A Modern Vintage 1700's Farm House, Part 2 :: NOT the Kitchen

So, hopefully, you've seen my friend Becky's lovely old kitchen in my last post!

If not, you must scoot over HERE and see it!

Becky didn't know we were taking pictures (hi, Becky!) of other parts of her lovely farm home.
But, we did. Couldn't help it.

And like I told you already:
They bought this home (originally built in the late 1700's) with remodeling in mind, 
so here and there, 
you can see finished and unfinished projects and places that are waiting to be completed,
just like all of our homes.
(Becky, who, like most of us when there are areas in our home that are undone, 
kept apologizing for the project areas. I don't even see them! I only see hope and love, 
and the beautiful things that she and her hubby Rob have already done!)

Here are some other spaces we found charming, too.

I'll be going to Becky's again, next week, for her daughter's wedding.
Held on the lawn, next to the pond next to their property!
White tents, pink impatiens, lanterns, ironstone, and silver.

Can't wait!

Maybe we can sneak some more pictures!

I pray that you have a beautiful day, rejoicing, that you are alive and oh, so blessed!




  1. Loving everything about her home! And I really love her name! ;o)

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely home w/ the rest of us! And a thank you to your friend Becky, for opening up her home for this visit. Can't wait to see the wedding pics.

    Hugs to you too!

  2. Uh, excuse me. Just a friendly reminder for you to book your flight to Manila now. You and Lisa Pennington are coming to decorate my new condo, right?

  3. Becky has a wonderful home and thanks for opening it up for a peek inside! I think that wedding sounds wonderful!Need to see lots of photos!!

  4. Wow..she has a beautiful home! She's given me a lot of great ideas!
    I'm loving your home also..the red and white especially!Beautiful!! (and more great ideas!)

  5. Becky, loving your home. Often on blogs the homes showcased look overly styled; like you'd be afraid of knocking anything over while sitting on uncomfortable furniture. But your home is beautifully decorated. A welcoming home that I'm sure your friends and family enjoy plopping on the couch and having great conversations. Heaven on earth.

    If you ever care to share, I would enjoy seeing the before pics. And don't worry about undone projects. Take a gander at the before and that should put you at ease.

    Thanks for the home tour!

    ~ Jules

  6. What a great house! I don't blame them for picking it. :)

  7. Such a beautiful home. I'm sure she enjoys making it hers with every new project. :)

  8. Are those Sarah's trees wall art ?

  9. What a charming, cozy and loving home!
    Can I come with you to the wedding?

  10. Lovely lovely. I like what you said about not seeing the construction....that's exactly how I feel too! It's like me...always being improved (hopefully). Thanks Becky, for sharing your house with us. Lisa~

  11. I love the picture looking at the pool through the window. Beautiful home!

  12. Great collection. It is perfect arrangement of each and every stuffs. The shape of every furniture is very simple but stylish.


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