One Closet Fits All :: The Linen Closet, That Is

Our tiny, lone linen closet serves 4 bedrooms/2 baths upstairs.

Here she is BEFORE.
She is crying for help. Hear her?
See the inspiration (this was before Pinterest) picture I taped to the door?

I saved up the empty zippered bags from linens that I'd bought
and my mom gave me a set of baskets.

Then I sorted and purged all the sheet sets and kept the ones that we'd use,
and used the zippered bags and a label to neatly, freshly and conveniently 
store slipcovers, pillowcases, and sheet sets.
Comforters/duvets and blankets stay on the beds in their rooms, 
or on the shelf in the bedroom closet.
I printed out each bag's contents and slip the paper in the 
inside pocket of the zippered bag.

Here is the AFTER:

It needs to be edited often to store the basic necessities.
As you can see, I prefer white linens. They are easier to keep clean. 
At our house, anyway.

Baskets are great for containing toilet paper!

This jar is full of travel-size shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, soap and shower caps
 for guests that may have forgotten theirs.

Also for the guest room
Carafe and water glass, alarm clock, doilies and chocolates for guest room pillows.

Love this soap!

White towels are our choice because they are bleachable, when or if necessary.
I buy the softest, fluffiest towels at Wal-Mart, of all places.
I buy, all at once, a matching set of 
4 bath sheets, 4 bath towels, 8 hand towels, and 8 washcloths.
The last set I had lasted 5 years.
I don't bleach the towels every time, only as I notice stains.

I also do something really weird.
After I wash the towels, have dried and folded them, I put them back into the closet
UNDERNEATH the towels that are already on the shelf.
This keeps the towels rotated.
In other words, we are not using the same towels on top over and over again.
This causes them all to last longer.
(I also do this with kitchen towels, underwear, socks, t-shirts.)

Method products are our favorite cleaners.
They work.
And, the chemicals don't knock us out while cleaning with them!

This is my "rag" basket. Bar mop cloths on the left and micro-fiber cloths on the right.

On the door rack: vintage and new linens.
Waiting to be ironed. Waiting and waiting.
I love linens. A lot. I think I have an obsession!

On the floor are two baskets that I found in two totally different Good Wills in
two totally different cities in two totally different states!

Flour sack drying cloths, bar mop "rags".
I like bar mop cloths as rags because they leave no lint when cleaning things.
I get these at Aldi, of all places!

The END.



  1. IF I shared a picture of my linen closet, I'm quite certain you'd never speak to me again!
    ha ha

    Yours is lovely and very inspiring, giving me hope, mine can be helped. I've not given it much thought, until now.

    You so remind me of my friend who moved so very far away, she is very thoughtful like you, having things on hand for guests, what a wonderful hostess you are!!!

    I'm off, to go do something good for my linen closet.

    Hugs to you too!!!

  2. Your linen closet makes my linen closet look like the smelly cousin who no one wants to sit next to at family reunions. Sigh.

    Lovely job!


  3. I can't believe I am about to say this- but you're closet is beautiful! I'd just leave the doors open all the time! How smart to save your zippered bags- now I am kicking myslef. i think I may have SOME but I've thrown away so many. WHat a waste now that I've see how nice they can look in a room, I mean, umm, closet. =0)

  4. Leslie, that is the neatest, cleanest linen closet I have ever seen in my LIFE. Yeah, that's right. My LIFE! You go girl! Susan

  5. Can I be in love with your linen closet? Strange but true. I don't even have one! Sad, I know. You are one organized chick, I need to take lessons from you!

  6. love the simple clean lines of it all!!
    iama coming to stay soon..tee hee

  7. Your linen closet is a dream!! I love how simple and clean it is!! Your linens are beautiful as well!!! I am very envious of your linen closet! :)

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm enjoying reading the comments as much as I enjoyed the post. That linen closet is unbelievable. Is it real? Or did you photoshop it into your house using a picture of a model home? LOL! Lisa~

  9. You get an A+ for organization, presentation, and also attention to details for your guests. Unfortunately, I don't have a linen closet but I do keep the zippered bags for storing other linens on the top shelf of my bedroom closet. Towels in cabinet under sink. :( When we were younger and had more guests, I'd purchase the bath supplies too. That is such a nice idea to put them in a jar. I actually saw those jars with the silver tops just yesterday.

