Should I be Distressed or Not?

[Something has happened at our house, and we don't quite know what to do.]

I am a lonely little table.
I used to look like this.
Don't I look sad?

I got put in the corner, when my human lady started re-doing this room.
She says we are moving to a new old house.

You told her "YES".
So, she found some paint for me.

This is not a container of "Oops! paint", it is a custom sample.
The lady picked the color she wanted from 2,500+ paint chips, and the Lowe's guy mixed it.
Lowe's now sells 7.9 oz. for $3.23 of whatever color you'd like, in satin finish only.
This size is perfect for all the smallish projects she has around the house.
Click here to read about it.

When my human came near me with a paintbrush, I cringed.
It was cold and wet. Smelly-ish, too!

But, as my new clothes dried, my human comforted me with these words:
"You were born to be this color! You look amazing!"

She saw this picture in a on-line catalog--Pottery Shed or something like that...
and she thinks I look similar to this table now.

My lady was talking about scraping and sanding me off to look more like the 
beauty in the catalog.

But I wonder if I need it.

Here are some more mug shots to help you decide.

Can you help her decide?
Should she scrape and sand me off?

Should I be distressed or not?

Oh, I just love looking at myself in the mirror.
I'll bet you think this post is about me, doncha, doncha?

This is the room I live in, this is me before I was painted.

The bedding is this from Pottery Barn (will be adding throw pillows, etc).

P.S. This picture is going above this bed.
Cannot figure out what color the picture frame should be.

Anything but gold!
What do you think?


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  1. Love the table. That's a tough one...maybe distress it just a little bit, not too much.
    I think you should pain the frame the same color as the table or close to'll bring out the pretty light blue color in the birds chest.

  2. I vote distress, but lightly like Tina says. Frame = any color but gold, lol. White (with different mat), blue, ?? What color will the bedding or other decor in the room be? Cute print....

  3. I would distress it. Pottery Shed - riot! As for the frame, the light blue in the colors popped out to me, too. So, yeah, lt. blue matting or frame maybe - depending n what other colors you will be using in the room.

  4. Since it's already got some dents, I think it will actually look better it the whole thing is distressed.

  5. Table is AWESOME!!!! It looks great....I would distress....but I like distressing!!!!! I would paint the frame a cream color and paint the do know you can paint mats with craft paint and they turn out great....right? Waiting to see what you decide!!!!!

  6. Reminds me of a quote from a sitcom years ago. The owner was asked if she had distressed the table and she replied--"No, it was upset when I got it."
    Love the color, and the birdies are wonderful.
    Anything you decide to do will turn out beautiful.

  7. Yes, distress! Red really pop.

  8. Yes distress with a bit of coffee glazing I think it would look terrific that way!!

  9. Pottery shed....that's cute. I would distress it like the pottery shed one. I would paint the frame the same blue.

  10. I know that you're just waiting for someone to give you the green light to take it out on this poor table, punishment for what the other table did to you, but resist. It looks lovely the way it is.

    I vote the same color for the frame. Whatever you do will be great as usual.

  11. Yes, you must distress! ;-) Love watching all of the changes as you "stage."
    I bought my first copy of "Life: Beautiful", thanks to you. Love it! What a great magazine. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Hi! I'm not sure if I've commented before ....but coming out of the woods to do so today!! :) My Mom has the same bird print and hers came in a navy bluish frame. It looks lovely that color. But now that I see your blue table, and the blue in some of the birds, maybe a coordinating blue would look nice on the frame! :). I love the bedding too in this room! I've got the duvet and I loooove it! You got a better deal than me though I think! Haha!

    Love your table. Not sure what I would do to it. Maybe wait until the end of that room to decide? It's pretty either way I think!

  13. I vote distress, distress! And same blue for the frame if it matches the blue in the birds, otherwise white.....distressed:)

    I am into distressed, especially when it is done well....which is how you do things.

    Thanks again for inviting me to do a guest post....3 new followers....nice folks!!

  14. Yes distress and paint the frame that redish color in the painting.

  15. Lol! I like your writing style. I am a much bigger fan of faux marble finishes. I was envisioning a dreamy blue and white one, but that's me! I like to paint that kind of finish on everything I can, so I'm a bit biased!

  16. Oh, that color is perfect. I'd distress it lightly, not as much as the other one. The frame, if it's going on that wall, either white with a matting in the light/grayish blue of one the birdies, or simply the frame in one of the deeper grays on the birds--deep enough that it would stand out against the wall. I wouldn't want to match it with the table at all, not the exact color.

    Did you do any sanding at all on the table and how many coats? I found some nice inexpensive paint samples at Lowe's last week but was afraid it was so little. Now I regret it. Could use it on frames. Gotta go back.


  17. I love the table, it looks great! I agree with the others about distressing it. I like the bird picture. I would use one of the colors from the picture itself.

    I cannot wait to see what you decide.

    ~ Tracy

  18. Yes you should be distressed. But just a bit.
    And I would love to see the frame painted the same color blue and dry brushed with silver.
    Cute post it made me laught.

