Meet the Little Sisters, Claire and Sylvia, our Ferrets

Most people have dogs, and those that don't have dogs, love cats.
Those that don't have dogs or cats, have birds or fish.
Some families I know have turtles, hedgehogs, snails, crabs, snakes or lizards.

Other friends we have keep a combination of all of the above.

When we get asked if we have pets, and then give our answer, 
"Yes. We have two ferrets,"
we get puzzled looks, then a myriad of questions and comments.

Some of the questions: 
"Don't they bite?"
"Do they smell? 
"Do they make good pets?"

We answer:
Ferrets are like other animals that when they are babies, 
they tend to nip or chew things (sometimes your finger or shoes), 
but they have to be trained NOT to do these things.
Our girls do not bite ('cept occasionally while playing, but most pets do that).
In fact, Claire will lick your hand when you get her out to play, 
as if to say "Hi!" and "Thank you, for getting me out of that cage!"

All animals smell. They have noses, right? Heh. 
Ferrets do have scent glands, but most domesticated ferrets have had them removed,
and you can bathe your ferrets once a month or so.
No one has ever guessed that we had ferrets as pets at the first visit to our home 
(i.e. they don't "smell" them).
They are also like cats, and are self-cleaning.

Ferrets are awesome animals and pets!
Not only are they smart, clean, quiet, curious, and very friendly,
they are HILARIOUSLY fun to watch!

(After meeting the Little Sisters, most of our visitors, especially children, 
want to play with them again and again when they visit).

Some of the comments: 
"I don't know what that is."
"My brother's cousin's sister's friend's teacher's hair dresser had one of those."
"I saw those at the pet store."

More answers:

Today, the Little Sisters
(this is their nickname because my daughters, Miss S and Miss A
are the Big Sisters) are going to share with you their 

by Claire and Sylvia

Hi ladies!

Let us introduce ourselves.
I, Sylvia, the Dark-eyed White on the left, 
will be narrating, because I'm a better speaker than my sister, Claire,
the Chocolate Sable on the right.
Today we waited for our mom to get us out of our house
for a trip to the tub.

Once we were in the tub, I changed my mind and decided I wanted to get out.
I'm a good jumper.

I calmed down as soon as I saw mom about to grab my favorite
shampoo: cucumber-melon.

We waited and waited till the tub filled up.

So we could swim around.

I can't believe I'm letting mom take pictures of us 
while we are nekked in the tub.
Do you mind?

Claire seems to like it, though. Weirdo!

This is the part I hate. Someone SAVE me!

Claire is a suck-up.

After the water disappears down a scary hole in the tub, 
mom throws down a towel.

We dry ourselves off.

Mom is amused, I think.

I'm almost ready to get out now.

Claire goes first.

When we want mom (or anyone else) to pick us up, we climb on their arm.

Mom always gives us lots of hugs and kisses. She's really nice!

Don't I look gaw-gee-us?

Back home for a nap, we're exhausted.

Mom said if y'all (we're Southern ferrets) want us to, 
we'll be back next month, with more Tails, I mean, Tales.

We are at a Pet Party at Miss Debbie Doos house.
Lots of new friends to make!
After our nap, of course.



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  1. Oh how sweet! And cute! Of course, we want to hear more tales from the Ferrets ;) Love ya girl! And miss you!

  2. I guess I never really knew much about ferrets. They are really cute! And what cuties in the bath. Thanks for shairing.

  3. Typed a comment and it diappeared...grrr...

    Anyways, I actually think that ferrets are cute! :) I can't smell, so what people usually complain about doesn't ever bother me. I wouldn't mind having one, but I don't know how our dogs would deal and my husband is really allergic to cats. He says ferrets also make his allergies go nuts. The people who used to live next door to us walked their ferrets on a leash. It was so funny to see. Yours are adorable!

  4. This is hilarious! I'd love to see more of them! Our four year old really wants a pet that will "stay little", but we already have a dog and my husband is allergic to cats. This could be a perfect solution! Would you recommend them for a four year old? She also has a two year old sister, which could be bad. I'm new to your blog, so I'm not sure how old your girls are? (the big sisters) We would love to follow along your "ferret tales"!

  5. Awww! These are the cutest fur-babies I've ever seen! I was just talking to Charles and Han about your ferrets last night. I'll definitely have to share this post with them.

    I'd love to read another story so please bring them back!

    Love ya!

  6. Its my first time to see them... lovely, are they really so independent? Cutie ...
    Hope you would like to spare a little bit of your time for me sure you will enjoy

  7. fun post! our neighbor has a couple of these & their white one kept getting it out. I'd be out gardening and see it in the corner of my eye & scared me to death, as i didn't know what it was...caught me off guard! Your seems very sweet & love that you have such unique & special pets in your family! Just so cute!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing that! They are ADORABLE!! Love how they swim around!! Way too cute. Have a great Monday.

  9. Ok this truly was the first for me. I never saw a pet ferret. Now I want one!!~ What a set up and life they have, holy moly I am moving in. Thanks Leslie for sharing, they are really neat, and smart too.

