Can I be Trusted?

As I was spending time in the book of Jonah this morning,
I knew I was to go read Proverbs 31, too.

So, I did.
Verse 11 stopped me in its tracks.

Her husband can trust her, 
and she will greatly enrich his life.

My husband should trust me.
Trust ME.

Wow. It's something I never really pondered very often.
I mean, we HAVE been married 22 years,
I have never cheated on him.
We have 2 daughters,
I make sure that they are dropped off/picked up at school every day.

I am not always the best cook, the most prompt laundry lady,
or even the nicest person (especially if I'm PMSing),
but I'm here when someone needs a hug or a smile.

I guess I can be trusted.

I mean, I am home every day, and I don't go out partying with my girlfriends, 
I don't smoke or get drunk.
I go to church, sing with the praise band, read my Bible, pray for Mark every day.
I try to keep the house presentable.
Somewhat. Usually.

I am cordial to his relatives, 
accommodating to his friends.

I even send goodies along to work with him 
so the other guys at the office know that he has a sweet wife.

Yeah, but...really,
Do I waste time on the internet and Face Book
when I should be doing something that Mark asked me to do, again?

Do I anticipate my family's needs and have their clothes, toilet paper, 
and good food on hand when they need it?

Instead of making sure dinner is ready,
am I at a friend's house helping her by moving furniture around?

Do I lie or embellish the truth when he asks me 
how much I spent on something
and I'd rather not tell him?

Do I use the last morsel of the food money 
for the week to buy a tchotchke for the house?

Am I budgeting the paycheck, he works very hard for,
on things he would approve of?

When that not-necessarily-handsome, but overly-attentive guy
at the gym smiles and chats with me, do I give him cause to think
I'm not committed to my own marriage?

After he's walked away, do I give that guy a second thought?

Even if Mark and I are not getting along that day?

When my daughters and I are the only ones in the house:

~am I the same penitent woman then, 
as when I am nodding in humbled agreement with the sermon at church?

~is my management of our home worth imitating?

~are they being taught commendable womanly traits?

~am I honoring their father with words of devotion and appreciation?

The second half of Proverbs 31:11 says, if I am trustworthy,
I will greatly enrich his life.

Enrich   -verb
1. to supply with riches, wealth, abundant or valuable possessions, etc.
2. to supply with abundance of anything desirable.
3. to add greater value or significance to.
4. to adorn or decorate.
5. to make finer in quality, as by supplying desirable elements or ingredients.

Lord, I want to supply my husband with abundance.

I desire to add value to his life.
Let my life be a decoration for his soul.
Use me to supply the missing elements in my husband's heart.

Make me trustworthy.

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  1. I have often asked myself the same questions, Leslie. We are all a work in progress. The most important thing to remember is to keep abiding in Christ. As we do that, He will enable us to persevere to a higher level of trustworthiness.

    Sometimes it feels like one step forward, two steps back, but He who called us is faithful!

    On a side note, what in the world is a "tchotchke?" :D

  2. Great post - thoughts to reflect on and remember.

  3. Well said! (or typed, I guess ;) Great post and great reminder!

  4. Hello conviction. I'm praying that for myself - that I can be trustworthy and enrich my husband's life. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

  5. Leslie,
    I loved every bit of this post and needed to hear these words today! I did have to laugh a little, because I did spend the last of the food budget on a new lamp for the den today. Okay...God...heard you loud and clear :)

  6. " supply the missing elements in my husband's heart." What a beautiful yet challenging thought. It's so easy to get priorities out of order in Blogland -- but the real world is so REAL - and we owe it our best ... with God's help! Great post today, Leslie.

  7. Mania for the spirit of me. Thank you, Leslie.

  8. What a beautiful post! I often ask myself this same question. I do many things well. BUT I think about how I could be better. How I can use my time more wisely to make my husband and childrens lives easier. I am so not trustworthy with the money he works so hard to earn. I can do better. It is amazing how much this same verse has been on my heart. Thank you so much for sharing! You were a blessing to me today!

