out in preparation for hugs,
tissues for when we cry or laugh too hard?

5 bars of chocolate in the zippered pouch in my carry-on?
Sunglasses, shampoo, and Q-tips?

Prayers for all involved?

Gratefulness that I am so blessed?
Double check.

I am ready to go to Tennessee and meet Gina and the gaggle tonight!
To say I'm stinkin' excited is an understatement!

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, read THIS).

Here's my room.

I dream here:

House to Home

I blog here:

Shabby Chic Cottage Office

Don't worry, y'all,
I will do my best to post each night to give you a recap of the day's activities!

Please forgive me, also, if I don't reply right away to your comments...
Gina's probably wearing me slap out!
(Southern term for working me like a dog!)

I will be reading your notes to me, I love them!


Away I go!

I pray for you a day of joy and peace.
Make your home a place to love and be loved!



From the moment you arrived 17 years ago, 
I have been awe-struck at God's merciful plan of restoration in my life. 

As I have watched you grow from hour to hour, day to day, year to year, 
I've witnessed God's endless love and light through you! 

You see me, too. 
See right through me, when I am sad or mad or discouraged, 
and you come alongside me like an adorable wildflower and cheer my spirit.

You challenge my character and help me dream things that no one else does.
Your smile inspires me; your tears, they change me; your dance, enthralls me!

Life, to you, is always a pleasant surprise!

May your life be Christ's gospel. I pray that you live with the sure promise of salvation 
because of His love for you.

I desire that you cherish your place as a daughter of the King. 
And call him your light, your life, your everything! 
Be different, set apart. Holy.

Happy Birthday, our beautiful young woman!


I am partaking in God's grace over at Richella's place today:
Stop by and say hello! You will love her and the other gals that are sharing!


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