  19. I love the colour! Hilarious~ Pottery Shed! Yes, I think it should be distressed, agreeing lightly to suit the age of the piece. Is that blue gray similar to one of the birds? If so, maybe the same colour, and glazing as the table.

  20. Hi Leslie...I love your writing style. Humorous, sincere, super.

    Okay, if you add up the number of readers who say "distress" the darling little table, you'll be distressing.

    I'm the second fly in the ointment, along with Suzanne. I love the way it looks NOW. I say, "Don't distress."

    But, hey, what do I know? I even love gold frames. ha ha ha If you don't, I'd go for the same color blue as the table. Now that would look sweet.

    Good luck deciding, Leslie. Hugs. Susan

  21. This is a cute post! I would definitely go with a little distressing. It looks like you already have a few dings around the drawer. Distressing and glazing make imperfections look more intentional and will give your table a feeling of age. You could use the same blue on the frame or perhaps a deep gray like the shams.

  22. Definitely distress and paint the frame blue too. The birds chest match so nicely! Can't wait to see the final outcome.

  23. distress it, and bring out those dents! Cute table!

  24. You are too funny! Pottery shed - you crack me up!

    I vote for distressing with an umber wash. Hello, gorgeous!

    As far as the frame, I'm thinking maybe a red just for some color.

    Can't wait to see what you do. It'll look great no matter what you decide. You, after all, have fabulous taste!

  25. Yes to the distressing! A little glaze and sanding. Not heavy.

    The frame? I'd say rub n buff in silver. I still have some left from my light, would you like it? If not silver I'd say white. It will make the frame look wider with the white mat.

  26. Loving how the room is coming together! My vote would be to distress it...a little! Can't wait to see what you decide on, because you know I love your style :)

  27. I love your new color. But yes, you should definitely be distressed. and both you & your human owner should look at yourself in the mirror. you are both beautiful!

  28. I really love the color you selected. It is a great table.

  29. Oh I so love your little table!! But I especially love that bird print! It is absolutely gorgeous!!

  30. Yes distress! It will look so cute. I love your post! Funny girl! Ha ha

  31. I say distress the little fellow.... As for the frame... hmmm, need some time to think on that. Come be follower #300 on my blog because THEN I am having a giveaway of a nice khaki jacket... I't VERY NICE!


  32. Leslie, just wanted to drop by and let you know....Hobby Lobby 80% off!!!! Hope you get some goodies!!!!!

  33. The color is great, but I would distress it just a bit and maybe glaze it. I'd do the same things to the frame.

  34. I love the table painted! I'm not a huge fan of distressing usually, but I think in this case I might try slight distressing with glaze to bring out any natural distressing - I much prefer natural distressing to applied distressing. I enjoyed my visit today! Have a great weekend!


  35. Hi Leslie~ Ohh love the table in the sweet color you painted it! I would distress just a bit- not too much. As for the picture- I am thinking white and then distress for a bit of gold rubbing through or antique it a bit or something. Hugs, Courtney

  36. Just seeing the table freshly painted I thought it looked lovely... but then after seeing the PB distressed version, I think it really MUST be distressed! I love the look! Why don't you paint the picture frame the same color as the table and distress it a little too!

  37. Leslie,

    The table looks beautiful. I would distress because I like old, worn things. The print of the birds is so sweet. I agree, paint over the gold but I wouldn't go blue.

    Did you find a house?

    Your Friend,

  38. Love the painted table. That's as far as I go. I'll leave the rest of it up to the experts. (hehe)

  39. Destress the little guy for Heaven's sake. LOL
    This is my first visit here today and I have decided to join/follow along.
    Your blog is full of great decorating ideas!!! I also love the bar/table in your kitchen. Did someone build that for you? I would love to have one in my kitchen.

  40. Dear little table, I am sorry to tell you that you need distressing. Besides looking better, you need to learn not to hijack your owner's blog and a good sanding should teach you. And tell your picture frame friend that dark gray is her color. Sincerely, your tough love friend, Lisa~

  41. Well, little table, a little bit of (di)stress never hurt any of us. I say it will give you more character. You're already really cute! :-)

  42. such a personal choice, so go with what you love, of course, and ignore all else.
    But, since you asked: Maybe I just like to be a bit unique... but I would say, sweet table, stay crisp, clean, and classy.
    My vote: everyone can look like Pottery 'Shed'. Stay classy and un-distressed, sweet table.

  43. Fan of the distressed look for this little guy.

  44. I love this sweet little bird picture! I think distressing is the way to go too. Maybe a little glaze of some sort too? Looks great! Can't wait to see the room finished!

  45. I like the distressed look "Although" I call it "Antiquing", hehe! Either way it's a beautiful little table! LOVE IT!!! and LOVE the color you chose. That birdie picture is "Wonderful"!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  46. Oh my goodness, I love the color you chose for the side table and the bird pic...but i have to know, what color did you choose for the frame and did you distress or not? Did you post pics? I don't have a blog, so I only know how to comment "anonymous", but I am following your blog and you are following me on Pinterest.
    Julie Burgess


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