Nothing to Say

 I stare at my computer screen and want to,
 long to
write something
to encourage you,
bless you,
challenge you...
maybe even show you a room makeover, or anything I have painted,
or slipcovered or organized.

But for the past few days, 
I feel the need to just sit and listen.

Ask Him what the next step is.
Ask Him what to share and how to share it.

Wait on God's voice.

Sit quietly.

Listen intently.

So I am.

I do have some pictures of Pennsylvania for you,
the shots of scenery are ones I took from the car.
(I live in Greenville, SC-it was a 14 hour drive home.)

We stopped in Hummelstown, PA, to go to The Olde Factory, an antiques and craft store.
The town was charming!

In the meantime, the eBay series will continue on Monday-
thank goodness for the ability to schedule posts ahead of time!

I will wait for the Lord,
take heart, and won't quit.
And wait for the Lord.
Psalm 27:14


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  1. For someone with nothing to say, you sure put together a beautiful post!

    Thank you for sharing your heart. :)

  2. Waiting on Him is a great thing! Sometimes I need to have quiet patience as well.

    And I can't believe you were in HUMMELSTOWN! My antique booth is like 15 min from there!!!! Beautiful shots of our home state. :0)

    Bella Rosa Antiques

  3. You needed few words for this post. The idea of waiting on Him says so much! I hope that you have a beautiful weekend and hear the words in your heart.

    Your pictures are beautiful! That part of the country is so full of color and history!

  4. Great pictures, Leslie! I have to say that Pennsylvania is one of my most favorite states to visit.

  5. your pictures are wonderful. My husband is from Western PA. I just loved driving through the rolling hills while visiting there this summer.

  6. Hi ma'am
    I read you point of view about the matter on homosexuality.I am really impressed about the clarity of your thoughts and the way you express them.Very few people have have this sort of strength.
    have a nice Sunday.
    God bless you.

  7. Waiting on the Lord... I would say you spoke great encouragement in this post. Your beautiful pictures are a true pleasure, too. I love them.

  8. Sometimes Silence speaks louder than words. You did it well, my friend.

  9. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures! We used to go when I was a child to visit friends there and it was beautiful! So like the pictures you shared! For me, todays post was the perfect choice!

  10. Laurie! Why oh why can't YOU live near me? :-) I absolutely love those pictures you shared and really think that for those of us who enjoy talking and sharing, staying quiet is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But the rewards can be so great! Sometimes if I don't finish my Bible study in time, I just sit there and absorb what all of the other ladies have to say and it is always so good for me! We are so afraid of the quiet but how else can we hear Him?
    Thanks so much for sharing from your heart!

  11. you got some gorgeous pics, girl! thanks for sharing...and waiting is good. Keep waiting, and then fill us in! :D


  12. Your photos spoke more then words could say, God's beauty , God's bounty and God's blessings :)
    Love your sister from another Mr. lololol
    Love me

  13. Such beautiful pictures, what a treat for the eyes!

    We'll pray for you as you wait.

    Hope you have a blessed day in Him,
    Mrs. C

  14. You always encourage me my friend! But I will definitely send extra prayers your way as you sit and listen. May your time with the Lord be blessed!

  15. Leslie, those pictures are lovely. I feel like God made those red and yellow trees just because he knew I'd love them. Gorgeous! Makes me smile!

  16. Hello Leslie,
    It's nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting and for entering my giveaway. I'm thrilled you found me so I could find you and your inspiring blog. You are wonderfully creative and a very talented photographer. The photos all tell a beautiful story. Gorgeous, gorgeousness!

    Blessings and Happy Fall!
    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

    PS Come by anytime! You're always welcome.

  17. wonderful pictures I loved your post and agree with you that sometimes we need to just be quite and listen for the Lord

  18. Love the pics! :) We have many of the same shots! Lol I'm still peeved the Olde Factory wouldn't let me buy those doors! ;) I can't wait to see what the Lord does in your life and with your story! So blessed to know you!

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