Salle De Bains :: The Cafe' Bathroom

I realized today, that I have yet to show y'all the bathroom off our basement cafe':
Cafe' de Sous Sol (which means Basement Coffee house).

For shame!

Well, here it is!

The door to the right, with the coffee filter wreath on it, is the entrance to the cafe'.

I like zebra print. Do you?

It's a bitty bathroom.
Done on a bitty budget.
One of the simplest ways to add character and charm to any space is by using vintage accessories.
I find most of mine at yard sales or thrift stores
They give a home that cozy, lived-in feeling.

Here's what it looked like when my Gram moved out.

Here's what it looks like now.

(The toilet seat being up really makes the after picture that much more breathtaking!
Doncha think?)




The antique corner shelf was given to me by a sweet friend.
The home made shower curtain came from Good Will, I think it was $6-ish.
I gave it to a friend who liked it, and it didn't work in her home, so she gave it back.
I am so glad!
I used clip/hooks to hang it on the lip of the top of the shower.
(The fabric is "Pen Pal" by Waverly).

Good Will tea pot missing its lid with some yard sale silk florals.
My mom brought me the antique curling iron, used by her mom, in the 1920's.
It was heated over open flame! Ouch!

Soaps covered in coordinating scrapbook paper.

I found these Avon perfume busts 
(the label underneath reads: AVON 18th Century Classic Figurine "Young Girl" and "Young Boy")
at Salvation Army for $1.50 each!
Under the cloche is a small silver urn holding primping tools.

Sign found at a Thrift Store in Williamsburg, VA, when my beefcake and I went on a get-away.

On the Beach by Eduoard Manet 1873; Musée d'Orsay, Paris
$8 Craigslist find.

This sorta creepy-looking bunny came from a client, it is a planter.
(I like it, though, my hubby's and my nicknames for each other are "bunny").
I filled it with this fluffy fern to hide something.

The drain pipe, which will need to be drywalled before we list to sell.
Isn't this a cool stool?
Yard sale. Original milk paint and cork seat.
The zebra rug is also a yard sale find! $4.00. 

The print here and on the toilet came from The Graphics Fairy.

I covered the free (given to me by another friend) hook in more scrapbook paper.

More yard sales items.
I don't think anything in this bathroom is new.

Wait. I lied.
The light is new, but it was on clearance for $14.
The mirror was $5. at another yard sale.

You can create lovely and cozy rooms and stay out of debt while doing it.
You just gotta know where to shop!

You give abundant showers, O God;
   you refresh your weary 
Psalm 68:9


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  1. I love the script shower curtain. It all looks great!

  2. I LOVE IT!!!! I especially like all the details. You inspire me so much, Leslie. When I see the simplicity and affordability behind the decor, it tickles me pink...or turquoise...or red. ;) It's not unreachable. Like those gorgeous soaps wrapped in scrapbook paper. Genius! Now, you know I'm gonna copycat and make those soaps and post about it, right? K, we're good. ;)

    So you call each other bunny. Amazing!!! We have always called each other Clyde. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Bunny and Clyde. hahahahahahaha!!!


  3. Very pretty bathroom. I love the shower curtain and the zebra rug. Just became your newest follower. Martina

  4. It looks great, Leslie! I love the shelf unit in the corner. I just bought some of that fabric used in the shower curtain from! Nice way to hide the pipe with the plant and stool.

  5. You lucked out on that shower curtain. I love it! I remember those soaps. Do you remember me swiping one for the scavenger hunt? :-)

  6. Great job, Leslie. You are a super interior decorator as well as a savvy shopper. The bathroom makeover is great! Susan

  7. Oh the toilet seat up in the Before pic is a must! Definitely bigger impact. :-) I think you did a truly fabulous job with this space Leslie and it really does have so much charm and character!

  8. Hi! Great job. It's fab how you don't have to spend much to make a place look good. I think you do need to have the skill to throw it all together artistically though. Not everyone can do that! You can though ! - just as well huh?

  9. Oh my's so cute!!! I was fixing my daughters hair while reading and she said "I think our bathroom should look like that!!". Maybe it's time to redecorate the bathroom!!! Love the zebra rug!!!

  10. What a change, I really love!!! So elegant. I almost ordered that fabric (your shower curtain) for our coffee bar room. I really LIKE the way you used it. Unique!

    Whenever I'm at TJ Maxx and see Eiffel Tower/French items, I do think of you and your cafe'...

  11. I agree, one can create a pretty space without spending tons of money. Fresh paint (sometimes even a mis-tint) and some new-to-you or repurposed accessories can do so much for a room. Hopefully your lovely bathroom will inspire others to give it a try.

  12. such great touches! It looks great.
    I LOVE the antique corner shelf!

    Oh! If you get a sec., i am asking for opinions over at my blog today on my style. If not, no problem!


  13. I just saw a shelf like that and passed it up - drats! It's so cute in your bathroom. I need to think outside the box next time I see a cute shelf. Great job!

  14. Hi, Leslie! Wow, you did a great job on this cute little space! I need you down here in Tennessee to help me with my rooms! I have plenty of yard sale, auction and flea market finds...just need help putting them together! I'm getting much inspiration from you, though! I love the bathroom redo. I also adore the mirror hanging outside the bathroom on your wall by the entrance. Is that an antique mirror? Are the hooks attached to the mirror or to the wall?

    We're in Day 4 of the kitchen remodel, and we've already ran into problems that will cost us more money. Isn't that ALWAYS the case?! So I'm going to have to save money in the accessories and decor. I am even going to redo the old range hood since now I can't afford to buy a new one. The budget for that is having to go to new ceiling beams and leveling up the floors...costs we had NOT accounted for! Yikes! I'm staying positive, though. "It will all work out. It will all work out. It will all work out." :-)

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

  15. Leslie,

    What a wonderful job you did decorating the cafe bathroom! I love the shower curtain and the miniature urn. You are a bargain queen!

    Your Friend,

  16. I LOVE zebra print too! I have a scarf that is zebra print that I Love wearing. As well as some jewelry that I love to wear that is zebra print as well! The shower curtain is my favorite, and the shelves are perfect in that corner. Be Blessed! <3 Paula

  17. You such a good job of warming up the space and bringing in character. I think I will have to snag your idea of wrapping the soaps in scraping paper! Love it!

  18. I love the French-theme going on here. The fabric used for the shower curtain is fabulous. You are talented.

  19. So beautiful, you made a sll bath BIG on style, so chic.

    Cha Cha

  20. You amaze me! There isn't a single detail missed in your BR. It is beautiful! I was trying to pick my favorite thing, but I love it all.

  21. I LOVE the whimsical touch with the zebra rug! What a great space. :) I think that bath is bigger than the one we have upstairs that all 4 of us share. :s

  22. I second the shower curtain love as well I love it!

  23. That is an awesome cafe basement bath there Leslie! I love the shower curtain..very cool!

  24. What a cute bathroom and I LOVE that shower curtain!! Makes the bathroom if you know what I mean. ;) Thanks for partying with me, friend. xo

  25. Beautiful Makeover! The mirror really made a big different. Oh, and the dress I wore sunday to church was zebra print :).
    Thanks for linking up at Unwasted Homemaking!

  26. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  27. i would love it if you shared this at my party today!

    your bathroom is gorgeous!

  28. Some really great accessory details in this otherwise simple room - very difficult to do! Great work!!

  29. Salle de Bains cafe bathroom designs are shared in the post here

  30. Very pretty bathroom! Love that corner shelf!


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