Cabin Fever vs. Simplifying Sickness and S.T.U.F.F.

I've been stuck inside the house for four days straight.
It's a good thing.
Let me explain.

Since our county has been basically shut down because of the snow storms,
the roads are iced over and I am a Southerner
who is terrified of black ice and have no clue how to drive on it,
it means the only place I have had to get really familiar with and tour
is the inside of our home.

While touring, I've taken notice of what I've come to place value on.
I need to lighten my load.
Purge and clear the surfaces and corners.

I don't have Cabin Fever!
I have Simplifying Sickness!

I came up with an acronym that I feel describes those items 
that I once cheerfully welcomed into these four walls, 
items that formerly were special, that are now surplus:

As most of you know, and now the rest of you that didn't know, are about to:
We are spending this year staging this home in order to sell it next year.

So, today, with no where to go, and nothing better to do,
I gathered the first pile of THIS year's S.T.U.F.F.
that will be donated, recycled, sold (on eBay or Craigslist) or taken to the dump.

What we use to itemize our donations:

Do you wonder why, if I am organizing and purging,
I am donating a huge rolling cart of organizing bins?
Because I am also donating and simplifying what was in those bins.
A bin of too-small clothing, a laptop case, CD player, toys, a bolt of fabric.
To Goodwill you will go.

I do not need a set of Christmas china.
I do not need a set of Christmas china.
I do not need a set of Christmas china.
To eBay you will go.

Mr. Beefcake got a new theater system for Christmas.
So, out with the bulky DVD player, speakers and monitor.
To Craigslist you will go.

All that stuff?
Once treasures, for which my favor has faded.
We now pass them on.

My Simplifying Sickness is ongoing.
About once every two months, I load up the car and make several stops.

Here's what we did with one load of last year's S.T.U.F.F.

(That is NOT our leftover Gin box. Really. I dunno where it came from.)

Plywood, old PC monitors, brooms, plastic blinds, old paint, gardening pots, cardboard.
To the dump (Solid Waste Location) you will go.

First stop.

Get that receipt so we can itemize S.T.U.F.F. on tax forms.

Second stop.

Most anything can be recycled.

Other items that I will sell on eBay.
Click here to read about my eBay closet.
To eBay you will go.

S.T.U.F.F. sold on Craigslist last year.
To Craigslist you did go.

The longer I'm stuck inside, the bigger the S.T.U.F.F. pile grows.

I'm thinking my house should be empty sometime...shouldn't it?

So, what do you do with all your

Need some more ideas on how to  to get rid of your S.T.U.F.F.?
There is a great post here, written by Thrifty Decor Chick.
I like her idea of a hosting a S.T.U.F.F. swap...hmmm.

Don't be obsessed with getting more material things;
be content with what you have.
Hebrews 13:5a


  1. Wow girl you are in a major STUFF removal!! I am working on some but not as major as you! Still I am ready to remove lots of 'things' but I would seriously have a problem getting rid of my Christmas dishes!

  2. Do you want to come to my house next? I am in need of some cleaning and organizing. My one tip is that I clean out my clothes every summer and get rid of anything I haven't worn that year. It gets donated and a cleaner closet = a soothed mind.

  3. I think you have inspired me to continue my process.I started with the office closet last night.So... on to the guest room closet!!! My donations will be at the door tonight for a Saturday dropoff at Goodwill.Love the Ebay closet idea!

  4. Leslie, I know EXACTLY what you mean. There is so much STUFF around here it's pathetic.

    How in the WORLD did you pack and send all that LARGE stuff on e-Bay? Oh, pul-eeeese tell me. Wouldn't the postage cost an arm and a leg?

    Take care and good luck. You are truly inspirational! Susan

  5. Bet you feel lighter already. I love it. I went to Office Max yesterday. Am I the only one who gets excited at such a store. The possibilities of organization are endless. Sigh...a girl can dream. ;) Which reminds me, I have to organize our front closet. YIKES!!! Very tiny, under stairs type closet but boy does it get abused. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Oh wow Leslie, you totally inspired me to clean out more. I do not do yard sales. I do like going to them though when I can.

  7. I've recently started a Goodwill pile myself. I usually put stuff out for pick-up; we have one place that comes around and they take everything. Clothes, household items, and one year I donated my son's little boy bike. I take advantage of these pick-ups whenever I know about them because all I have to do is get it outside on the driveway and when I come home from work it's gone. They leave a receipt in my mailbox. I've got a good purge that I need to do once I get up in the attic. Fun!

