Baby Shower Gift :: A First Year Scrapbook

I created a scrapbook as a Baby Shower gift for a friend of mine
who waited 10 years for a baby...
She and her husband deserved something special,
so I spent a few joyful weeks, cutting and taping a few hours a day, and this was their gift.

(You can click on the pictures to make them bigger. I am warning you-they are HUGE!)

It is 10" by 10" album, that I wrapped the cover of, in tulle, rick rack trim, and thin rope.
I added two charms in the baby's name.

I made sure each page had page protectors.

The sticker reads: "simply glowing" (and she was!)
A space for mommy to put her pregnancy photos.
I used vintage tatted lace on the pink squares.

"Mommy to be"

On the left is the invitation.

I had great fun at the scrapbooking store, Hobby Lobby, and on-line 
finding cute and fun stickers and papers!
Below: pages to put pictures from the baby shower.
(A link to her "Nesting Mama" themed shower is at the bottom of this post.)

"showered in love"

The pink cornered ribbon on the left will hold cards in place.
On the right side, I made a pocket inside the pink paper
to hold more momentos.
There was a "Prayers for Daniel" box on the table at the shower,
with pieces of paper next to it, so friends and family could bless the family,
and I thought the pocket would be perfect for those.

Lots of "firsts" the first year, of course.
I loved the saying below the crib die cut:
"In the evening, after he has gone to sleep,
I kneel beside the crib and touch his face
where it is pressed against the slats with mine.
~Joan Didion"

Ribbon to hold pictures in here, too.
There was a tree and garden mural on his bedroom wall, so I found tree paper to match!

There is a pocket on the right side here, too,
filled with removable tags for grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, mom, and day
to write their first thoughts about the baby on.

1st Month.

2nd and 3rd Months.
These stickers are from Jolee's Boutique (Hobby Lobby).
This was so much fun!

I heart hoppy, jumpy, bouncy frogs!!
Months 4 and 5.

Another pocket on the left.
A bitty booklet to write memories/milestones in, with tabs on pages labeled:
Small Wonders, Crib Notes, YUM, and 100% Cute.
Hand over the bottle and no one gets hurt.
6th and 7th Months.

Month 9 and Month 10.
These are probably my favorite pages because I love vintage colors and the deer.
Did I mention this was a blast to make?
The tag up left reads:
Baby: 1. A small human. 2.An infant. 3. The sweetest, most beautiful child on the planet--ours.

More stinkin' cute stickers from Jolee's, for Months 10 and 11.
Notice the "bubble" stickers on the paper circles that spell "P-l-a-y"?

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17

I made a massive mess all over the dining room while making this!
I just left the paper and trimmings where they fell, till I was done.

My First Christmas!

The orange paper below is fuzzy! Fun!

This is the new dad opening the gift at the shower.
He cried, and then I knew the time I had spent was worth it.

Welcome, Little One!!

The post about the Nesting Mama Baby Shower is HERE.

Children are a gift from the LORD; 
they are a reward from Him. 

Psalm 127:3


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  1. Geez...that is AWESOME!! What a great friend you are! Love that the Dad loved it!!

  2. What a beautiful gift, Leslie! How nice that the Dad was there to open gifts, too. I'm sure they both love it! My daughter's friend did a scrapbook for her for the first year, which was so cute.

  3. Leslie, FABULOS job on that baby book. I never saw so much detail in a book like that in my entire life. WOWSERS. That was a really great gift and truly from your heart and hands.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. And you know what? I love YOU, too! Susan (p.s. Still struggling with the eBay sales that you inspired me with!)

  4. What a wonderful gift to give to your friends. You did a beautiful job Leslie!

  5. How beautiful! I am totally stealing ideas to work on for when our little one arrives! (We're in the process of adopting, so I've got time! ;-) I'm tempted to just print this whole post!

  6. What a perfect idea, Leslie. I just love the attention that you gave to detail. It must have been as much fun to make as it was to receive.

  7. That's such a thoughtful gift. Baby's first year is such an adjustment for new parents I know they'll appreciate the hard work is already done for them. Just add pictures-what a blessing!

  8. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  9. I think its so sweet that you did this for your friend.

  10. Oh Leslie, I am crying as I read your post. I understand the desire to be a parent and having to wait for God's timing! I am so happy for them and your gift is just beautiful! Loved looking at every page!

  11. Ok, how thoughtful are you? I can only imagine how long that took you to create. How very special. Miss you!

  12. Leslie, my sister, my friend, congratulations on your new blog design. It is beyond, to the moon and back. I LOVE IT!!! But, you already knew that. hehehe

    You do know that now you get my mind going and I get creative too, right?

    Eeeeee...just saw the new button too. Took it!!

    Love ya!
    Keep shining His light.

  13. Hi all,

    The joy of having a baby is blissful. The mom-to-be takes extra care of the minute things in the routine activities. It is important for the expecting parents to relax and unwind and do a bit of fun activity all the while. The baby shower ritual is an overwhelming mood and the ladies love to express their concern for the expectant mother with gifts that will go for the baby. Thanks.....


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