  10. Wow, if only my linen closet looked half that good. You are so organized. Love the over the door rack holding linens. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

  11. Martha Stewart,watch out!
    Holy Cow! I am now embarrased what my linen closet looks like! I've got some work to do!

  12. Oh Leslie, my goodness how I LOVE your closet in all it's organized and detailed glory!! Love it! :)

  13. WOW--That looks so nice. So organized and fresh. I have only one small linen closet also--and now I have yours for my inspiration. Just need to find some motivation!

  14. Wow! Amazing and so neat! Love it. Afraid mine would never stay like that were I to even get it that organized.

  15. Do your drawer look like that too? I need to quit going to yard sales and clean my closets, drawers, cabinets and purge, purge, purge.

    I will check back to this post in January when I am willing to stay home and work on all those places. I will need to be inspired AGAIN.

    Thank you.

  16. Wow! You are so organized and it's amazing how everything matches! Your closet looks like it is straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine, but better! Absolutely the linens!

  17. Leslie! That was so incredibly inspiring and motivating! My linen closet could use a serious makeover and I cannot tell you enough how clever it was of you to re-purpose those plastic zippered bags! I am totally going to start doing that!
    Can't wait to see your ebay store! :-)

  18. OK, the last this post - you're my hero! I want my closets to look like this. Guess I'll be looking for baskets when I'm out garage salin' tomorrow.

  19. I love having an organized linen closet too, but I'm taking some must haves from this post. I'll be on the lookout for bar mop towels and more white towels. They look pretty and functional too.

  20. I am so utterly impressed. I'm in the midst of a move...and I really do need a 'new' bestfriend! Are you available? I would let you organize my whole new house! I'm sweet like that.

  21. Your linen closet is beautiful! It looks like a display case in a bed & bath shop, setup to draw people to linger and touch. The lovely white linens draped across the door is such a romantic look. Amazing what talent can do with a humble storage space.

  22. I love yours because it's so monochromatic and orderly. I love order! We have three linen closets here. Two are inside the two bathrooms that we do use. So... the third one was turned into a closet for office supplies.

    I'm all about the white towels, too.

  23. Uh-Oh--I came back today to get some motivation-LOL-and that's when I noticed the link to your online shop. I LOVE linens--I have more than I will ever use but you know I'll be visiting your shop--can't wait to see what you have.
    Keep us posted--

  24. It's so gorgeous in there that I'd just like to sit in there and enjoy the pear soap fragrance while I sip a cup of tea. Would you bring me a cup of tea while I was in there? I mean I could stop at Tim Horton's on my way over to your linen closet. Wouldn't be a problem at all.

    Love it.


  25. love your linen closet and the linens hanging on the door.
    You have some great ideas for stashing it all.

  26. I love your closet! Could you come over and redo mine? LOL It's a little embarrassing!


  27. I've never seen a linen closet that was coordinated quite like yours, very nice. Scratch that, I have seen a linen closet like yours in a Martha Stewart magazine! Love it!

    Take care,


  28. SO sad, your hall closet is cleaner and more organized than my entire house put together.

    I love linens too and will be watching your ebay store :)

  29. Wow, I love your closet! I thought I was pretty organized, but you are putting me to shame, dear one! I need to redo my linen closet.

  30. Your closet is simple gorgeous! You have inspired me to get organized.


  31. Beautiful! My linen closet is quite a mess ... it doesn't help that the shelving is inadequate. We're hoping to replace the shelving with something similar to what you have and make better use of the space ... maybe it'll turn out as nice as your closet!! (And I love the little blue apron ... so sweet ...)

  32. Everything looks so refreshing! I'm now looking at my linen closet and gasping for air lol. This is a great model for me!

  33. If I had a linen closet like that I would leave the door open all the time just so people would see it! Beautiful!

    You have given me some great ideas. Thank you!

