I Dream of Gina

Ever since I heard about Gina's "Come to the Cottage" Invitation,
(where she is inviting a gaggle (her words) of blog readers to come to her home in July, 
stay in her guest cottage, and makeover her 2 teen-aged daughters' rooms in 3 days),
I haven't stopped having bizarre dreams about DIY stuff.

Here are a few scenes from last night's dream.

At the beginning of my dream, I awoke and went downstairs for my devotional time and breakfast.
My oatmeal was a bit irregular and seemed to be difficult to swallow.

My clothes were a bit more rough than usual as I started up a new load of laundry.

My jewelry choices had miraculously expanded. (I didn't complain.)

In the kitchen, I had some trouble making cupcakes.

While waiting for them to bake, I tried to get a drink of water.

In the end, my cupcakes didn't turn out as I had wanted,
so I made some cookies instead.

(Some jumbo ones for my hubby.)

At teatime, my Earl Grey tasted a bit funny, although the color was actually inspiring.

I didn't really feel like reading after that. There was still work to do.

So, I sat down at my sewing machine (her name is LaLa; after all, she is a Singer).

I began the work, but the slipcover that I had intended to sew didn't seem right.

A bit flat.

And small.

Maybe I can use it for something else?

I had one last thought before waking from my strange dream.

New projects were calling this morning, so I climbed out of bed and put on my slippers.



I was ready for the real day to begin.


Now if only my dream would come true, I'd get to DIY with Gina and all the girls!


P.S. I almost forgot!

A Top 10 Countdown ::
Reasons that Gina, LaLa, Bre, Lisa, ChaCha, Angie, and Polly should let me Come to the Cottage.

#10. I need to use these.

#9. I am a hard worker 

and doing this while working never crosses my mind.

#8. I have my own tools and I'm not afraid to use them.

#7. My husband, Mark, loves eating previously frozen microwaved TV dinners while I'm outta town.

#6. I have 2 teenage daughters and know how important their spaces are to them,
so I ask a lot of questions about what they want and like before we start redesigning.
(This is my Miss S's college dorm room, freshman year.)

Me and my girls, Miss S (College girl) and Miss A (High School Junior girl).

#5. I am a professional bargain shopper and stealth curby* furniture rescuer.

See these posts:

#4. I love sniffing this.

#3. I read somewhere that you promised coffee, and I have my own special mug (my hubby made it for me).

#2. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna make you these scones!
(I promise that they'll look and taste better than my cupcakes and cookies!)

#1. I want to be a blessing to Gina and her home.
(Oh! And I can stop by Ikea for her on the way up from my home here in South Carolina!)

~By the way, I made a post with a sampling of some of my angry mad DIY skillz HERE.~

* My definition of Curby:

An abandoned, neglected, unwanted, discarded item that used to be treasured by the owner 
of the home's curb on which the item has been placed; 
a passerby retrieves the item and makes it useful once again.

* Dictionary.com's definition of gaggle:
1. to cackle. 2. A flock of geese. 3. A disorderly or noisy group of people (I'm hoping). 


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  1. This is fabulous! You beat me at #9 'cuz I often think of that bath when it's over. I must have some of those scones. :) Lisa~

  2. Well, I would have you to my house any day! I wouldn't even make you work...unless you really wanted to :)
    Such a fun post. If they don't pick you, well, they're just crazy!

  3. ..that was way too cute! you are a girl after my own heart. hope you get selected, i would love to see your dream come to reality!

  4. You should get selected just because of all the wonderful thought and effort you put into this post. I think you would be a hoot to have collaborating on any project. Good Luck!!!

  5. I do hope your dream comes true, not the bizarre one above, your dream to be a part of the gaggle. You'd be a perfect addition to the group, I'm sure of it! You've got skills!lol

    Who do we need to call? "Pick Leslie, PICK LESLIE!!!"

  6. Leslie, you are hilarious!! Anyone would be blessed to have you help them because they not only would get the talent, they would get some great commentary as you all worked together!

  7. LESLIE!
    You think of the coolest posts!
    A drill mixer and is that paint in your teacup?
    They should choose you because you have such original thoughts and design ideas!!
    (And you are a lot of fun, this I know!)
    Your friend, Karen S.

  8. Hi! I'm stopping over after you left me a comment...I'm also trying to "Go to Gina's".
    Your post is so cute and YES you put so much into it! Awesome! I would not be surprised if you win!!
    xo Leigh

  9. Haha, that's a pretty funny dream :D

  10. Leslie,

    What a wonderful, whimsical post! You certainly should be part of that flock of geese. Can you honk?

    Your Friend,

  11. Hi, Leslie! I came here from Gina's blog...hilarious post! I live in Greenville, SC too! :)

  12. This is hilarious!!!! Congrats on your win. Hope you gagglers have a blast!

  13. How could Gina NOT choose you after this post?
    Congratulations!!! :)

  14. oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I'm still laughing that you actually put milk in there with the bowl of handles [ahem, oatmeal]! Exactly what "Lana" above me said here: How could Gina NOT choose you...

  15. LOL....you are hysterical! SO glad that you won!

  16. This post is absolutely fabulous- but honestly it's only a glimpse of how wonderful you and your ideas are!!!! With creativity and spunk like this, it's no wonder you were chosen!! Gaggle on my friend, gaggle on!

  17. I love this!! It's just fabulous!! :) Glad you won!

  18. Couldn't stop laughing all the way through. They won't be disappointed in choosing you for your creativity and style, but for your humor alone, I'd hire you in a blink.

    Great post!

  19. How did I miss this post! Wonderful and so creative, and I'm so glad you are going.


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