Fondue Festivities and Happy Holiday Hunting

This year marks the 19th annual fondue and scavenger hunt party
hosted in our home right before Christmas.
Since our meager beginnings in a tiny apartment in Jacksonville, Florida,
to a clubhouse in Dothan, Alabama, to our first home here
and now our 2nd home here in Greenville, SC,
this tradition has been one we look forward to every year.

[Now, I have to add a caveat.
If you are reading this, and you are a friend of mine here in town,
and you have not been invited to one of these yet, and want to be,
let me know.
If you are reading this, and you are a friend of mine here in town, 
and you have already attended this in the past, 
too bad. 
We need fresh meat this year!
Call my secretary and make an appointment,
we'll try to squeeze you in.
Or you can crash the party. The details are below.
Just be sure to bring me a nice gift.
I am registered at several thrift stores.]

On to the rest of the post.

I usually print my own invites on some stationery I find at Office Max or Staples.
Or we make postcards at the Fuji Film kiosk at Walgreens.
But this year, I decided I wanted to try another way of making the invites,
online at:

So, I simply created an account and logged in.

I selected my category, Christmas Party Invites,

I then chose the card. The pretty red and aqua ones. I wonder why?

I chose a folded card.
It looked like this when I started.

I got to move the fonts, colors and words around
(this was extremely fun, by the way).
And voila!
An invite.

The front:

The inside top:

The inside bottom:

The back:

Then I checked out.
(Like I did after the huge Thanksgiving meal we had).

The hardest part was waiting for the cards to arrive.
(Three days).

And when they did, I was actually astonished by them!
Thick paper, not-too-glossy, not-too-matte, rich hues.
They are quality!

Here they are in person:

I always add some loose, unexpected embellishments inside the cards
[which I hear, really make a mess fantastic first impression,
especially after one has just vacuumed, or one happens to open the invite in their car.]

You can also upload your own family photos to make GORGEOUS Christmas Cards.
They make birthday, shower, wedding invites,thank you cards,
Graduation Announcements and more!
Anything, really, since YOU customize your card.
If you think it up, you can make it.

I'm sorry Office Max and Staples, you won't see me in your stationery aisle 
next year or the year after the year after that.
I'm sorry Fuji, I won't be standing in the long line at your photo kiosk again.
I have found my card maker.

I'm sorry I cannot tell you more about the party.
It would spoil the surprise and shock fun for the this year's fresh meat party-goers.

But here is one set of friends that survived the night.

So go check out Studio Dayspring and make a celebration happen!


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  1. Hon, I'm laughing my head off because Han had just vacuumed the floor right before I opened mine. I opened it and immediately said, "I'm gonna kick her butt!" Han said about the confetti in the card, "Ooh, that's a good idea!" Then I said, "You're gonna have to vacuum again." Then she said, "I'm gonna kick her butt!" haaa

    Can't wait for the fun, but when you say fresh meat, that kinda scares me. Like we're gonna be hazed or something :-)

  2. What a fun party this will be for you all and the invitations look great!
    I love what you wrote about the mess...I mean the fantastic first impression...that confetti will make. Ha!
    Enjoy this Christmas season :)

  3. I want to be your neighbor! I think maybe you should move to Durham, NC. What do you think? There are a couple of houses for sale on my street! Just think how much fun you'd have fixing up a house right down the street from me. I'd help!!

    Seriously, I'd say your in-town friends are lucky ducks. Will you post details about the fondue(s)?

  4. I would normally pout about not being invited, but Brian is playing that night, and I will either be WITH him, watching him play, or at home with the kids. But I would love to be "fresh meat" next year!

  5. What a beautiful invite, Leslie! I love the colors on the one you chose. I'll look forward to reading about the party; it sounds intriguing!

    Before I forget, I wanted to tell you that I love the cupboard on your sidebar where you have your ebay listings.

  6. Oh that looks like so much fun! I do not live that far from you either LOL!!~ Great invites, and I love the embellishments, even though they can be a mess, they are cute!

  7. Those are ADORABLE!!! Sooooooooo...If i send you my xmas card list, dont spose you would do mine!!! Im ALWAYS getting mine out...EEEKKK!


  8. I will need to remember these for my cookie party next year! You will need to share more about your party afterwards! It sounds like lots of fun! Wish I lived closer :)

  9. I want to come! This sounds like such fun. Leslie, you really know how to throw a fun party. I will def bookmark the card site and someday (after I hear all the details of your fun party) might throw one of my own. Great post!

  10. I'll have to check that out myself, sounds like a fun party. Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime. Blessings, Debbie

  11. I need to Google it and see how far it is from North Little Rock to Greenville, because I love Christmas parties. And I want to hang out with you, 'cause you're so much fun in cyberworld, I'm sure you'd be even more fun in real life. And because it says "Adults Only" and I have four small children and need to be around adults sometimes, you know, without my four small children. And because I'm a southern girl, I would bring you a great hostess gift,'cause that's what southern girls do. Oh yeah, and I can't remember my password to log into my Thrifty Designer email, so I'm using my other one now - so take note :)

  12. Hi Leslie...Sounds like you have a wonderful party every year. Have fun this year, too! By the way, did you ever get my e-mail? Please let me know. I hope it didn't end up in cyberspace. Susan

  13. I want to be your new next door neighbor!! Love the invitations. Color way is great!

  14. Oh your party sounds like such fun!! Oh, and thanks for sharing that site! I've definitely got to give it a try :)!

  15. You are too funny. I'll bet your party is a blast. Too bad I live on the other side of the country. The invites are fabulous!!!


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