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(Warning: this is a long post. Hmmm...are ANY of my posts ever short?)

Is it just me, or are you more busy this summer than past summers?
I'm not complaining, because it's nice to be needed.
And I am able to rest in the heat of the day, inside, with a cup of tea and the book I'm reading.

Speaking of reading a book, I am actually considering writing an e-book or two.
On two unrelated topics.
One is an untapped, rarely covered area in home staging.
The other? 
My grace experience after having an abortion,
and after becoming a birth mom.

What's cool is, Sarah Mae, over at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee just wrote an e-Book
on How to Market and Sell Your eBook.
I will be reading that next, I suppose.

Down in our basement office and up in our guest room, some messes changes have been going on.

Miss S, college Junior girl, was living on Furman U. campus during the school year,
but will now be living at home while finishing college.

Her new digs will be the basement.
Her new livingroom/sleeping room, the "old" office.
Her new kitchen, dining area? The cafe'.
Her new powder room? The Salle de Bain, cafe' bath.

Which means, the beds, bedding, and furniture will come out of this room,
the OLD guest room and this room will become the NEW OFFICE.
(Already started transferring stuff.)

Miss S will be sleeping/moving into this room, the OLD OFFICE.
(Which, quite frankly, is a disaster area. Put on your hard hat and steel-toed boots, y'all.)

Do you see the white painted desk pieces above?

My friend Becky's husband, Rob (from the Farm House Kitchen post HERE), 
found this black, red, and teal corner desk in a house he was working in to renovate. 
He brought it home and Becky wasn't going to keep it.
So, I asked them for the desk and it was mine, and I painted it!
I asked him for it because of this page from the Ballard Designs catalog:

Shortly after that, another friend, Laura, had these 5' long shelves in her trash cans outside.
I painted them, too.

See my inspiration page between the shelves?

Well, as you saw above, the walls in soon-to-be NEW OFFICE are a teal gray.
And I like it. But I'm tired of it, too. Poor me.
While debating on what to do with the walls (paint them khaki for staging to sell later next year,
or just leaving them as is) I came across this picture in yet ANOTHER Ballard catalog.

Hello, love!
Oh! The stencilled walls!
This is what I will do to the office. Which now includes finding a huge stencil,
and brushing some glazing over that (help me, Ann!)

Last week, I found this wonderful train clock at Hobby Lobby for $8.

But, I also have THIS 2 1/2' clock (it was only $4 at Goodwill). 
Which one do you think I ought to put in the room?

Miss S returns from her summer job in North Carolina on August 10th.
Think I can finish the rooms by then?

In other news, our new South Korean daughter, our exchange student, 
whom I shall now refer to as "Lovely", will be arriving August 2nd 
and we are crazy excited (and scared) about that.
Her room, at least, is finished. Until she gets here. And if she would like to change it around a bit?
Certainly! It's her room now. See it HERE.

This Friday, 7/1, and Saturday, 7/2, Miss S and I have a wedding gig in North Carolina.
I am decorating and she is photographing.
Will be sure to chat about that when I get back.


...in July, from the 20-24, I will be in Tennessee.
Staying in the cottage at Gina's Place.

I won the Call to the Cottage contest with this dreamy post, HERE.
Gina also contributed to a book, see it HERE.

Other July happenings?
My sister, Stephenie, arrives in Atlanta. Must drive down to see her and my other sisters,
Amy, Ana, and their beautiful families.
Miss A, our teenage daughter, has a 17th Birthday on the 18th.
Mark and I celebrate 22 years of marriage in the 22nd!

Sigh. I won't be here much.
Which is why I took a picture so I could remember her face.

What kinds of things do y'all have going on this summer?

I ask the Lord that He would bless your endeavors.
Strengthen you during quiet times and bring you peace.

I have purposed to pray for any of you that ask me to, this summer, 
during my afternoon tea time/quiet time for your
families, jobs, traveling, whatever.

You may leave your requests in the comments, or if you are more private,
email me by clicking on the envelope button at the top right of my blog.

