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My dear, sweet home making girlfriends,
I am still processing the remarkable teaching and fellowship that I experienced 
this past weekend.

I want to share it all with you.

First, for those of you who blog:

I want you to know how important it is for you to blog for Christ's glory, 
if this is why you blog.
I want for you to know what a rare and valuable gift we have, the use of this internet, 
 to share with the globe our hearts and homes.

Second, for those of you who do and don't blog

I want you to know that your role is most precious in the sight of God.


I love, love, love this quote 
by J.R. Miller
in his book, "Secrets of a Happy Home Life", 1894

"The woman who makes a sweet, beautiful home, filling it with love and prayer and purity, 
is doing something better than anything else her hands could find to do beneath the skies. 
A true mother (woman) is one of the holiest secrets of home happiness. 
God sends many beautiful things to this world, many noble gifts; 
but no blessing is richer than that which He bestows in a mother (woman) 
who has learned love's lessons well, 
and has realized something of the meaning of her sacred calling."

nothing we do in our house home (our physical dwelling place) will have meaning
 until out heart home is lived-in by Jesus.

He is the One who transforms the messes into methods, clutter into calmness. 
He transforms the places in our hearts to reflect His likeness: 
love, redemption, grace, peace & holiness, 
and He wants to live in and be welcome there. 
Ephesians 2:22 says so: "And because you belong to him, you too are being built together. 
You are being made into a house where God lives through his Spirit."

Interior decorating is really His specialty!

So, as Jesus transforms us on the inside, 
may our house be transformed into a home as well!

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  1. That IS a great quote! Thanks for sharing it today!

  2. I love how you share from your heart. That was a wonderful quote you shared as well. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  3. Leslie, I love this and it was so timely for me! I really believe that homemaking (and motherhood) in the truest sense of the word is what I have been called to and yet we can be tricked by others and even tricked by ourselves into thinking that somehow it isn't enough. We need to be doing MORE...more ministry, more blogging, more activities, more, more, more. I am striving to fight this mentality and only add to our lives what God directs us to add and in this world of blogging, to use this rare opportunity to share His love and what He has done for me and through me! Thanks so much for encouraging us in this way and for sharing from your heart! You are a blessing to me! :-)

  4. I love that quote:) Thank you for sharing!

  5. LOVE this post! So glad you are back, cannot wait to hear more from you as you share what you gleaned from Relevant. Share away!!!

    Now I'm going to watch the Hillsong thingie you shared, my little Chica saw them in concert this past summer. We *heart* Hillsong!

  6. Well said! Nothing we do will really matter if Christ is not supreme in our hearts. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  7. Amen Leslie
    Well said and I love that quote too!

  8. Oh sweet friend! You are so dear and these words are beautifully written! Well said!

  9. Beautiful, sweet friend. I love the way you are able to express your faith and feelings so well.

  10. What is the one life changing thought you brought home with you? The one that surprises you....

  11. Good question, my friend!
    One is, that I thought my blog was to reach unsaved homemakers, when actually it is to encourage my home making sisters-in-Christ.
    Second, that I am to start another blog about my abortion and about being a birth mom.
    Thinking of a name for the blog.
    Like Grace after the Choice, or something--I want the word Grace in there.
    Any thoughts?
    And a third, a freebie, for you: Telling our stories through blogging not only heals the blogger, but the reader. That was "WOW"!
    How's that?

  12. Your answers to Terri are right on target with some of what He has shown me through blogging...through homemaking reaching the unsaved as well as encouraging those in Christ and all of it is not only a blessing to us but to the reader. Yes indeed. More specifically lately He has shown me how meeting others where they're at although not always being the commonly accepted ground among believers, is pleasing to His heart. As Paul wrote, "becoming all things to all men" in order to bring them to a knowledge of Christ without even having to speak at times and definitely without having to preach.

    Sounds like the conference was awesome. Glad you were blessed by it.

    Much love! (Oh, I'll pray for God to give you the right name for your second blog.)

  13. Agreed, like, applaud, and second! He is the one reason I keep blogging (whether I like it or not.) He is the one reason I make the bed, and do the dishes, because he delights in my delight in making my home, even when it's hard and mundane. I love you! hugs!

  14. One of the most meaningful posts ever. Love the quote and the song. Thanks for reminding us of our purpose in life. I've been praying about this very thing. I want Jesus in the middle of everything I do. Hugs.

  15. I love that! Great quote, and plenty food for thought. I was thinking about you this morning and giving thanks for you because you have made me look at homemaking in a new way.
    God bless you.

  16. What a beautiful post! I'm sad we didn't get to meet, too (just read your tweet :) ).

    I told Kimba that while I know I'll be paring down the blogs I read, I will have so many more to add to my list because of this weekend! : )

  17. Dear Leslie,

    I am so happy you were able to attend and look forward to all that you have to share with us.

    Your Friend,

  18. What a beautiful quote! I'm going to share it with my bible study mom group.

    So glad you had a great experience, can't wait to hear more about it. Thank you for the encouragement! xoxo

  19. Leslie-
    This is so well said.
    You refreshed my heart this morning.
    Thank you,
    White Spray Paint

  20. Oh that was beautiful my friend! I'm so glad we were able to spend time together this weekend. You will always have a special place in my heart. Love ya girl!

  21. Beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing! I would love to write about you/your blog post on my blog...

  22. Just thinking about you my friend. If you were next door I'd come knocking on your red door and chat over coffee...maybe some of that carrot cake too. ;) Tell us more about the conference. Can't wait for more. I know you got more. Share, share, share.


  23. You are beautiful. Your heart is beautiful. I love you. The end.

  24. Love love love that quote! Mind if I swipe it?

    I have to tell you... you have inspired me in many ways and one of those ways is to sell stuff on EBAY!! I have several things for sale and so do my boys.

    Now, I have a question about shipping. How do you do it for the least amount of money and what about boxes or packaging? I am selling children's clothing.

    I have TWO things to ship on Monday!

    Thank you and BLESSINGS be to YOU!!



  25. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing your faith in Jesus and your love and joy of homecaring.



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