  9. amazing look at what I KNOW is one of my areas I need to improve. thank you for your honest and open words.

  10. hhhmmm, this post has made me stop. And consider. I've never thought of it in this manner before. I've always thought that yes, I can be trusted. You've made me pause to think about this even more.
    Great post AGAIN, my friend :)

  11. Ouch! Great reflections, have given this girl a lot to think about. I know I WANT to be a woman my husband can trust, but am I...really? Such a good post - very convicting. (Funny, when I went to post this, I realized I'm signed in to my hubby's email's just me, Charity. But you know, if you reply, reply to MY email ;)

  12. Another great post Leslie. It's something to reflect on during my devotional time. For several years I used to read Proverbs 31 each morning, because I think it is a great reminder of how our behavior and attitude really impacts our family's well-being.

  13. Gulp!! Words to strive to live by Thank you for the message and I want your prayer to be mine as well!!!

  14. You are a great writer, Leslie, and I love how you are willing to tackle subjects that some bloggers might not be willing to. :) Just saw the Purge Party link on the sidebar---very cool!!

  15. Dear Leslie, Im so happy to stumble upon your blog..Beautiful and inspirational words of wisdom.Thank you.

  16. This is so good, and so needed. A thorough examination of our lives as wives. I too want to be that woman, who my husband can trust in all things, all areas. Thank you for this.

  17. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for the gentle reminder. This is something I will definitely reflect on throughout the day.

  18. You have the gift of teaching, Leslie. Great post!

  19. For a second I thought we were clones as I read your post! Thanks Leslie for the reminder. Loved it!
    What is the name of the font used in your signature?

  20. Leslie you are fabulous! I really hit the nail on the head. Its actually great timing that I read this post because my hubby and I had a discussion about this YESTERDAY. You have given me major motivation to make sure that I am a woman to be trusted by my husband! Thanks so much friend! :)

  21. Hugs and have a great weekend and make happy memories!

  22. Hi Leslie,
    I love this post!!! I am your newest follower and I came over from One Heart's blog...I am so happy to meet you.

  23. Leslie...ANOTHER beautiful post!! Such conviction and I appreciate the opportunity to read it. I needed to read this...I have been struggling with this for a while, and know I need to work on it. Thank you so much.

  24. I LOVE this post! So, so true. The Proverbs 32 woman is my inspiration every day. You've touched on several things here that no one ever talks about. Thank you. I am both convicted and encouraged, the best combination. Love you! Lisa~

  25. Leslie thanks so much for the heads up about my font. No I'm not mad!! :) As a matter of fact...I could use your help once again with blog design. Are you up for it?

  26. Gulp.
    That's a lot to think about.

    One little sentence.
    Gets to the heart, doesn't it?

  27. Oh my! What a thought-provoking post. I admit that the management of my home is not one to imitate. I'm working on that, with God's help.

    A little over 6 years ago, my husband had a near-brush with death. He had cancer in two organs, now lives with a urostomy bag, and is permanently disabled. There's nothing quite like almost losing your husband to make you super aware of how much you love him. The absolutely wonderful thing about good husbands, though, is that they love you back, flaws and all! He's okay with my housekeeping skills (rather, lack thereof) and as long as he's okay, so am I.

    God, however, would like to see some improvement.

  28. Awesome post! I was nodding my head at the beginning but then started thinking as I got further in your post. THank you for the toe-stepping today that I needed!

  29. prov. 31 is a good one to always have on your heart, huh? i just blogged about vs. 10-31 yesterday ( as i looked for inspiration for todays post i found yours via raising homemakers link-up. thanks for sharing! good thoughts.

  30. Wow. I have to chew on this one for awhile. You have given me much food for thought..which is the best food there is. Understanding what trust is at a deeper level...we are always be refined aren't we? :) Thank you for sharing from your heart.


  31. OUCH! WOW, the Lord used you to make me think!!! I think I will begin praying about this in my own life.

  32. I was saying yes, yes , yes...until the spending his money on tchotchke part :). But I truly want to enrich his life and I am working on being in agreements on all purchases! God is good and faithful!!!


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