It will be my privilege to remember you and lift you up to the Comforter
and Giver of all Good Gifts!

I love y'all!

I have not stopped giving thanks for you, 
remembering you in my prayers.
Ephesians 1:16



  1. Wow! That is a busy summer.
    Well, you already know what to pray for me for...the house sale and purchase mostly.
    I shall keep you posted when I have any news.

  2. I'm tired just reading about your Summer, Leslie! : ) You are one busy lady! I think that stencil will look great and help brighten up the new office. I would probably wait and see how the room looks with everything else in it before I decide on the clock. They are both nice, so I guess it would just be which scale works better for the room. Fingers crossed for me, my friend! I've got a new agent coming in after the holiday weekend and he gets things done!

  3. Hi girls,
    I will pray that BOTH your homes sell! Quickly!
    Thank you for letting me pray for you!

  4. Sweet Leslie, I love BOTH of your e-book ideas and have actually been kinda mulling around an idea for one myself (can't believe I just typed those words!) but don't really know what to do with it and how to make anything happen with it so I will be taking notes from you gals for sure! You know that one of your topics hits closer to home for me than the other and actually my little book is about infertility and adoption. :-) I love your heart for others and also your willingness to be vulnerable and open...another thing I take notes on from you.
    Blessings friend,

  5. Oh Leslie, I got tired just hearing what you are up to this summer. I have to think by the week not by the season or I break out in hives.

    I am so proud of you winning the contest and I can't wait to read those posts later this summer.

    I would simply ask to be remembered in your prayers and in your heart.

    Enjoy your summer and remember to get enough rest as you can.

  6. Your summer sounds both busy and exciting, sweet Leslie. We have planned lots of day trips, some visits to and with family, and lots of farms and fair events with our boys. You are very kind in your offer of prayer, and I would be blessed to have our family remembered in your prayers as we travel about. Take care!
    Elizabeth xo

  7. Oh Leslie, I got tired just hearing what you are up to this summer. I have to think by the week not by the season or I break out in hives.

    I am so proud of you winning the contest and I can't wait to read those posts later this summer.

    I would simply ask to be remembered in your prayers and in your heart.

    Enjoy your summer and remember to get enough rest as you can.

  8. Terri and Elizabeth,
    I will ask the Lord to keep you well and safe!
    I hope you have a long-enough summer with lots of joy!

  9. what color is the blue paint on the wall in the first picture?

  10. Well, you are the busy little bee, huh!? Because of the baby's arrival this fall, we will be starting school the week after next. So I asked my girls what they want to do for the next two weeks...."Go to the pool, go to the pool, pick blackberries, have a friend over, go to the pool". Wow! I think I can handle that :)

  11. Oh, and I like BOTH clocks :)

  12. Hello Dear Friend,
    Yeah! I am was so excited to read that you are looking into an e-book! I know how near and dear the subjects are to your heart. I will pray for you as you make your decisions :)
    Love the desk and shelves! It is going to look awesome.
    I am just as excited for you with meeting your exchange student, Lovely.
    Have a wonderful trip and lots of hugs!
    Love ya,

  13. Leslie, you never cease to amaze me. What dreamy plans which I'm sure will all come together as beautifully as everything you create.
    You have a busy summer, my friend. I'm glad you are enjoying quiet tea time too. Think of me and my house as He may lead.
    You won't believe me, but Lovely is what I've called my Miss A. forever. Actually, it's one of the meanings of her name. <3
    Oh, yes, and use both clocks. I heard them whisper they both want to be part of that room. :)
    Much love!