  34. I am jealous, my linen closet attacks when you open it.

  35. I am having closet envy, especially because I live in a house w/out a linen closet. Can you imagine?!

  36. This looks like something out of better homes, girlfriend. You are GIFTED! this is so gorgeous, I just want to keep coming back to check it out!

  37. You're not weird. I do the same thing with my towels.

  38. It's really beautiful - I do the same thing with all the clothes, underwear, and towels - by rotating them! My mom taught me that, so it's not totally weird :) Everything is beautiful. I also have my guest basket in our linen closet, too.

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  39. I love this post! I am inspired now to get an over the door hanger to display my vintage linens. One of the first posts I ever wrote was about organizing the linen closet : )

  40. Your linen closet is PERFECT because - it works for your fam, it is white 'n tidy, and it looks like you've thought of everything. It's so simple, but brilliant. I love it! =-D

  41. This looks great. So organized and fresh and pretty. I love Method cleaners too. The Eucalyptus tub and tile is one of my favorites. I just wipe out the tub with it each time i take a bath, and the bathtub is always clean.


  42. So pretty! I love that you dare to use white linens and towels...there is something especially luxurious about a white towel! I've featured this in a post about lovely linen closets as part of my series "31 Days to an Organized Home" Check it out:

  43. Hi! I just wanted to share that I also use white towels (mostly...I have a couple of aqua ones in there too, but I think when they die, I won't anymore), but wanted to share that if you can, hanging them to dry in the sun will naturally bleach them for you!! I have found that bleach breaks down the fibers and makes it more likely to fray or get holes. Beautiful closet!!

  44. I love how you organized your linen closet. I do a lot of similar things, like having some travelers available for guests, & I do my sheet sets by containing each set inside a pillow case. I'm also all over that rotation-thing, right down to rotating the socks & undies. My hubby thinks I OCD, but he knows he always has clean underwear, so he doesn't say too!

  45. sigh, I wish my linen closets were organized...rather that they stayed that way. Seems that no matter what, they come undone! I have used bags, baskets and other fact it is time again to gave me hope...thanks!

  46. Very helpful, thank you! What kind of system do you have for dirty rags? Where do you keep them, do you use any special products when washing them? Thanks!

  47. Si, si, si!!! ;)

  48. Love your closet ideas. ♥
    The only problem I find is with what you supply in your guest room. I'm afraid that if I do all that you do, my guests might never leave. LOL Ü

  49. Its so pretty. I love all the white. So fresh, simple, and pure. I have comforters, table cloths, pillows,in my linen closet. All kinda jammed in there. Where do you keep all your blankets and stuff?

  50. The house look so organized and fresh...I like it.

    window shutters clayton, ca

  51. This post is giving me the inspiration I need to organize my linens. I am slowly getting rid of all my colored towels and now I can't wait to try the Walmart towels. I like Walmart sheets. I have my sheet sets in plastic bags too. I did it orginally to stop the cat from sleeping on the clean sheets but it is very dusty here and so it helps keep them clean. I also stick a drier sheet in the page so that shen they come out they still smell fresh.
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  52. I just found you. You are the me I want to be. I have the all white towels and rotate them as well for that very reason! Now I need to go find that soap!

  53. I am so thankful to find you and all the riches you share. Thank you for doing that. I look forward to your e-book. I'm starting day 1 of your 31 days tomorrow. First question is linen closet though....1930s house, the closet in the hall's shelves are very shallow- think width of one tennis shoe....and it's a floor to celing closet of shelving. I can't fold queen sheet tight enough....what do you suggest?

  54. A-ma-zing organization, inspires me to do the same!Thank you!

  55. I'm enjoying your website so much!

  56. Great job, Leslie (as always)!

  57. I'd like to replace all my mismatched towels but can't seem to find the set you're talking about in this post on do you mind posting a link or letting us know the title? Thanks in advance!

  58. You have so inspired me to redo my linen closest. You have such a wonderful touch and must have a beautiful home. You must be a wonderful and thoughtful hostess ~ ~ I love the little touches (and the doilies) for your guests! Just beautiful!!!


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