House Hunting Tour :: 1912 American Craftsman Cottage

Okay, so some, most, a few of you know that we are going through our home
room by room de-cluttering, paring down, painting, repairing, updating
STAGING our home.

We are down-sizing from over 3300 square feet, 
because there used to be 5 of us living here,
but now only 3 of us live here full-time.

God-willing, we would like to move closer to our downtown,
here in Greenville, South Carolina.

What motivates us to ready our home is looking at the fabulous old homes downtown.
By old, I mean 50-75-100+ years old.
We recently toured some more homes, and I think I have like, 5 more to show you,
if you like seeing them.

This lovely home is a Craftsman Cottage, less than a mile from the heart of downtown.
Here is the official website of Greenville:
City of Greenville

This home has been totally redone, but the vintage charm is still intact.

This first white interior door is a coat closet.
And perhaps it's in an odd location, but there it is.

The home retains the original hardwood in walnut. Yum. 
I love the dark floors, 10 foot ceilings and 9" baseboard moulding.

Let's go through the dining room into the kitchen.
My Gram used to have a sink like this in her apartment many years ago.
The sink is my favorite part of this space.
Here is a little known fact for you:
No man was ever shot while doing the dishes.

Though you really can't tell, this kitchen is big enough for a kitchen island work table.

These cabinets below, opposite the sink, were not very deep,
but good for pantry and hospitality supplies.
The countertop is long and narrow,
but I thought they'd be great for food and beverages while entertaining.
Or, a place to pile all my junk until I schedule a party which forces the displacement
of said pile of junk.

Laundry room off of kitchen.
So, nice and peaceful and quiet in here.

The countertops were poured and stained concrete, which I also love.
See the very right side of this picture below?
The door is open and it leads to...

...a dark and creepy curious and mysterious basement which Mark hated.
it reminded him of a scary movie he saw once many years ago,
which shall remain nameless, but on the cover of the DVD, a butterfly is on a mouth.

I, however, liked this outside room in the basement.
Why? Because it has two windows, and I saw it as a place to store all my junk a project room.
And there is a door that locks and leaning in the corner, is a hatchet for me
to use on the bad guys.
I'm not scared.

Ah! The living room. So light and bright!!
This is to the right as you come in the front door.
The windows are all original and tenderly time-warped,
and the rooms still had the picture moulding.
The door with the window led to a side porch,
and the door on the fireplace wall leads to...

The master bedroom.
With a wee closet here to the left of the faux fireplace.
I think I would drywall the wee closet and make a wee wall so I could put a wee chair there.

Another bedroom was turned into a walk-in closet and Master bathroom,
where my Mr. is standing.
He hearted the closet.

It was smart to make this space into a closet/bath doncha think?
Down at the end on the right... another wee closet.

To the right of the this wee closet is the Master Bath.
This black and white tile just sends me.
Where it sends me, I dunno, but I really like it.

There may be a fight or two over who cleans the sink.
We are each used to our own sink (poor Americans).

I had to knock on the shower wall to see if the tile was real.
It was. Is.

In the living room, there was a door to the left of the fireplace.
It opens, and stairs lead up to the second floor.
Miss A, who came along with us, claimed this space upstairs for her and her sister.
And guests and bunches of friends.
The wee door at the top of these stairs is the final resting place storage 
for said guests and friends that don't clean up after themselves, nor compliment my cooking.
At the wee door, take a right on the landing...

see the doorway to the left?

It opens to this glorious central room.
'Tis a bit dark, yes. I envisioned the walls, doors and ceilings painted white.
The floors refinished and stained dark walnut.

The left side of this glorious space.
A Sitting Area?

Off one side of this glorious space was Bedroom #1.

Same room, other side.



Off the other side of the glorious space is Bedroom #2.
Actually, my idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. 

Off the center of the glorious space there's a bathroom with more tile that sends me somewhere.

Still-real tile.



The backyard is rather boring, but the HVACs are new.

The laundry room is at the top of the stairs.
Run away.

A county park up the hill!

I think they paved too much of paradise and put up a parking lot.

That's it.
All done.

Do you like house tours as much as I do?

That was FUN!
And on a scale of 1-10, I gave this house an 8.
It costs $189,000.
We will keep looking.
This house wasn't "it". We couldn't agree on everything about it.

