A Scottish Home Maker's Valentine's Day

Oh, my goodness!
What wonderfully sweet girls (and a few guys) you are!
Y'all just blessed my heart so much with all the well wishes for my wrist after I was attacked.
For those of you that missed the tale, click here to read about it.

I wanted to reply personally to each one of you, but can't type ever so much this week
so, I thank you here and now!
You inspire me more than you know.

I can wiggle my fingers now, but the insides of my wrist joint are still tender.
It's healing.
Your prayers and well wishes worked!

I sent out a plea to some blogger friends to guest post for me while I recovered.
(I can type capital letters, now---see?)

One who responded is my girlfriend, Doda, whom I have known for almost a year now.
We met through our blogs.
I make home in South Carolina, U.S.A.
She is a home maker in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland.
Here is her home.

I asked Doda what Scottish homemaking looks like.

She told me, "I'm just try to keep on top of the housework and fail, 
and in between am trying to finish decorating this place. 
Who am I ? 
I guess I'm a child of God, a children's poet, a doodler, crafter and a bit of a songwriter too. 
I write children's songs that we use in Sunday school. 
I also play worship music on a Sunday morning with my husband sometimes."

Other things she does are:

She shops the Charity Shops and finds lace and trim.

She makes her own marmalade.

She teaches crafting to her cute 4 year-old assistant.

She designs amazing things for her online Folksy Shop: Studio Gilead.

She revamps furniture.

And she grows gooseberries, and red and white currants in her garden.

She sews! 
(A clothes pin laundry bag and heart sachet.)

She made her daughter's Birthday gift.
A dolly bed (she made it out of chair backs! And she sewed the linens!

She also sewed the darling dolly and her clothes!

So, you can see, she is quite the homemaker!
Today, she is going to share one of her projects with us.
Which I'll affectionately call:

The Anti-Valentine's Day Bouquet

...take it away, Doda!

OK, you're gonna think I'm a real party pooper here, 
but I have to be honest with you, we don't do Valentine's Day in our house. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against telling your loved ones 
how special they are to you. 
I think every day is good for telling someone how precious they are 
and how much they mean to you.  
Life on this earth is short, we shouldn't waste time 
waiting for that one day a year to tell them! 
I nearly lost my husband last year to a heart attack, 
I was so glad that just a few short hours before I had told him I loved him. 
We should treasure every moment with our loved ones. 
Every second is a gift.

OK, despite not partaking in Valentines Day, 
I do have a sweet little craft for you that you can use as a gift, 
or as a quirky little decorative item in your home.

You will need: 
  • a flower punch and a heart punch. I'm using my Tonic Studios punches again.  
  • florists wire, I don't know what gauge I was using, some was thin for adding the leaves and the other for the stems was thicker. Sorry I am not more helpful there! 
  • small buttons or jewels for the centre of the flowers. 
  • pages that contain text (I used some vintage encyclopedia pages), and my assistant (age 4) used watercolour paint to make a couple of green pages and a few brown-tinged pages.
  • Punch the green paper with the flower punches (these are the bottoms of the flower buds).
  • Punch plain hearts (these are the petals)
  • Punch hearts from the brown paper for the heart confetti and bitty banner.

You'll need 2 green flowers and 12 hearts per flower, and 2 hearts per leaf.
Attach a heart to each of the flower petals (as shown). Layer two completed flowers together and hot glue them onto the thicker wire. Using needlenose pliers, form a flat spiral at the top of the wire so the glue has something to stick to. Glue some lovely little mother of pearl buttons to the centre. You can then curl and adjust the petals on the flowers to give them a more realistic look - realistic? ...out of old printed paper? ...well, you know what I mean!

For the leaves, I used two green hearts and one piece of thinner wire folded in half and twisted together for just over the length of the heart. 

I sandwiched the wire between the two hearts and glued it. Use the remaining length of the wire to wind around the stem of the flower. 
Add as few or many leaves as you like. 

Now arrange your flowers in a little vase - or even better, in a vintage bottle. 
You could add a little sentiment tag if they are for a gift. 
I  punched a heart out of my tag, but you could always add a sweet message.
My bottle was from some Indian Tonic Water. 
I liked the simple shape.

To vary this idea, you could:
  • Change the paper you use. Try using some pretty scrapbooking paper, or vintage maps. 
  • For more bling some glittery jewels in the centre would be lovely. 
  • If you have a small plant pot, you could fill it with oasis, cover the top with moss and arrange the flowers in a little pot. 
  • If you make a looser wire spiral with the thicker wire and add it to the arrangement it could serve as a pretty note holder. 

I wonder if this will inspire you to come up with your own version?

I like this little snippet from the Bible that talks about what Love is...

Love is patient, 
Love is kind, and is not jealous; 
Love does not brag and is not arrogant, 
does not act unbecomingly; 
it does not seek its own, 
is not provoked, 
does not take into account a wrong suffered,  
does not rejoice in unrighteousness, 
but rejoices with the truth;  
bears all things, 
believes all things, 
hopes all things, 
endures all things.  

1Corinthians 13:4-7 

My friend Leo suggests replacing the word love with our own name 
to see how we measure up.
I know I fall short !

So... I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day, 
and that yours is filled with love!

Love, Doda


Click on her banner and go say Hi to Doda! 
She probably has some tea and shortbread waiting for you!



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  1. I don't know how you did it Leslie, but you made me sound quite interesting!!! :-)

  2. Leslie, your friend Doda is amazing. Thank you so much for introducing her to us, and thank you Doda for sharing this cutest craft ever! I'm in love and can't wait to visit Doda's blog.

    Please continue to take care dear Leslie, praying for you sweet friend!!!

  3. Hi Leslie...Hope you are feeling so much better. Nice to read your guest's post. She is truly multi-talented. Take care. Susan

  4. Well, I'm just totally jazzed about this project. I LOVE things made from words.

    And I hadn't read about your attack. I've been so hit and miss lately. I will go read it now!


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