In My Living Room

If you came to my home and knocked on the door,
I'd let you in (only if you brought chocolate with you, for me),
and I'd give you a hug (whether you liked it or not).

I'd ask you to take your shoes off,
(cause we just had the carpet cleaned so you'd feel more comfortable)
come on in and have a sit down in my living room
and put your feet up (yes, on the coffee table)!

I'd head into the kitchen and yell to you,
"Would you like a glass of water? Or a cup of coffee? Or tea?
Are you hungry? Want some goldfish or gingersnaps?
I'd offer you some scones, but my husband ate them all."

Then, I'd sit across from you on the sofa so we could look each other in the eye 
(looking each other in both eyes might be a little less creepy, however).
Let's do that, instead.

I'd ask you how you were and what you've been up to.
"I've been busy, too! But, I am so glad it's finally Spring, aren't you?"
I'd listen as you told me all you knew. 
You'd tell me about
things you were planning once summer gets here, 
people and family you'd seen and spent time with,
places you'd found some bargains 
and a restaurant that was yummy and that I should try it.

Then you'd ask how my Weight Watchers plan has been going.
I'd tell you I've lost 5 pounds, and still have 12 pounds to go.

Then, thanking you for the prompting, I'd ask you, 
"Are you hungry again? Where's that chocolate you brought? 
Wanna split it? It's 12:04, lunchtime."

Chocolate is healthy! It's a bean and that's a vegetable, right?
"Okay, let's have a salad, too, then in a bit, m'kay?"

Then I'd tell you all I knew, and at 12:07
I'd ask you how this new season of Spring has been so far.
Have you been busy Spring cleaning?
Thinking about it?
"Me, too."
Too much to do, and not enough daytime to do it in?
"Yeah, I hear ya!"

Those pictures behind the sofa, where were they taken?
I dunno. Um, Paris?
I took them during a stay in Charleston, SC a few years ago as I was walking around.
Have you ever been there? If not, you NEED to go!
It's a relaxed town and it feels like you are stepping back in time."
(But, don't go in July or August because it's too hot.)

Then, I'd ask you what you've been discovering about life lately.
What have you been learning lately from your reactions to situations 
and how's your heart toward your husband or family?

I'd tell you that I have been learning 
that I am not very patient and need to offer more grace more often.

That too many times, I am more selfish than I thought I was.

I'd tell you that I wished I'd remember more often,
the wonder of all that God has done for me, and in so doing, 
I could share His saving truth more with others.

I wish I'd rest in Him, then respond with His heart.

You'd nod as I wished out loud to NOT be too busy 
to give special, regular time to be with Jesus, in His Word.
I wished that I wouldn't allow matters I considered urgent, that demanded my attention, 
like the laundry, the phone, or the cleaning to crowd out my quiet times with Him.

I wonder if you'd agree, and tell me that you struggled with this, too.
We'd admit that Christ cherishes us so much,
that He waits for us, and it warms His heart just to have us look into His face,
just like we were looking into each other's.

Just as delightful as the conversation is between friends,
is the solace we find when we confide in Him.

Taking the time to spend with our Saviour is as simple
as sitting with someone you trust, sharing each tidbit of your life.

As simple as a visit in my living room.

So today, sweet friend, 
I pray that you will open the door,
invite Christ into your heart and home 
and welcome Him there to live.


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  1. I love this! Thanks for letting me come over! :)

    Oh, by the way, what color are your living room walls? I'm considering venturing into the land of painted walls and I like how yours look. :D

  2. Just thinking today how I need to spend more devotional time with Him. Thanks for the reminder :) And I love your living room! God bless you :)

  3. Ive been spending a little extra time in devotion as well its helping me to deal better with the changes going on in my life. Oh! I love the toile pillows on your sofa.

  4. I thought you were just talking to me, and nobody else. Beautifully put, a timely reminder. Thankyou!

    Just one thing....that goldfish you were offering me for a snack...I hope it wasn't the one in the glass bowl!

  5. This is lovely - so serene. I just love jolts of red! Thank you for the chance to visit :)

  6. I finally got to visit you in your beautiful home! Thanks for having me over!

  7. It's always so good to visit you Leslie. I love our "heart-to-hearts". It's very comforting to know that a friend is walking the same path with you. Thanks for the words of wisdom and the encouragement.

  8. What a wonderful post Leslie! Your living room looks beautiful! Martina

  9. Thanks for this wonderful visit in your living room, and for the wonderful reminder of what is most important in our daily. Time with our Lord, resting in Him. Beautiful post!

    I've awarded your blog, take a gander.

    Thank you for being such an encouraging, truth-filled, sound, blogger friend!

  10. Beautiful, my friend.

    Even as we take the time to sit with someone and share an encouraging conversation, we are also spending time with our Savior. Sometimes we complicate it too much. He is in all the details of our lives.

