Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration :: My Friend Ann's Home

It is one of the severest tests of friendship 
to tell your friend his faults. 
So to love a man that you cannot bear 
to see a stain upon him, 
and to speak painful truth through loving words, 
that is friendship.

~Henry Ward Beecher

Today we are going on a road trip to a home of a friend of mine.
She is the friend in the quote above that loves me so much
that she tells me the truth about myself.
It is the best and truest friend who honestly tells us the truth about ourselves.
Even though we may not like it.

She lives here in Greenville, SC, too.
We met 7 years ago while waiting in the lobby for our daughters to finish their piano lessons.

Oddly enough, she was reading a decorating magazine, and we chatted about decor for awhile.
We became friends through yard saling and bartering.
We became sisters because we both love the Lord!!

We refer to each other as my "Sista from Anutha Mista".

She fills her home with loving reminders of God's goodness and hope.
And her home reflects her passion for each season and for each person who enters in.
She does nothing without a purpose behind it.

I know you will agree that her home is warm, cozy, eclectic and full of inspiration,
as it always is for me.

Her Autumn decor charmed me so, and I wanted to share it with you!

I am proud to introduce you to my friend, Ann:
say "Hi", y'all!

Lady says "ruff"!
(Which in adorable, fluffy, doggy language means "Welcome"!)

Come on into her foyer.
Watch for subtle touches that say "Autumn"!
On the right:

Her Dining Room, my favorite room!

A view into the Living Room, from the Dining Room.
After Thanksgiving I am going to be helping her do a redesign of this space.
(Although it's pretty as is, she wants a change).
Should be fun!

Her Coffee Area.
Another of my favorite spots.
(I know I need to bring you those baskets, Ann, for the bottom shelves!)

So concludes our tour.
Does anyone else think that Ann should have her own decorating blog?
I have asked her.
She doesn't want to do that.
But, thankfully, she will let me come through with my Canon!

Thank you, Ann!

Ponder this today:

Let those be thy choicest companions 
who have made Christ their chief companion.

~Thomas Brooks


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  1. Everyone needs that kind of friend : ))
    Lovely home too!!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing this . I totally enjoyed it. I had to smile because she uses some of the same colors--yellows and aqua that I have some of my rooms. Love that bench at the entry (is that an old church pew? ) I had to laugh at how empty her hutch was compared to mine!!

  3. Wow Leslie!! The pictures are beautiful, the house is beautiful- inside and out- and so is Miss Ann. And I agree that she should start her own blog!!!
    Love ya,

  4. Woo hoo! You know what? I like to think that if you and Ann lived in Durham or if I lived in Greenville, we would all three be really good friends! LOVE those quotations that you included. Hallelujah for THAT kind of friend!!

    Ann's house is lovely. Yes, I can well imagine that she should have her own blog. If she doesn't want to do that, though, YOU blog for her! Keep on taking pictures and sharing her wonderful thoughts with us!

  5. I have to go up and down and comment, then go back up and find my place, otherwise I'll totally forget everything I want to say Leslie! So much eye candy!

    First of all, I love the church pew in her entry foyer. Love it! I wouldn't normally think of blue for a dining room, but I'm kind of feeling this one and I love her furniture and all. That ornate door in the dining room - is that a linen cupboard? I've never seen anything like that before. Very detailed. Now I want a coffee area! Next house! She's got a lovely home and I'm so glad you were able to share it with us.

  6. Oh WOW, Leslie. That was a splendorous tour. Your friend, Ann, has a gorgeous home. Her decorating style really is elegant. She could have a fabulous shop! Thanks so much to her for letting you photograph and to you for doing such a great job on the tour. Susan

  7. What a GORGEOUS house! I adore the church pew as well! I've actually seen a few for sale for not too much money on CraigsList and wondered what I could do with one!! Love it!

  8. Thank you so much Ann for sharing your beautiful home! So much eye candy for one to see! I loved everything! Your colors, decorating,style, everything! I found your home to be so cozy and very warm and inviting!
    Thank you Leslie for sharing your friend and her beautiful home!

    You both have a wonderful weekend!


  9. What a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing. It's truly inspiring to see what other people do in their homes!

  10. Stunning. Such a beautiful home and her decor is exquisite. I love how she mixes antiques around and the creative way she uses them. Gorgeous. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  11. Very pretty. Thanks to your friend for letting us
    have a peek into her home.

    NE Ohio

  12. I love Ann's home! Every inch of it. So warm and inviting, not to mention she has great taste, my kinda friend. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Debbie

  13. Ann's home is gorgeous!! I love it!!

  14. Gorgeous house! Tell Ann we all would like to be her friend too, stop by for lunch in that lovely home, bring some scones.

  15. Love your friend's home... so warm and inviting. I really like the golden wall color and all the dried hydrangeas throughout.

  16. Hello Leslie's friend Ann!
    Your home is lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us Leslie. God has gifted you both with style and creativity!

  17. Ann's home is lovely and warm. You are blessed to have such a friend, and you know I agree with the quote 100%. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    BTW, I could hear your scream all the way down here when you commented on the polar bears. =D I laughed outloud. You brighten my day.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and very blessed Thanksgiving.

  18. Oh, yes, and as you can see, I have that lighter version of myself as a profile pic again. I figured, why not? It's still me. Did I mention my spirit is skinny? LOL :O)

  19. Her home is lovely -I agree the dining room is beautiful _how lucky God brought the two of you together while you were waiting for your children :-)

  20. Thank you for introducing us to Ann and for letting us make ourselves at home in her home. What a treat!

  21. Completely gorgeous! I am flipping over her bench in the foyer. The basket of hydrangeas on the armoire is my favorite....maybe because I want one so badly. LOL!

    Thanks to Pam for sharing her home with us. Lisa~

  22. Beautiful home! I just love her foyer.

  23. Thank you to your friend, for sharing the beauty of her home with all of us. So, so pretty! She has good taste, like you, no wonder you two hit it off.

    I love her two chalk boards, and they've inspired me...I've got an idea to use my old picture frames I have saved, I'll turn them into to different sized chalkboards, and maybe use them together. I'm gonna have to play w/ that idea.

    The church bench in the foyer is simply beautiful! And I LOVE how she has elevated items on her coffee bar, w/ the added shelving, I need to do that.

    Her fall accents are just enough and not too much, I do not like gawdy, she has the right amount added here and there, I just love everything!!!

  24. i love your house ..... NICE!!!!!!!!!

  25. I used to call her "The Amazing Ann" in my old blog. I always love walking into her home and seeing what changes have been made. My dream house would be very similar in style (eclectic mix of modern, vintage and antique with a helping of "shabby chic" make-overs), though I would use different colors in my palette (I've always liked the mix of dark chocolate/turquoise/ivory/magenta as well as gold/lilac/indigo/smoky gray/pink.) I like a mix of the masculine and feminine, which I think Ann has always had a pretty good handle on, as well.

  26. Thanks for the tour. Are those louvered doors Anne used as shutters on the window? Painted black? Love that!. Love your post on shutters too!
    I've been going thru your blog today because you have so many goodies to see! Not quite done yet. I'm your newest follower.
    Rita @ MAY DAYS

  27. I've enjoyed your tour so much. I love the dresser with the bust and hydrangea plant. You are a wonderful dear friend and I'm touched by your blessing quotes so much. Thank you!


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