Some of My Portfolio :: For Now

I love turning awkward spaces or unwanted things into beautiful and useful ones, 
for this is what Jesus' love has done to me!

Our Basement Kitchen into a Cafe'


Kitchen Redesign for a friend.

A few Bedrooms:

Our home.


A Bathroom in our home.

Livingroom, staged.

Girl's room. Staged.

A basement hangout designed for my nieces and nephew and their friends.

Other Rooms.

Snippets of my hubby's office.

Some Slipcovers, Pillows, and Window Treatments I've Sewn:

Wingbacks and loveseat slipcovers.

A Foyer Wall I Papered:

Painted Furniture:

Built the rolling island table from a kitchen cabinet, some casters, and a butcher block tabletop.

Rescued mantel.

$20 yard sale find in Miss A's room.

Some Vignettes.

Some Organization.



  1. I love your blog! Your photos and ideas inspire me since I am in the middle of remodeling my house. Thank you!

  2. Oh your home is beautiful! I love the reds you used in your rooms! So very pretty!

  3. More pictures next time please. :) Sheesh, how much more is there??? You are amazing! When are you coming to nashville? HA HA HA!

  4. You are so talented Leslie, thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!! You do inspire!!!

  5. I like the your husbands office. I nice tiny corner table in a hallway with a laptop. Haha, while the rest of the house is fully decorated. =]

  6. The snippets of my hubby's office are BELOW the wording :) The office to which you refer is actually a staged home office. :)


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