    On a side note, I was on ebay the other day looking for a lampshade and I was wondering about you. If you get a chance, email me your seller id so I can look around {like I need more stuff!}.

  8. I think you are an inspiration for those of us who want to catch the Simplifying Sickness. ;)

  9. I simplyfied alot when we packed to move!! I know when we finally move into the new house I will find more stuff to purge!

  10. Great job, Leslie! I bet you just loved getting rid of stuff! Hasn't this weather been just unreal? I've been housebound for 3 days and did a major clean up of my pantry! It feels wonderful to be more organized, so that I don't 're-purchase' something that I already had and forgot about! If you have a minute, I am having a link-up going on right now and over the weekend focused on anyone's posts related to cleaning up and cleaning out our lives! This is perfect, especially with all of your photos all the way of to your donation centers! That's a dedicated photo blogger! Roz in Abbeville

  11. There is no better feeling than cleaning out stuff and organizing! What a silver lining in your snow storm! I am such a homebody that I enjoy staying home several days in a row but I think 4 days might be my limit! Hope the ice melts soon for you guys!

  12. Leslie, we donate a lot to GW every year, too. Great help with taxes for sure. I need to clean out and take some stuff there and to the consignment shop. First it needs to warm up some. I have been in all week, too. I don't do ice.

  13. Thank you very much, ma'am. As soon as the ice melts, could you head up to NC and help me with all my STUFF? I need a big-time purge. Or maybe I just need a good snowstorm, huh?

  14. Does it really help that much on taxes? I'm really bad (I guess that's the word) about donating by not getting a receipt.

    I am planning a garage sale early in the spring an was thinking of just taking every thing not sold to GW after the fact.

  15. I do love to have a yard sale occasionally. I enjoy meeting people from the community. But mostly we take things to the Goodwill store and donate them. It's easier to remove the STUFF on a regular basis by having that option.

    I like shopping there too, I've found high quality clothing for next to nothing. It helps the employees by donating things, and also by purchasing things there, I love how our excess here in the states is being used to create good jobs for hard working people.

  16. We are the yard sale queens - my mom and I. I'm going to have to read that article. Donating would sure be easier (and quicker) than having a yard sale. I just really like the cash:)

  17. Getting rid of unnecessary, superfluous, stuff is what I'm all about now. I want a simpler life and less stuff is part of that. However, I will have a yard sale this spring. And what doesn't sell there will be donated to a local church for their yardsale. I may list a few things on ebay and I've partnered with a friend to sell in a booth at a local antique mall.
    I got rid of my Christmas dishes too. I gave them to my son and his fiancee. I still get to enjoy them, but don't have to store them.
    Enjoy your weekend

  18. Oh my gosh- I needed to read this.
    I am inspired!
    The minute I post this comment, I am going to start my pile(s).


    White Spray Paint

  19. I agree with you about yard sales. I stopped having those years ago because for me the tax deduction was the same, and it was way less work!

  20. Way to go. I stayed in 4 days too, I loved the feeling but today I was ready to get out. I am going to schedule more stay-in all day. It is hard to believe how just a trip to the grocery store and bank can cut in to how much I accomplish or don't at home. I don't think the clearing out ever stops. I also think the economy is going to regroup as more and more of us figure out that less is more and that "stuff" is not ever going to make us happy.

  21. Love you right back, Leslie. Will send you a fb message.

  22. I love this! I purge all the time. Keeps the house much more tidy :)

  23. I LOVE your blog!! And I agree...being stuck at home, you start to notice all the little things you DON'T need!! I love to purge and know that someone else may get some good use out of something I am giving away!! AND thank you so very much for your super sweet comment on my blog!! Becoming a follower right now!!

  24. I won, I won, I WON. I am so tickled to have won the magazine subscription. Thank you so much, Leslie! I will love getting a beautiful magazine every single month for a year. I know I will be inspired!

  25. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this incredible de-cluttering post on Fresh Clean and Pure Friday last week. I apologize for my lateness in thanking you, but I went back to work at USC UPstate this week and got a bit behind on my blogging comments. I started to clean out old clothes this week and am ready to get to the donation centers very, very soon. Thanks for your inspiration and I hope you enjoy this lovely 50 degree + day! Roz

  26. I have been doing the same thing over the last month- donating and recycling and trying to get organized so I can start selling on Ebay finally! I have to say I am the opposite of a hoarder- I love getting rid of stuff. In a small house you have to be very very selective of what can stay. Your eBay closet is so inspiring!

  27. Great post, Leslie! I've been decluttering this year, too, but I'm still going through things. It's very liberating, isn't it?


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