7 Days

On Day 1 of creation, I am sure that I was being thought of by You, God, 
when I awoke this morning to a Southern sky so beautiful and blue.

( That's not dirt on your screen, I need the maid to clean the window). (P.S. I'm the maid.)

Memories of trips to the oceans You've invented, compel me to praise You for days 2 and 3!

(Edisto Island Beach, South Carolina. June 15th, 2009, Sunrise: 6:48 A.M.)

Lord, when You also made the plants and vegetation on Day 3, 
were You thinking of me and how I'd love flowers?
(And did You make cacao trees because You knew I'd love chocolate?)

(Gifts of love from my daughter, Miss A, for my birthday yesterday, June 15th.)

Sunshine to grow my garden by and the moon to walk in the light of with my sweetie:
I am positive that You anticipated that I'd love the effort You made to design Day 4.

(1994 Watercolor titled: "The Moon and Sun Come Out at One" by Miss S, daughter #1.)

I know You remember that Spring day when my girls and I spotted a baby robin 
getting flying lessons!

And I know You recall the May day that we watched the tiny, praying mantis babies 
hatching on my front porch planter's finial.

 Your creativity and imagination stopped me in the aisle at Wal-Mart,
and I had to bring Buster the Betta home.

(When the sun set on Day 5, you were quite pleased with Yourself, weren't You?
You were sure that I'd be pleased with Your gifts for me.)

Each day, I receive so much joy and emit much laughter with these two ferret fuzzies
as entertainment. Okay, Miss A entertains me, too.
Even though she is a teenager.
And even though she's not fuzzy.

When You decided to fashion humans on Day 6, You knew that someday I would need friends.
Were You making sure that I would learn, through them, the definition of love?

They not only extend love to me, they cheer my heart as I journey here.

(My kitchen "Cherish" board.)

When You decided to fashion humans on Day 6, You knew that someday I would need my family.
Were You making sure that I would learn, through them, the definition of grace?

(Outtake. Christmas Eve 2010.)

(A note from my amusing mother (yes, she writes backwards!)

When You manufactured everything we'd need for food, You must have figured
I'd be delighted!

(Abundance from the Farmer's Market, delivered by my sisters Ana and Amy.)

On Day 7, You rested. I don't blame you.
All the wonder and design and ingenuity and intelligence You supplied 
must have taken some effort.

I wonder, if on Day 7, You sat there thinking about all the ways 
that Your achievements would inspire and impress me?

I wonder, if on Day 7, You sat there anticipating my arrival, 
and couldn't wait to see the wonder in my eyes as I discovered each new miracle?

I wonder, if on Day 7, You sat there hoping I would one day understand 
the care You have shown me through Your provision for me?

Well, I am inspired, impressed, and I understand all You've done for me.
And I am ever so grateful for those 7 Days.


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  1. This post makes me feel thankful to God for oh so much.


  2. Wonderful! Thanks for the reminder of God's love for us and His amazing creation. May we not take for granted the blessings He has given. And happy belated birthday, my friend!

  3. How beautiful, Leslie! And happy birthday!

  4. Wonderful post, it was very creative.

  5. Such a great post. Happy Birthday. Now, about your mother, does she do this on purpose or just being creative. That would be hard to do.

  6. Beeuuuteeful. Now I'm convicted for the note I left my "loved" ones on the refrigerator earlier with a list the size of King Kong naming everything I would appreciate help with around here. Sigh...thank a lot, pal. ;)

    I love you. <3

  7. Wonderful post Leslie! I always feel so refreshed after being here and I really needed it at this moment. God creating that day of rest really reminds me that I need it too...especially right now when it seems so elusive. Thanks for this!
    P.S. Did you know that you were our Featured Blogger this week? Hee hee!

  8. Perfect post and Happy Birthday. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love this post! Beautifully said as always!

  10. Beautiful Leslie,and such a beautiful family.

  11. Leslie, great "help me focus" post. Thank you. And happy belated birthday!

  12. This is precious, Leslie! What a wonderful photographic chronicle of the blessings of God's creation.

    I hope your birthday was magnificent! You were--what--36? Or was this year #37??

    You look terrific for any age, that's for sure! You ARE terrific!

  13. That was lovely, Leslie.

    Hope your birthday was the best, like you! Susan

  14. Ahhhh....God is so good.

    Happy birthday my darling friend. I can't wait to give you a birthday hug in person! Lisa~

  15. So very sweet. Great way of capturing God's love. :) Have a great day!


  16. What a wonderful post, Leslie, and a beautiful way to look at the days of creation through grateful eyes. You've inspired me to take this on as a little photo project and keep my own eyes open.

    I really loved this post in a big way.

  17. What a fantastic post! :) And Happy Belated Birthday, by the way. Love that your mom writes backwards! Thanks for sharing. :)

  18. So wonderfully put, each picture says it all...love the praying mantis, wow! The betta, well I posted on that this week...aren't they colorful?

    Stopping by for the first time and enjoying. What a mighty God we serve.

  19. A very lovely post.

    A very happy birthday.

    "It is good."

  20. I guess I've been busy, somehow I missed this post, so thankful I found it today. I came over to find your easy cobbler recipe, and I'm so glad I took the time to read this post!

    Thank you so much for the lovely reminder, just how amazingly thoughtful our Creator God is, how He lovingly designed this world for us, He's just too good to us.

    Love you friend, and miss hearing from you! I know you've been busy, a very busy gal. (Me too.) Have loved all your recent posts, just no time to comment on them all. Made myself slow down and take the time to do so today.


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