Purge Party {3} :: Faves and a Link-up Party

You girls are amazing me with your link-ups!

When you gals are ruthless and determined to SIMPLIFY, 
you gals are ruthless and determined to SIMPLIFY!

I love seeing the transformations from clutter to calm and I am so grateful for blogging
so we can all be here together
cheering each other on to better space and time management!

Lynda from Focal Point took everything out of her home office 
and put it in the hallway and down the stairs while she rearranged (or not) 
her bookshelves and seating.

Once the office was redesigned and cleaned...

...she sorted, sifted, straightened and stylized.
So striking!!!

Marcia from One Heart at Home loves making encouragement tags,
and decided to make her hobby portable by putting all her tag-making supplies
in a cart that she can roll to her table when she feels inspired to design.
Inventive and ingenious!

I was so very touched by Paula from Raising Home, whose family in the past year and half has gone through Cancer treatment, broken bones, dislocated knees,
surgeries, medical procedures and Cataract surgery.

She shared what the releasing of disarray in her means to her:

...(and fresh coffee)! *wink*

Last, but not least, you gotta see the befores and afters of Amanda at Serenity Now's
stinkin' adorable girls' room and her stinkin' adorable girls.


I am delighted to be a part of your lives and as we all
encourage one another to let go of things
and stop placing so much meaning on the acquiring of STUFF.
And start thinking of our homes as havens, not catch-alls.

Places of ministry, hope and life.


The rules for this party are quite simple:

1.) Your post has to be about releasing extra clutter of the home (i.e. too many options, too many things, too many piles) or shedding extra clutter of the heart (i.e. overwhelm, weariness, disappointment, resentment).
If you find that your link is gone, it's not because I don't love it, it's because your post didn't follow rule #1. I'm sorry!  
2.) Link directly to the post that pertains, not the link to your blog.
[The code for the button is at the top right-hand side of this blog. It will link back here.]
3.) The link party closes Thursday, March 24th at midnight EST.
4.) I will choose my favorite(s) and feature them next Monday!

So, LINK UP, share and inspire us!


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  1. Hi! Just linked up. Thanks for hosting the party! Do you have a button for me to add to the bottom of my original post?

    Katie :o)

  2. Very nice and modern looking furniture it is.Nice homie party...
    -Home Theater Furniture

  3. Another productive weekend thanks to the motivation of these purge parties. Thank you for hosting.

  4. I'm linked up again!!! Thanks for hosting the parties. Lots of motivation to get some VERY hard work done. Blessings <3 Paula

  5. Hi, Leslie! And happy Monday! I SOOOOO wanted to be able to post before and after pictures of our kitchen. We're in the process of remodeling, so we tore down a wall (how's that for simplifying my space) and extended our countertop for a dishwasher. Unfortunately, this little project has taken a little longer than any of us expected. So I have no pictures to show today! :-( Maybe next week. I'm dropping by to get some encouragement. We've decluttered by getting rid of the ugliest, busiest wallpaper ever invented, and I've thrown out a truck load full of old tupperware, awful pots and pans, and all but three of the 50 cookie sheets we had. I'm not kidding. Since closing the B&B, we've been trying to rid ourselves of some of the excess stuff we have. I'm having a yard sale the first week of April. I'll take a before picture of the pile of stuff that came out of our closets and the after...as what we have left after the yard sale gets hauled away to Goodwill! ;-) I love this simplifying stuff!

    Have a wonderful week!


  6. Leslie,
    Okay, I just linked to an older post about our laundry room redo. Hope this is okay...it's an older post. Thanks again for hosting these. I'll have a new project to post about next week! ;-)

  7. I am so stinkin' excited you Featured me. :) Gonna add this link to my featured page today! I didn't have a purge link today b/c I spent the weekend working on a Silhouette project, but I'm going to shoot for next week. :) Thanks again for the Feature!!

  8. Stopped by again to check for more party guests and I'm off to visit them too. Having fun as always. I have to say, I am thrilled that this is motivating me to get projects done that I wanted to do forever. Love it.
    Enjoy your Monday, chica.

  9. I so need to join you guys! As I was cleaning today, I was overwhelmed by all the stuff & paper. Maybe one day...when life slows down...I'll have time to purge...maybe ;)


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