  14. Hello again, y'all!
    Oh Kelly, thank you for the verse:
    And let the loveliness of our Lord, our God, rest on us, confirming the work that we do. Oh, yes. Affirm the work that we do! Psalm 90:17, The Message. I love the blessing of it!
    Anonymoose: I call the color in the office: Becy Blue. Why? My friend Becky mixed it out of a few cans that she had of different colors. I will try to get a chip with appx. that color on it and when I do my office post, I will tell you then?
    Charity: Sounds like you'll have a very rough summer ;) I am excited to see that baby!
    Wendy: Ha! I have outlines, but need to wait on the Lord and sit quietly for content. Then when I have the content, but then I can't clarify my thoughts. When school starts again, I will write more...
    Planning a trip to PA sometime while Lovely is here! Get ready, gurl!
    Marcia: I WAS just thinking this morning: How could I use BOTH clocks? I think maybe a wreath stand for the London one by the chair I have to slipcover. Two Lovelys--Why am I not surprised anymore by all our similarities?
    <3 2 U all!
    <3, me

  15. You do have a lot going on! I love the color on the walls now but I understand wanting a change. The stenciled wall will be great! Can't wait to see the new desk. Have a great summer :)

  16. Leslie, you are one busy, busy gal! All sound like fun things though! Just know if you decide to write those e-books us gals at the fence support you 100%! I am all about a book sharing the Grace, Compassion and Love of our Father! Praying for you as you make those decisions. Much love to you!

  17. Hello Dear Leslie...WOWSERS. You are a busy bee this summer.

    Yes, would you add a special intention for me to your prayers this summer? Susan. THANKS.

    I think the stenciling will be great on the walls! Looks so pretty with the light blue and white.

    Things are really changing and shaping up around your lovely home.

    Take care and God bless you all. Susan

  18. Leslie, I'm very late getting by, but I enjoyed your post and the updates and hearing what you have going on for the summer. I wish you all the best with your book endeavors, and do keep us posted. The publishing industry has changed so much in just the last five years.

    If it's not too late, please add my son-in-law to your prayer list. Please pray that the Lord will open doors of employment for him. Thanks so much!

  19. Wow, Leslie, it looks like you're not slowing down at all! Congratulations on your trip to the cottage. Where is it in TN? Also, good luck as you decide about the e-books. I'm sure there are a lot of things to consider.

    Happy Independence Day!

  20. Leslie, I think I found your blog today for a reason. First I have to say that your home is just lovely, and your blog is such a treat. You must have a lot of energy!

    I don't often do this, but I would love to have you include me and my family in your prayers. This has not been our year so far. In January I suffered a devastating miscarriage at ten weeks along, which has put me into a bit of a depression. After that I started getting severe headaches and had to undergo a bunch of expensive testing, which has left us with a pile of unpaid medical bills. And now, just last week, my husband has been going through some major struggles at work, which will result in his income being cut in half. This means that I will have to go back to work and leave my precious little two year old boy in full time daycare. My older kids will have to stay at the after school program. I am devastated, and almost sick with worry. I don't know how I am going to get through this.

    Thank you for the offer of prayer for me. You have truly blessed me today! I will pray for you and your family as well.

  21. Gracious, and I though I was busy. Not compared to you. The rooms are looking fabulous. I know you are so excited about your exchange student and your college student coming home. Have safe travels!!!

  22. Hi Leslie ~ can't wait to see your room transformations. Thank you for offering to include your blogger friends in your prayers. If you would be so kind, please include me and my family in your prayers as we go through our grief journey. My husband and I lost our first-born son, Philip (age 21) on 9-25-09. Our younger son (who is now 20) is still suffering with depression and anxiety over his brother's sudden death, too. Thank you so much.

  23. Leslie,

    Sounds like your summer is off to an exciting, action packed start! Happy birthday to your Miss A! Happy Anniversary to you and Mark! Enjoy the time with your sisters and their families. Have fun at the wedding. Look forward to reading more about your exchange student experience. Love the idea of stenciling the wall. So thrilled you won the call to cottage contest!!

    I am emailing you my prayer request.

    Love to you,

  24. Happy Anniversary; enjoy your summer vacation:)

  25. hahaha - you've made me smile. I see why you have so many followers. I'm you're newest :)

  26. Hello there! I just found your blog this mornin' and I'm thinking what a FUN job!!! I'd enjoy doing something like that in my spare time! Thanks for sharing!



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