Girls' Road Trip :: Let's Visit Kathysue at Good Life of Design

Hello, all you gorgeous, blessed, frugal, creative, charitable, 
expressive, thoughtful, whimsical, intelligent, funny, and charming homemakers!

Today I wanted to take you all with me over 
to Kathysue's home in California!
She is my new friend, and I want to introduce you to her!

(Let's all pile in my Honda CR-V. 
Sorry if some of you are hanging out of the car!
I'll drive fast so we don't get caught by a State Trooper!)

Kathysue lives in a darling yellow house in a suburb in California.

(Did one of you remember the map? Chocolate?)

She loves color and has amazing skills creating tablescapes and vignettes!

(Someone has their foot in my ear! Move it!)

As she makes her home, she always enjoys the process.
She loves the Lord and honors Him with her talent!
She is so knowledgeable and full of ideas and inspiration!
Can't wait till you meet her!

Kathysue, we're here!
Let us in!

The Powder Room is MINE first!!

We drove all the way here so you could see her

Easter and Spring Tablescapes

Don't you love this all-white theme?
Fresh spring green grass, real gerbera daisies,
white roses, and sweet, little porcelain birds.

This is her whimsical forest scene
She wanted the bunny to look like a huge chocolate bunny. 
She also used little chicks, mushrooms, and clay pots full of chocolate eggs.

She used things from her garden: rocks, moss and real flowers.

This yellow and blue setting is all about Daisies, Daffodils, and Eggs!

She found these egg holders at Anthropologie
and the inspiration for the tablescape began.

See! I told you she was creative!

Other spaces in her home.

Thank you, Kathysue for letting us parade through your lovely and loving home.

Thanks for the tea and cookies, too!

(We pray you have a wonderful and joyful Easter!)

Isn't she cute? Ahem, charming?



  1. I love the egg centerpieces and the green kitchen cabinets! Too cute!

    I'm gonna need you to pull in to the next rest stop. I forgot to go before we left! :P

  2. How fun...enjoyed the ride!!! :D

  3. Thanks for the road trip, Leslie. I'm a bit crampy because Suzanne up there was sitting on my leg.

    I love her house and now need to make a return trip. Those yellow egg inspirations were my favorite part. I might be able to do a faux version.

  4. Kathysue has an awesome style and home..thanks for sharing Leslie!

  5. Awwww, that was a fun trip, Leslie. Thanks to Kathysue for the house tour, too. I loved her bathroom, especially----very Victorian looking. And did you see those BASS fave....and brass matching lamps! Yeah! They say that brass is obsolete but I LOVE it and will never replace all the brass around here.

    She has a beautiful home and a lovely decorating style. Gosh, Leslie, that was a super trip. Thanks again. Susan

  6. Yes she is wonderful. She is one of my dearest friends and I love her home. It is totally gorgeous from the minute you walk in. Great post. Hugs, Marty

  7. Beautiufl home!

    The Easter Bunny is gonna love that awesomely green lawn.

  8. This is so fun the way your wrote this post!!! Thank you so much for wanting to include my home on your road trip, it is an honor to have you here!! I hope everyone enjoys California!! Thank you again, this was great!!!

  9. Leslie, you are just too creative! How do you think of these things?
    Loved the trip and the home tour! Lovely.

  10. Oh, I forgot! I call shotgun on the way home!

  11. What a lovely home! I love the yellow and blue table. The grassy eggs in the egg holders are just too cute!!!! Thanks for sharing, Leslie! <3 Paula

  12. Nice to meet you, Kathysue! What a charming home she has, so beautiful! Thank you for sharing Leslie, just love everything!

    Those grassy eggs took me down memory lane. A science class in early homeschool days. Loved how she used them on her table, never would have thought of that.

  13. What a fun road-trip, Leslie, but could have used a few more potty stops -- aging bladder, you know. Well, maybe you don't know yet, but you will. Anyhoo, adorable home. I loved everything about it, & Kathysue was so nice to invite us all in. Let's do it again, sometime!

  14. Leslie,

    Thank you for bringing us along for the visit! Kathysue's home is stunning - love how it has a touch of whimsy! I especially liked the whimsical forest scene tablescape. Sent you an email.

    Your Friend,

  15. Oh, my goodness!
    You had me at chocolate bunny!

    (Oh, and I brought the GPS for the road trip!)

    Those robin's egg blue egg holders are just too cute! And, the bottle on the armoire? Adorable.

    If was SO worth traveling to California for this trip!
    Psst, there's a giveaway...
    For a Rustic Home Easter Basket,
    if anyone's interested.

  16. OOOh sooo pretty!! As soon as you drive up, you know this is going to be a good one!!!!

  17. She's adorable! And her house is wonderful. Let's make a road trip to see her! Lisa~

  18. What a beautiful home. I am so glad you made the "trip".

  19. Those tablescapes are AMAZING! The one with the chocolates wouldn't last long in this house full of little girls :) Oh yeah, and I'll race you to the powder room - I mean, I am pregnant.


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