Update on Staging Miss College Girl's Room

As some of you know, and are waiting for me to update you,
(I think I have DADD-Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder-it's called: life.)
we are getting our house ready to sell.

Starting with Miss S's room, back in September,
(where did that month go?) 
I cleared out, patched and painted, with Miss A's help 
(my younger daughter- she gets $5 an hour which she loves to spend on make-up)
this third bedroom on the third floor.

Our plan is to have this house ready to list in January 2012.
God may have other plans? Who knows!
We'd like to move to downtown Greenville, and into a bungalow or Craftsman-style home.
Click here to see one such house hunting tour!

It seems like a long time away, but I counted 32 spaces that need staging.
This includes closets/hallways/porches/deck, so it will take awhile.

Here's what the room looked like when you last saw it.

I purged, donated and sold the paper lanterns and the headboard on Craigslist.
A few weeks later, it looked like this.

My goal is to have it look something-sorta-kinda-like-similar to this.

Because I found this on the side of the road.

And the Pottery Barn bedding at GoodWill for $5.09!!

Here's what's happening in here today.

Sorry! Nothing is ironed.
I just threw the duvet over the comforter, and the pillows inside the shams.
And the chair needs a makeover, too, but I can't think about that yet.
That chair is stubborn.
And real life seldom looks like a page from the Pottery Barn catalog.

This will be a mirror wall.
All three of these mirrors only cost $10.
And the lamp? Cheap cheap. See it here with my cloches.

I need y'all's opinions.
I wanna keep the armoire and the bedside table, but I am thinking about painting them.
I found these pieces from Pottery Barn, that I like.

Miss S' Armoire.

The Cynthia Chiffonier.

Miss S' Bedside Table.

And The Charlotte Bedside Table in Antique White or Antique Blue.

What if I attached a mirror on the door of the armoire, 
and painted the armoire Antique White?
Which color for the bedside table?
H E L P !

Here's a tip you might like:
This is what I do to keep the paint from drying around the inside rim of the paint can.

I take a fat nail, and hammer holes around the inside rim.
The paint drains down into the can, and the lid no longer sticks when the paint dries.

What do you think?
I know y'all are great thinkers!


  1. Do you HAVE to paint the Armoire? I really like the wood grain on it. Personally. But it you DO paint it, I think it definitely needs a mirror, and the knobs should go metallic.

    Bedside table needs to be white-ish or match the color on the bedding.

  2. I love what you are doing with the room. But..please don't paint Miss S' Armoire. That is a beautiful piece and painting it would lose all of its wood grain charm. Clean it up, polish it, put new knobs if you wish but don't paint it.

  3. i think .... no paint on the armoire... but new hardware and a mirror would be "wow"!!

    the bedside table would be beautiful in distressed blue!!! Just my "humble" opinion!!!
    :) Terri .... this is going to be an interesting journey to your " Greenville bungalow"!!!

  4. You are very close, almost done what you want .... Hmm yes as Terri said a mirror will be a "wow". And what about pur white sheers on the window? Hope it will enhance the cool mood of the room...

  5. Lovely change going on there. I vote for white.

  6. I'd paint in a heartbeat! Unless you're really attached to the armoire for one reason or another, I'd say painting it would be great! I'd probably start with white or whitish. If you decided later that you want the table to be the color of the blue dots in the bedding or something similar, you'd probably want to distress it--and white peeking out would be just the thing!

    Good luck, sweet girl!

  7. On the side of the road??? Are you kidding me?? I think you should definitely paint them white... for sure!

    Miss you, roomie!!

  8. Aww..I get to comment after Jenny :)

    Girl, You're the best! I can't believe you found that on the side of the road! That is awesome. I say yes!! to the white and to the mirror! I like the idea of adding a little color with the blue side table. Wish I was closer, I would come and paint with you! Can't wait to hear what you decide.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Yes paint it white, & add the mirror will totally change the look, and the splash of blue for the side table will work w/ the bedspread. Can't wait to see the finished room, it's gonna be purty!

  10. Paint it! Glad it's you and not me. =D No, seriously, I seldom like to see a good wooden piece painted, but I just love how the white looks. You do great work with that color. Paint it all!! Great paint can tips.

  11. Love the paint can tip. I'll try to remember that for next time! I say blue for the end table. If you decide not to paint the armoire there is this stuff called, Kramer's Best Antique Improver. I got it at an antique shop. It's the best stuff to bring it back to life without stripping. But if you feel brave, white would be nice too :)

  12. I cannot believe you found that on the side of the road! Crazy! I would definitely paint the side table blue to pull out the color in the bedding and the armoire...well...is it some kind of family heirloom? If not, I say PAINT AWAY! I think it will ultimately go better with your decor and even though the wood grain is pretty I can totally picture it painted. That is just my humble opinion! :-)

  13. Hi ! Hmm, I love a good paint job, so if it was me, I'd paint them both in a cream white, maybe distressing them a little. Although the wood grain is interesting, it would work so much better in white. That's what I think anyhoo. :-)

  14. I am not giving you an opinion since I have a hard enough time deciding on things here at my house! But I love what you have done so far. I can't believe you found that headboard thingy on the roadside---I need a new one---;-)

  15. I say paint both pieces white. What a deal you got on the PB bedding and then a free headboard!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  16. You have been busy. I love the direction you are going. I can't believe you found that bedding at GW. I have the pillow cases. I think I would do the side table in the blue.

  17. Oh I love everything. I would however NOT paint the Armoire...it is gorgeous. I just do not paint antiques and when I see it done, I feel sad:) I love the mirror wall. Great score at the GW!

  18. Lookin' good! I love the idea of painting the armoire and adding the mirror - LOVE IT! And go for the blue on the side table, the white would be so expected (I always do white and wish I would experiment with some other colors, so I'll experiment vicariously through you ). So glad you posted, I was missing you.

  19. You've been busy once again! Pottery Barn at Goodwill, and that great headboard on the side of the road? I wish I could find those deals in our area {sigh} Great scores though! Any buyer should be happy for the nice fresh paint job and the plans you have for the room. Fresh and uncluttered but not sterile. Way to go. You are really wise to commit the time to the long term staging plan now, as it may very well positively influence your success in selling your home later.

    I love some good wood, and to me those are both pieces I would love to own. I also like painted white, creamy and blue pieces too. If you want to paint them, go ahead. One thing to consider though, as you downsize will those pieces be used in the new smaller home? If you plan to keep them, in their new home what will work better, what look do you desire more? All painted wood, wood with painted pieces? If you plan on selling them, I think they will sell either way. Looking forward to seeing what you choose and the end result.

  20. Your headboard & bedding looks so inviting and luxurious. I would definitely paint both pieces white and add a mirror. You are very talented at staging.

  21. I think you absolutely NEED to paint both pieces of furniture to complete the look you are trying to achieve. I think it looks fab so far, can't wait to see the finished product. Very clean and chic. I think the idea about the mirror is brilliant too!

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  23. Way to go. You are really wise to commit the time to the long term staging plan now, as it may very well positively influence your success in selling your home later.


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