    By the way, I was not one bit patient yesterday as I went about my homemaking. ;)

  11. Beautiful post and beautiful words. Thank you!

  12. Dear Leslie...

    If you answered the doorbell and let me into your lovely home, I'd tell you how neat, clean, and organized it all looked.

    Then, we'd both enjoy that salad, followed by bits of yummy chocolate. Neither one of us would feel gulity. We'd just nibble and giggle.

    Then, when you talked about God, I would ask you if we could say a few words to Him together. While we were at it, I would ask Him to bless you, my dear blogging friend.

    After that, I'd thank Him for ALL the bloggers I've met these past two and a half years since I started blogging.

    Also, I'd thank Him for letting me be able to write from my heart.

    When it was time to go, I'd give you a hug and thank you, once again, for a tour of your very lovely, neat, clean, and organized home as well as your heart! Wouldn't it be wonderful? Hugs. Susan

  13. Love your home, thank you for sharing.
    I would like to ask though, where do you put pictures of your family, if you have them?

    I love the whole ambiance and teh post!
    I dont think I want to leave your home :)

  14. Leslie, what a beautiful post! I just love your sense of humor. But, you are so right about inviting Christ into our homes and lives. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. What a beautiful and charming living room you have - thanks for the tour, very inviting! ooxx,tracie

  16. Everything looks beautiful! Thanks for letting me put my feet up! That's my favorite thing to do when I sit down!

  17. Thanks for having me over! Wonderful post and gorgeous living room! Love the hydrangeas too, of course! :)

  18. Leslie your home is so beautiful it is breath taking!! The hydrangeas are so pretty!

  19. OH, I DO so want to come over. I would love to look you in both eyes and chat and eat chocolate.
    Your gift of hospitality is from Him!
    I love your spirit {and your pretty livingroom}


  20. i enjoyed the visit to your beautiful home. love the hydrangeas! love the blog. were you at relevant last year? the name of your blog is familiar. i think i met you there.

  21. Leslie,
    First, your home is beautiful. And, I so love the cloche with...books!! Hilarious!

    I wonder.
    What would it be like to have Him listen, sitting on the couch, feet up, coffee in hand? I imagine he would be the consummate listener, nodding when appropriate, good eye contact - seeming like He completely understands. Since He does.

    When the topic turned light, He'd ask "Oh, you like Charleston, too?" - maybe while He stepped into the kitchen. I haven't gone shopping in a while, I'd say, feeling unprepared for his peek into the fridge. Then I'd remember, I hear he can work miracles with loaves and fishes - bet my fridge and pantry are a good start.

    I'd fidget for a while. After all, He's the guest - yet there he is, working in my kitchen, serving me. Can you say awkward? (Sometimes it's difficult to accept a gift - no matter how freely it's given.) But, then he asks about the family and it feels just like talking to an old friend.

    Hours later we'd glance at the clock. How could time have flown by so quickly? Really? Already? The.. guest room... is available. Sure, I understand. Thank you so very...

    Why...yes, sure, tomorrow would be...great!
    I'll have the coffee ready :)

  22. Hello, I surely enjoyed my visit, the great company, good food and drink, the environment and it was sooo peaceful. Thank you for having me as a guest tonight.

  23. I love you white sofa with the red in the pillows. It's just charming... What a pretty home.


  24. Well, I just have to say what a delightful visit this was in your beautiful living room. :) Now about that chocolate....? ;)

  25. I've got chocolate (had some scones, but Blue ate all 12!) I'll be there in maybe 12 hrs and have enough Hershey's chocolate for all of us :)

    I know when I miss spending time (one on one) with God and start my busy day on my own. His grace does carry us and your post is a beautiful reminder!
    Love ya,

  26. I soooooooo hope I get to meet you one day!!!! I would love to sit down and chat in your living room.... a cup of hot tea and good "Christ-like" conversation between friends!! Chocolate is a must though! :)

    Thank you Leslie for sharing your heart&your home with us!!!! Terri

  27. First of all, thanks for your hospitality. Your home is lovely and welcoming. I feel like I just had a visit with a friend and I'm leaving with my tummy a little heavier and my heart a lot lighter.

    I just became a follower of your blog and hope you'll visit me sometime. By the way, I'm a big fan of chocolate. Never leave home without it and I promise to share. :)


  28. I want to write as clever a comment as your email, but I don't feel good. So instead, can I lie on the couch across from you while we talk quietly and giggle at how excited we are to finally get to spend some time together even though I feel under the weather? Lovely....thanks. Lisa~

  29. This is one nice looking home, thanks for sharing.

  30. Absolutely beautiful!!! So well put!!! and the icing on the cake, time spent with our Lord!!!

    Love your living room too!!

  31. Enjoyed the visit (as always)!

  32. Wonderful post and gorgeous living room. I really enjoyed my tour at your home. Each and every stuffs are in exact place. And there are no any single mistakes.


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