Meet the Neighbors

I pray y'all had a wonderful weekend!

Friday brought a visit from Miss S, my college girl, and her roommate, Miss M,
whose family is in Virginia. I treated them with some scones and blueberry cobbler, which they loved. They spent the night and I discovered that I still love slumber parties!

Saturday we started our organic vegetable garden.

Sunday was a sweet day of worship and togetherness with my God family.
 Mark and I visited some open houses and then shared some coffee, chocolate mousse cake,
and dreams of the future at a coffee house downtown.

Monday comes again, and with it, the work of home.

And it's a job, isn't it?

Let's see what some of you have been up to!

Ruthie, a newbie blogger at The Christian Girl's Cottage found the perfect solution
to corralling her son's treasures in his bedroom.
Everything was out in the open. Driving her crazy.

She found this armoire with a fold out desk inside!
And what's more, she got a great deal: just over $100.

It keeps her young man organized and keeps her sane.

Ruthie also acknowledged:
"what a blessing to be called mom. 

and find dirty socks on the floor.  
and wet towels in the closet. 
and basketballs in the middle of the floor 

to trip on in the middle of the night."

Give our new blogging sister some love HERE.

Sandy's site: Organize with Sandy is chock full of ideas for space management.
She shared several ways to neatly store out purses and handbags.

From mayhem.

Beth purses

To management.

purse hook 3


She has a series of ideas on purse management at her place HERE.


I was ever-so-glad to meet Debra from Life in a 320 Square Foot Cottage.
I think, if anyone has some ideas about simplifying and priorities it's her!

She says: 

"It was not a simple idea, this, of scaling down.
It was even more difficult to execute, and required mountains of courage,
and truckloads of patience.
We went from a 2,500 square foot home to an 800 square foot apartment,
then down to a completely paid for, no mortgage owed
tiny cottage of 320 square feet.
Maybe we will inspire others to simplfy.
There are many ways to simplify. 
This is just one."

Wanna see her adorable, cozy new home?


Click on her header and go say "HI"!
You will be enchanted and enthralled and encouraged!

Minkee Baby Gifts

After reading her posts, I pondered: 
"How much do I really NEED?"

I really have some neat neighbors!
Don't I?


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  1. Hi Leslie. My son's room is famous on blog land! See, from bad comes good! :) More importantly, I met you because of his messy room. Again, a silver lining.
    Talk soon,

  2. I can't wait to peek inside that little cottage.
    I know I've been hit and miss with this goofy computer, but did I miss the purging this week or was it just short term.

    Shucks. And me all ready to start purging now that school is over...

  3. Oh my gracious! 320 sq. ft? That is amazing! I cannot imagine having the guts to get rid of the amount of stuff I would need to, to move into 320 sq. ft. It looks precious! Can't wait to check it out! Plus, no mortgage? WOW! That rocks!

  4. I love her and the little cottage! I discovered her last week and I was blown away! It makes you think about what we really need in our homes to be happy. Thanks for sharing it with everyone else!

  5. Those are great features Leslie and I'm off to visit those ladies now! :-)

  6. Her home looks great, thanks for sharing.

  7. Why, yes, I would love some scones and blueberry cobbler. Thank you!!! :) I loved that tiny cottage. Thanks for sharing the link. Hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend. As for me, it's nap time!

  8. 320 square feet! Amazing! I love hearing about your weekend. You are adorable. Lisa~


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