A Gift for my Mother-in-Love :: A Redesign in Her Bedroom

Last Christmastime, we went up to Pennsylvania to visit my Beefcake's mom,
my dear mother-in-love, JoAnn.

Her husband, Jack, had just passed away in the Fall from brain cancer.
She had spent about 6 months just caring for him.
She was tired out and sad.

This was her first Christmas without him.

Jack was a simple man that didn't much care for painted walls 
or fluffy pillows or changing "the way things are".
Which made JoAnn rather frustrated because she is a very vivacious, fun-loving gal. 

Well, when Jack went home to be with Jesus, she decided 
she wanted their Master Bedroom
redesigned, and she wanted me to do it.

So, I did!
It was my Christmas present to her.

I asked JoAnn to leave the decor the way it had been till I got there 
so I could take a before picture.
She was so excited, she couldn't wait for me!
So, she laid waste the room of its lamp shades, tchotchkes and window treatments.
(If you wanna see the pictures REALLY BEEG- click on them-
I am warning you, they're BIG!)

We took a trip to Lowe's, TJMaxx, Target and shopped her home.
The carpet had to stay and so did the bed and settee.

Since I had to work with the deep red carpet
I played up its color with the addition of red accents throughout the room.

I found art in her basement, shells in her Dining Room
(they are in the glass pedestal jar on the corner chest below and one HUGE one 
on the desk holding old photographs next to the lamp), 

a gorgeous vintage and antique perfume bottle collection
in another bedroom, 
plates and a precious heirloom tea set from her dining room
(all on the shelf above the dresser below).

The bedding and window treatments are from Target.
The lamps from TJMaxx and More.
The Lowe's Valspar paint is a soft green with a silver glaze overlay,
and the brand/name escapes me at the moment, sorry.
This room took 5 days (mostly painting - I did it alone-because I wanted to),
and cost $800.

This room is now her guest room, and Mark and I get the honor 
of sleeping in here when we visit her home.

Merry Christmas, JoAnn!!

See her Dining Room, which I also had the pleasure of redesigning for her, here.


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  1. Joann What a nice daughter in love you are!! You did a beautiful decorating job on the room!! Love how you gave the room red accents!! I love the sette!

  2. This is just gorgeous!! I love how warm and inviting it feels!

  3. Hi Leslie...You are the sweetest daughter-in-law in the whole world! Love that green/silvery paint job on the walls. Everything looks nice. Great job! Susan

  4. Leslie, you did a beautiful job for your mother-in-love here! And good for her for bringing color into her life and actually making this bedroom a guest room. The color is great and everything looks wonderful! Nice present! :)

  5. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift for your mother-in-love!

  6. Beautiful! What a great gift you have for decorating. I just make do with what I have. But the more time I spend at your blog the more I want to redo the rooms. Let me tell you my husband is SO thrilled. :-)


  7. I love it!! You're so good at stuff like this, Leslie.

    If you leave right now, you should be able to be here in about 4 hours.

    I'll leave the porch light on.
    Key is under the welcome mat...

    Just pick a room. Any room.

    (And you are a wonderful daughther-in-love, btw.)

  8. Awww, what a sweet, sweet think for you to do for Joanne! I'm sure she loves it so much! It looks fantastic!

    After you go to Debbie's feel free to swing by here, too!

  9. A gift from the heart, isn't that what we each pine for??

  10. You did a great job, Leslie! I love the silver paint overlay. What a wonderful and precious gift. And at such a time in your MIL life. I know she's enjoying her new guest room!
    I only get to visit my parents about once a year but each trip I try to do something creative for my Mom. It's something we both enjoy!

  11. What a wonderful gift Leslie. I'm sure your MIL really loves the change! Caregivers go through so much stress and I'm sure this is a welcome change for her. Well done. Can't wait to see the dining room.

  12. A lovely job ! It worked out well with the red accents.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Red and green are my colors...I would feel right at home. Love the two dressers - were those new, or brought in from another room?

  14. Great job! ..It looks so warm and inviting ..I'd love to be a guest in that beautiful room ... I'm wondering what you did for her new bedroom now that she gave this one up as a guest room?
    ♥ Betty

  15. HI there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    Have a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!
    Great job on this. Looks great!!

  16. Wow! This is so pretty - love that green color!!

  17. It is BEAUTIFUL. You did a wonderful job, and how nice that it will be "your room".

  18. Leslie,
    You are a jewel!!! I love the room and I know it will always be a special place for her. God bless your gift and may he continue to use your talents to bring joy to others (and to you!)

    I'd love to get your input on the home we just bought. I can send you photos if you want to see it.


  19. Beautiful color on the walls! You did a great job here. Kudos to you especially for making the deep red carpet work!

    Aren't you thankful for a good mother-in-law?

  20. No doubt you have done a great job, the whole transformation is great, choice of colours, setting of furniture and your effort and hardworking..... And the most important thing is your love for your MIL... something which I respect most..... its so nice of you...
    very lovely room no doubt in it.
    Did you like to have a cup of tea with some very sweet cookies with me? please come at

  21. I can only hope for such a DIL. In the meantime, you need your own HGTV spot. Let me know when your show airs. No, seriously. :) This is beautiful.

  22. Wow! You are so sweet! Decorated room looks so beautiful. Anyone can feel so lovely! In fact everyone like this decorated room.I'll also try for my Mom.Thanks!!

  23. Love it! I never woulda thought of working with that color carpet.It looks very elegant.


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