Dining Room Table Slipcover (yes, I said TABLE!)

I found this beautiful 110-year old Mahogany Duncan Phyfe table at a yard sale.

With the leaf.
With gorgeous pedestal legs.
With brass clawed feet.
For $75.

The only problem was that the top of the table looked 110 years old.
Its past had seen many a card game, homework, project or dinner 
(where someone forgot to use a coaster).
And I loved that about it. People sharing life over a loved table.
A hub of sharing and family togetherness.

I suppose I could refinish the top.
I have neither the time, nor desire to do so.

So enters the slipcover solution for this piece, for now.

Sure, I could have thrown a tablecloth over the top, but I wanted to see
the legs and the apron.

I sewed elastic to the cover to hold it in place.
I suppose if the cover were a tad wider, the elastic wouldn't show at all,
but it is covered when the chairs are pushed in.

No one at any of our gatherings at this table have complained about the elastic showing.
Oh! I need to dust under here.
Why does the camera always show things that my eyes miss?

Farm Vases and white slipcovers from Ikea.
Roses from Aldi.

The Anaglypta wallpaper came from Lowe's. Link HERE.
Anaglypta is an embossed thick wallpaper that you paint after it is hung.
It is super easy to hang and the seams line up beautifully.

Here's how I did it and what I used:

  • cotton muslin fabric (I got mine at a yard sale for 50 cents!) or any texture/color you like
  • cotton Piping cord (I used 3/8" diameter). See HERE.
  • coordinating fabric for welting
  • kraft paper for template (optional)
  • iron
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • 1" elastic

1. Measure width and length of tabletop. If needed, create a paper template, I just cut my fabric while it was laying on the table. Cut fabric top based on dimensions or template, cutting a pattern larger and leaving the desired (mine was an inch) seam allowance to all edges.
2. Sew welt cording (tutorial below) using strips of the same fabric (or coordinating fabric), enough to go all the way around the table, plus a couple of extra inches. Cover cording with fabric and sew as close to it as possible using a zipper foot along the right side of the fabric. Pin cording to the right side of the top piece of fabric and sew into position.
3. Clip corners. Turn right side out and press.
4. Stitch elastic lengths to underside ends of cover.

If you make one, let me know!

"If you receive a dinner invitation,
you have a moral obligation to be amusing."
~Duchess of Windsor



  1. That's adorable! Great idea and so easy! I'm hosting a dining room link party as part of my room-by-room house tour series. Would love for you to link-up!

  2. I like that idea. I love the legs on that table Gorgeous!

  3. I picked my Duncan Phyfe up at a church sale for $35 with 5 chairs! I love it! I lightly sanded the top and use lemon or orange oil on it to make it gleam! The double pedastals are so classic! Now to recover the seats.....:)

  4. What a great idea Leslie! I have never seen anything quite like it but I love it! :-)

  5. What a great way to cover the flaws while still showing off the legs and other elements. I like it. I particularly love the way it looks in that room with the white and red. Great job!

  6. Very clever. I've never seen this before. Beautiful table too.


  7. Great way to show off your legs. ;) Our dining room table, which we purchased 21 years ago, could sure use one.

    We have Anaglypta paper as a border going along our chair rail and we love it. It's so easy to use and I love the look.

    You did a great job.

  8. what a SCORE on the table! Hopefully one day you can refinish the top! Looks great!

  9. What a fabulous idea and my jaw dropped when I read the price you paid for the set - I'm a bit envious ;o)

    I'm visiting from Met. Monday at Between Naps on the Porch & am following your lovely blog. Hope you can come visit sometime: http://sallyleebythesea.com

  10. Wow, that was a gorgeous table, Leslie. Creative cover-up, too. Susan

  11. Very creative.
    Letting what you view as the best part show, but making use of the rest, too.

  12. It's very creative. But my sister, my OCD would have me spreading out the wrinkles constantly. When I come to visit you, I will obsess over it. You don't even want to know how weird I am about that kind of thing. It's sad really. ;) Love the set....great price, great quality. Lisa~

  13. i love the color on your walls with the white- beautiful!

  14. Leslie,

    Yet another thing we have in common! I have this table (or one very similar to it) in our dining room. It too shows a history of many families and friends gathering around it. A solution which would cover blemishes but show off the best features (besides painting/refinishing) has always evaded me. Thanks for providing one!

    Your Friend,

  15. I like that idea. I love the legs on that table Gorgeous!

  16. The slip cover for dining room table sis shown on the post here. Good post


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