  10. LOL...I love their bath pictures!!! They are so cute!!

    My cousins, sisters, math teachers, first husband, twin owned one...I think. LOL Just kidding....but my cousin did have 2 when I was growing up. :)

  11. oh my gosh, hysterical! can't believe they let you bathe them...they seem so well behaved. ferret sheen! that is cracking me up, too! so glad i saw these two cuties!

  12. They're actually very cute! I've never seen one that close up before. I do think they're illegal here in Cal. but I'm not sure why!

  13. Oh my gosh how cute!!!!! I've always loved ferrets....although that's about the only animal I haven't owned!!! I had no idea they swam like it!!!!!!

  14. How adorable. I've always loved an articulate ferret. :)

  15. Well of course we want to hear more tails, I mean tales. What could be more entertaining than a ferret tale. You are both so cute and personable. I bet you get that from your Mommy.
    I will have to become a follower so I can keep up with the tales.

  16. Oh my goodness! I am a dog person, typically. But they are so adorable! I love the pictures of them swimming in the bathtub! They seem so sweet and affectionate too. Thanks for sharing with us! Blessings <3 Paula

  17. What sweet, beautiful girls! I'll be watching for more!

  18. Ohhh pretty sweet girls! I have never seen such adorable ferrets! Loved "meeting" them.

  19. They are sooo sweet!! I've always wondered if ferrets made good pets? Now I know they do! They just couldn't be cuter! Vanna

  20. What a cute post...self bathing pets...who knew!!! Their coloring is so different!!!

  21. That was the most adorable thing I've ever seen. My dog won't even let me brush her.... I can't image 2 ferrets bathing themselves... NUTS... amazing! but nuts!

    Thanks for sharing! That was great!


  22. So cute!! I didn't know ferrets like baths! Your pets are so adorable!

  23. What a cute post! They looked like they were having so much fun! Hopped over from the pet party!

  24. Oh, Leslie, this was amazing to read. It was heartwarming, funny and scary at the same time. I LOVED it. Too cute.

    Trying to find one of your furniture painting posts (if you have one). Husband is trying to scare me into thinking that the paint will peel off and I'll be upset and end up wanting to get rid of the piece--real positive fellow tonight. ;) I'll show him!! ;)

  25. Oh they are adorable! They look super soft too. The cucumber melon might be something I should try on Henry. He gets itchy so I have to watch what I use. I love how they dry themselves off. No blow dryer needed!

  26. Wow! You ferrets are cool, my ferret Sampson loves the pictures and he thinks you guys are cute. Keep on posting. Sampson will come back again and say hello.

  27. OMG! You guys are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love the pictures. Ferrets in a bath is so adorable. My two baby ferrets love baths as well Molly and Polly. They are both angora ferrets and they love to play in the batth and be groomed by me their loving mommy. Thank you for the post.

  28. Too funny! I loved it when Sylvia called Claire a "Weirdo!" Their bath routine is hysterical. Such cuties. :)

  29. They are adorable. They seem to enjoy their bathtime too.

  30. These little babies are so adorable!
    What a cute post. :-)

  31. awww..... how sweet!!!!!!!!!! nice commentary as well.... lol, Terri
    tell us more.....
    funny funny girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  32. I love the pics in the tub with their fur all of the place. Cute!!

  33. This post is hilarious! I so love your photos of them in their bath antics. I wish my puppy was as easy to bath. I especially like the part where they dry themselves off. :)

  34. what cuties!! My friend always had ferrets growing up so I was always around them and we want to get some at some point but not just yet. I have had rats for the last 2 years though and they are also wonderful very mistaken pets.
    I loved seeing this on the pet linky because it shows others that there are more awesome pets out there aside from cats and dogs (which are wonderful also! ;P )

  35. AWWW! Claire and Sylvia are precious! I miss our "girls". We've had 4 ferrets over our early years of marriage, but it has been several years since our home has been graced by that wonderful chatter and bouncy greetings. Maybe someday again! Blessings to you!

  36. They are SO darling! I think they look more fun to have in the family then cats! Enjoy your little furry friends. We have 9 animals here on our Abbeville acreage and I have no idea how we took in so many in addition to those that we 'planned' on adding to the family! LOL!

    Hope that you enjoyed this wonderful weather this weekend in SC! I'm ready to get outside, aren't you?

  37. I loved seeing the little sisters!! I can't wait to see them again!!!

  38. Oh my goodness. I want one! Your girls are so cute. I just want to kiss that little pink nose.

    Have you read Ferrets in the Bedroom, Lizards in the Fridge by Bill Wallace? It's a kids book. My students absolutely love it!

  39. Okay I chuckled at "FerretSheen" That's an ACTUAL product?

    I was in love by "Suck-up."

  40. I loved this!!! We have a friend who has 2 ferrets and they are hilarious to watch. Very entertaining. Can't wait till they come back for another feature!



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