The snow storms that have blown their way across the United States
have made their way to my state, city, neighborhood, street, cul-de-sac, yard.
On Monday, our governor declared a State of Emergency here in South Carolina.

There is very little movement on the main road behind our house.
We hear no cars zooming by or planes overhead.
Stores, schools, government agencies? All closed.

It is peaceful.
Eerily quiet.
Strangely silent.

The melting snow is now turning to ice on the roads and it is likely 
that we will still be home tomorrow.

My daughters don't mind missing classes.
They get to make up for these days in late Spring.
My husband doesn't mind being home.
He is taking some vacation hours.
I don't mind being stuck here with my family.
It is rare that we are all home at one time.

We can play cards, experiment with recipes, sleep-in, talk about our hopes and plans.
I get to look, really look, into my girls' faces and hearts.
I get to laugh and play with my beefcake while we enjoy the time together.

I used to hate the snow.
Loathe the cold.
It's messy. Inconvenient.

But for today, Lord, I thank you for being stuck.

Our neighbors to the right who moved here from Ohio.

Our neighbor to the left who moved here from Florida.

A wee, feathered, backyard neighbor.

Looking out our front door.

Looking out our back door.

What we did inside.

Miss S (College girl) teaches Miss A (High School girl) how to knit.

Click Spinach and Swiss Cheese Crepes for the link to the recipe.

Click Chocolate Tofu Pie for the link to the recipe.
(Sounds yucky, but it's very good!)

Click Southern Beignets for the link to the recipe.


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  1. I want to be snowed in with you guys! ;) I really laughed when I saw the pics of the contrasting neighbors...too funny! I am actually intrigued by the idea of a chocolate tofu looks good!!!

  2. The photos of your neighbor's differing snow-removal implements made me positively GUFFAW! Too funny. Thanks for this post. Love you!

  3. This is the day the Lord has made, and you and your family are most definitely rejoicing, and are being very glad in it!

    Love your pics! Hugs sweet friend!

  4. Mmmm, that spinach and cheese crepe looks absoluely delicious, Leslie! I must find an easy recipe for making things like this gluten free. I miss these types of foods!

    Enjoy your time together! : )

  5. Oh my goodness! You sure are making the best of this nasty situation. Third day, no school...I am so over it!

  6. It looks so beautiful. But I'm a Florida beach girl--I only like pictures of snow. Glad you all are safe, warm, and enjoying spending time together.

  7. Looks like you guys are having fun! We had no school today and just got the call that there is none tomorrow. I love being stuck inside! The world kind of stops. :)

  8. wow - we are expecting snow tonight & i still need to go to the grocery store & stock up on food, but looks like i'd rather come to your house - it looks so cozy & i'll bet your kitchen smells so good. Curious what kind of bird that is in your photo? so cute!!!

  9. Glad you are enjoying some family time. Those mini donuts look delicious. I also love to knit, especially on a cold winter night. We are so much more used to snow but I can see how that ice and snow can sure slow things down in your area.

  10. Leslie, all of a sudden I want to be snowed in again. We're in the middle of a blizzard tonight here in Southern Ontario so I'm sure my wish will come true tomorrow. I love your pictures!

  11. I loved taking a peek at your snow day. I posted a few yesterday as well.

    The pictures of the two neighbors made me laugh!

  12. Sounds like a fun time at your house. Maybe I could arrange to be in South Carolina the next time it snows--I could really get into being snowed in with you! :)

    Things are a little different with a houseful of boys. I need someone to teach me to knit!

  13. Definitely going to try the tofu pie!

  14. We have snow and ice icing here in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

    My husband worked for home for two days rather that risk the slippery roads. We had fun playing outside yesterday. Today was to icy to play.

  15. Looks like you had a blissful day being "snowed in" The crepes look delish! I will have to show the hubby so he can make me some. LOL He is a better cook than I am. I would much rather bake. Here in Illinois, to get a snowday all that snow would need to fall in the wee hours of the morning to prevent the plows from moving it away quickly that the school buses can get through in time. Generally speaking 7 inches is what we call a "dusting" :) I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of your neighbors! I would be like Ohio! Anyway, glad you were able to spend quality time with your family. Blessings! Paula <3

  16. In order to experiment with recipes when snowed in, someone in my family (that would be my husband) would have to make a trip to the store! LOL! We had a "smattering" of snow yesterday but still it was so serene and peaceful! Just like your day! LOVE the 2 pics of your neighbors! Priceless!

  17. Looks like you had some yummy distractions from the snowy weather. It snowed a couple of inches again here last night, but school is still on.
    Tofu huh? weird, where did you find the recipe for that one?

  18. How wonderful! I love what Mrs C. said...this is the day that the Lord has definitely rejoiced in it! GOOD FOR YOU! You have such a wonderful family...all of your pics made me want to rush on over and share in all of the love and laughter!

    Love the beautiful bird shot! Happy Wednesday beautiful lady!

  19. Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking. What a peaceful sight. We want the spinach crepe recipe--that would be me and my Miss A. She loves spinach.

    Thank you for sharing your bliss, Leslie.

  20. UH, Yum!!! We were "snowed in" down here too. I love it! The roads cleared yesterday, so it's time to get the wild Indians out for a while - to the library we go! Love the little birdie...getting out my bird guide now (such a homeschool nerd I am)

  21. I do have to say the Floridian was very resourceful! Lovely pictures. I miss the snow. Sometimes!

    The crepes look super yummy. And as good as the pie looks I can not get myself to try tofu. Just not up there on my list of foods to try. The thought of it makes me face do this :( lol!

  22. Oh my friend, I miss you...not just the snow or the house, but you. I pray you are still enjoying your time with your family. (((hugs)))

  23. Love the photos of your neighbors. Charles made a make-shift plow out of plywood and rope and he and Han cleared a path at the back door for the dogs. Well, it was mainly for molly because the snow was almost as tall as she is. :-)

    Beautiful photo of that bird too! Also, Han was just asking what a crepe was tonight. I might have to make some for us tomorrow.

    AND... I've made chocolate mousse out of tofu and choc chips before. Really yum!

    Let's have lunch again soon!

  24. Oh, I LOVE snow days!
    Sure I guess it comes from being a kid. But, yeah, it's about the quiet, the nuggling, the creative uses of time.

    Tossing in a Christmas movie - even if it's February. Cocoa, waffles, mac and cheese with toasty breadcrumbs or a nice ham bone soup.

    Speaking of which...I should see if there's a turkey carcass in the freezer. :)

    Thanks for the warm memory reminder.

  25. Wow! Another plus for living in snow! (at least not in my part of Texas) Spinach crepes? Really? You are eating well for being stranded. LOL! Lisa~

  26. Leslie,

    What a perfect way to spend a snowy day -- in the company of those you love most! I love the photograph of your little feathered friend.

    Your Friend,

  27. sounds like great "family together" time to me!!! My dearest friends in Tennessee are in the exact situation. They actually moved up there from here in Florida 4 years ago!! her husband cleared their driveway the exact same way as your neighbors on the left did!!!!how funny is that!!!!! The pics are beautiful, Terri

  28. Hey Leslie FYI, I have your blog coming up on my side roll, I would love if you did the same, gives us both exposure to the blogsphere...:)


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