A Gift for my Mother-in-Love :: A Redesign in Her Dining Room

At Christmastime, 
I was given the privilege of redesigning my 
Mother-in-Love's Master Bedroom,
click here to see it.

She then thought she might like her Dining Room re-done, too.

So, because I love her,
and because I really like befores and afters,
and shopping with someone else's redecorating money,

I obliged her in her Dining Room, too!

JoAnn, who lives in Pennsylvania,
has a lot of beautiful antique glassware and collectibles.
But, there was too much in this room to actually see and enjoy any of it.
So, the corner piece below went into her Music Room.

The awesome leaded stained-glass cabinet
that was on the other side of the room
was moved into its place.

The glassware was edited,
and only red and clear pieces were returned to the cabinet.

The corner cabinet [below] which held an assortment of tea sets,
now displays her formal Lenox china.

A marble-topped bureau was brought in from another space
and now conveniently holds candles, place mats and napkins.

It also serves as the buffet for tea time or dinner parties.

All that we she bought for the room was
a new round rug from TJMaxx and More
and the paint: Rembrandt Ruby, from Sherwin Williams.

 It was a lot of work and three coats of paint
[one primer, two top coats of red],
but she was thrilled, and I was happy that she was thrilled.

Merry Christmas, JoAnn!

You can always give without loving, 
but you can never love without giving.

~Amy Carmichael


  1. What a beautiful gift for her! It's very lovely!

  2. I was wondering how many coats of paint, Leslie! : ) It looks marvelous and, all-in-all, her joy in these rooms is the ultimate goal! Love that marble topped dresser as a sideboard; it works perfectly.

  3. How gorgeous it looks Leslie. Love the warm wall color and rug. Beautiful job!

    Happy week! ~Melissa :)

  4. It is gorgeous! I do love RED! I must say that I am jealous that it only took 3 coats. In all of the red rooms I have painted the least amount of coats was 4...and that was with primer. My first red room it tooks *six* coats and six gallons of paint because Mr. Wonderful (not at the time though) talked me out of using primer! It was horrible!!!

  5. That is so wonderful of you! It came out so good.

  6. I love before and afters, too! Read both posts and you did an amazing transformation! The red is beautiful! You are one talented girl :)

  7. Just as I expected: You did a great job. I love the red and know first hand how many coats a good red paint job takes.

    And tell her that I LOVE those Hitchcock chairs. They are my ultimate favorite dining room chair look.

  8. What a beautiful transformation to this dining room. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing. I love a great before and after job.

  9. Hello! I'm Cheryl from over at My Own Snug Fireside. I came to your blog by way of The Starr Family blog. I love it! You did a wonderful job of redoing your MIL's dining room. I love the red paint. Thank you so much for sharing. I am now a follower.



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