Ever wondered what all the types/styles home were build/designed in 
which decade?
Then skip the rest of this post.

If you have wondered...

I found an awesome site for you if you want to know (and see) all 
the period styles of homes from the 1600's till now:

Wanna tour another interesting old home?
Go with us on our last house hunting tour of a
1915 SEARS Kit Home Arts & Crafts Bungalow, click here.



  1. Loved the tour, Leslie. The house has some very nice features. Liked the white kitchen, particularly. Also loved the black and white bathroom tiles. The crystal doorknobs are great (we have them all thorugh our house, thank you Lord.)It doesn't look too small. The darker spaces have a lot of potential. Whew! Thought the price sounded steep (to me) but then I don't really know the housing market in South Carolina. So is this a positive "go" or are you still looking? Good luck. No matter what house you end up in, it will be beautiful with you as the interior decorator! Susan

  2. I am in love.Hope you find what you are lookin for.

  3. Love the house tour Leslie!! What a fantastic house and sounds like a fantastic price too!! What charm and sweetness it has! But if it's not the 1... keep looking and you will find it!! How are you sweet friend? I think of you every time I look at those GORGEOUS green hydrangeas you sent me!!
    I LOVE them! Hugs to you, Courtney

  4. Wow, I loved that house and the tour was given excellently. :) Cute cute cute!

  5. This was fun! I enjoyed this tour! There were some really special features in this home! What fun you're going to have with all this house hunting!

  6. Love it. I want a tour of every house you look at. But then, I would look through every house I drive past because I am nuts about home layouts and design. I can't help it. I've been obsessed with them ever since I was a little girl. I want more!


  7. Ahhh... we want to down grade too.

    Miss ya.

    Your babiest sister.

  8. How much for that house??? You'd die if you came here to Los Angeles...a house like that would MAYBE start in the mid-$600s here, maybe!! It's darling and I love all the potential it has! I still can't get over the price...goodness, why do I live here? Oh, yes, because my husband is here! Ha, ha...I'm a true Californian through and through city girl, but stuff like that is SO tempting. I love all that "older" stuff - our old house from the 1940s was SO much more money!! Can't wait to see what is a TEN!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  9. We are so lucky to have you take us along with you! There were some really neat features in this home! Have fun! Can't wait to see what you show us next.

  10. I found it simply charming too. I'm very drawn to that style of architecture myself. Of course, I also like the saltbox, the colonial, the farmhouse, the...

    I just like old houses period. I've tried to move to one, but the LORD has not moved us. I think he wants me to live in ours until someone calls it "that pretty old house where the old couple lives."

  11. This is such a big change and yet so exciting for you. I do love this house but can't wait to see what you finally pick out! Keep sharing the tours.

  12. Wow, I didn't expect to see such great updates, Leslie! I do like the kitchen and that first bathroom; that closet isn't too shabby either. It's funny how different the upstairs looks from the downstairs. I guess they didn't get that far yet. Although, if you didn't need them as bedrooms, what a great office under the eaves you could do.

  13. Leslie,

    Yes, please take us along with you on your tours. I love seeing old houses. This one has some great features. I'm with you, the tile "SENDS ME"!!

    Waiting for the next tour!


  14. What a great tour!!! I love looking through houses!!! This one did have lots of much potential upstairs!!! Keep the tours coming....I love them!!!

  15. Thanks for the tour, it was a very charming house. I love craftman style houses.

  16. The house indeed does have some great features. I would be painting that entire upstairs white however. I love wood, but way too dark.

    My hubby is not afraid of dishes. We split that one about 60/40, and I'm the 40. Whenever I want to work on a project that requires tools, he always says he has dishes to do.

  17. That was fun! I love the kitchen sink, crazy about the poured concrete counters and the black and white floors in the bathroom. Not crazy about the basement. I think Mark's on to something. ;) Won't mention the movie but just the thought of it would have me abruptly ending the tour and making a dash out the door. hehehehe It has a lot of pretty details though. Do any of the houses in SC come without basements? Thankful for attics in Florida. ;)

    So enjoy your tours. Fun.

  18. I liked the house so much that I featured it today! I can't get over the beautiful floors. They really took care of the home. The price is amazing!! A similar home in the historic area of my town would be priced in the $500k range or more.

  19. wow never been on a house tour before, let alone a virtual one, but this was great :)


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