Joyeux Noël ! :: Christmas in the Café

Bienvenue !

Come on in!

Today, I got the cafe' ready for a Fondue Party, simply, and wanted to show you!

When we built this home 9 years ago, we designed the whole basement for my grandmother.
She moved back to Florida, and we turned her Living Room into a Theatre Room,
her Bedroom into an Office, and her Kitchen into the Cafe' de Sous Sol,
which, in French, means, Basement Coffee House.

The curtains in the picture above separate the Café and the Theater Room.
Instead of making a Joyeux Noel banner, I just drew one on the chalkboard wall.

The three tables were a find on Craigslist and came from an old hotel.
The restaurant linens are from eBay.

Ikea shelving. My favorite side of the room.
All the glassware, silver or ironstone was a gift, an heirloom, or thrifted.

A salvage find for $10 from an old home, this wall hutch is perfect 
for holding all our Goodwill vintage jelly jars.

Recycle bin.

So, I saw one too many beautiful coffee filter wreaths, and I had to have one, too. 
This one cost me $3 and 3 hours of my time. But, it was worth it.
And what better place for a coffee wreath, than a cafe'?

The black and white graphics are from The Graphics Fairy, whose site I adore.

Last year, my mom brought me my Nativity set from when I was a girl.
Someone must have given it to me, because it is old.
Paper mache from Italy, the pieces, printed on the bottom, are either 19 or 29 cents each.

Can you read French? 
Neither can I. Google Translate is a handy tool!
In English it reads:
Cheese Fondue
Dippers: bread, broccoli, cauliflower, green apple
Chicken Broth Fondue
Dippers: shrimp, meatballs, chicken
Chocolate Fondue
Dippers: cake, marshmallows, cherries, bananas, strawberries

All these ornaments are from Ikea, and I am so glad my friend, Ann, talked me into them!
The white ones are a mere inch across.
The larger ones resemble coasters. But I still like them, they seem Frenchish, don't they?
Close enough.
What do I know?
Ignorance is bliss.

If you are ever in town, (Greenville, SC), email me!
You are welcome here, so come on by,
I'll leave the coffee on for ya!
Might even bake you some scones!

To see the Cafe' Bath :: Salles de Bain, click HERE.


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  1. Oh my goodness I love this so much! Can I please come???

  2. Wow Leslie! So pretty!! I love your shelves and that chalkboard wall...seriously to die for! I want to paint a wall in chalkboard paint SOOO bad but unfortunately were renters! Bah! I'll just live vicariously thru you! :)

  3. It all looks outstanding...just love anything from IKEA!!!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


  4. This is such a great area, Leslie! It doesn't seem right to call it a basement! Looking at each section you've shown, I swear, if this hasn't been in a magazine yet, it should be.

  5. WOWWWW I haven't seen it before
    and I just adore it!
    I LOVE the chalkboard wall!

  6.'s amazing! What do you use this room for? Every detail is perfection. That wreath was worth every burned finger. Now I HAVE to make one. Lisa~

  7. Wow, day 3 and day 4 are both amazing! Your decorating is simply divine. I bet your fondue party was lots of fun.

  8. Too much beauty for ONE HEART. Enjoy.

  9. You've lifted my spirits today, sugar. That is just DELIGHTFUL!!! You did a beautiful job.

  10. Wow wow wow. Your home looks lovely, Leslie. Classy, like you! Great job. Susan

  11. Looks great! love it! I have the same question as others - what do you use this space for? Would be great for kids' birthday parties!

  12. Everything you do brings a smile to my face! Beautifully done as always!

  13. Okay now am really sad that I cannot make it to your home this year....You have out done yourself yet once again.... love it and you my first born daughter. (Love my second born one too)

  14. You have a wonderful eye for design my dear. I adore your kitchen- everything is so wonderfully put together.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see this in a magazine some day. keep up the beautiful work! -V

  15. Your cafe is awesome!! I love the way you decorated it!!

  16. Since I love your cafe basement better than any room in your whole house, I'm crazy about it.

    I love the way you used the chalkboard. Perfect.

    If I don't get back around before the weekend, MERRY CHRISTMAS Leslie.

  17. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love your basement! I love it all!!! But one of my favorites is your clock in the 3rd picture. I've been wanting a clock like that forever and I always eye this one at Hobby Lobby. One day when they are 50% off (like at least once a month) I'm going to just snatch it up.
    Again, your home is breathtaking. You've just given me about 50 new ideas!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  18. I'm moving in! Thanks for linking! I'll be featuring this post on BCD on Dec. 30th!

  19. Oh, Leslie. It was a post about your cafe' that first introduced me to your blog! I've been your faithful fan. . . and friend!!. . . ever since.

    You are wonderful. Delightful. Yes, full of delight. That's you.

    Thank you for being you. I appreciate you so much!

    Merry, merry Christmas!! Joyeux Noel, mon ami!

  20. I think this is by far my favorite spot in your lovely home. Probably because I love sipping on a hot mocha latte while visiting w/ friends. If I evah, I mean evah, make it to Greenville, SC I will email you!

    It's so lovely, and what a great gift to your friends who were able to come to your fondue party.

    Have you ever seen the movie A Good Year? I think that's the name it has Russel Crowe in it and is set in France. It's not the cleanest movie, warning, I love MOST of the movie, not all of it. BUT, there is a scene where they are eating outside with this French singer and music playing outside, it's dreamy, love that music, you need some for your room, if you don't have it already. :o) You probably do, you have everything else covered, it's just so, so special, I LOVE IT!

    Merry Christmas to you Leslie, I know you all will have a very blessed time as a family!!!

  21. every picture deserves to be admired but i like most the Mirror

  22. I love it all! Your cafe is so beautiful. Have a wonderful holiday.

  23. Gorgeous, of course. Not surprised there! Can you tell me where the beautiful white dishes are from?

  24. This is beautiful! I am also very excited to see that you live near me...I am from Anderson. I'm not sure why but it excites me to find someone online near me! I will be checking back with ya to see what other great ideas you have. happy New Year!

  25. Que c'est beau! (How beautiful!)

    I love your decor! You have inspired me to incorporate my love of all things French into my home.


  26. "LOVE IT"... That is such a fun idea! I am your newest FOLLOWER, and I hope you will peek into my world and FOLLOW ME TOO if you like.

  27. Every time I see pictures of your cafe, it makes me want to visit. It has such a spirit of joy and beauty. If I am ever in SC I am going to make my way to Greeneville!

    Susan Macias

  28. Okay now am really sad that I cannot make it to your home this year....You have out done yourself yet once again.... love it and you my first born daughter. (Love my second born one too)



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