Decorating with Shutters

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A visit to our Greenville, SC Habitat for Humanity ReStore,
had me thinking of the many ways that shutters can add cottage charm and instant interest to our homes.

Lean them against the wall.
Blue shutter accents

Make a headboard.

Paint a fresh color on your white ones.

Use them as yard accessories.

Hang as a a cornice or valance over a window.
Hang them on the wall as backdrops for other wall decor.

A mail sorter.
DIY Ideas

An alternative to curtains and shades or blinds.
Country Living

Two shutters and two brackets or corbels and voila!
A shelf!

She's Smart

Use in a foyer with a basket attached to hold mail, keys, cell phone, sunglasses.
Cute Pink Stuff

Souvenir display.

DIY Ideas

Here they are again in a dining room.
Picture 10
Cottage Living

Hinged shutters create a privacy screen, or a corner-of-the-room backdrop.

Ideas Magazine

Kitchen utensil holder. (I love this idea!)
Ideas Magazine

Fill the wall above the sofa.

A Rustic Garden

Here are some ways I use old shutters in my own home:

Propped against the wall,
they make compact and interesting organizers of Miss S's piano music books.

In front of the fireplace in the living room as a screen.
These are leaded glass insert shutters.

Upstairs hallway landing.
This is no longer here, but, I thought you might like to see it anyway.

It is a faux window!
I hung two shutters side-by-side, and hung panels on a rod above it.
It fooled EVERYONE!
(The brass thingy hanging from the ceiling on the left side of the curtain rod was the handle to the attic stairs.)

This is in our half bath downstairs.
The wall in front of you when you walk in this room is 6 feet wide,
and needed something to go with my collection of red and white transferware.
I thought a framed print would be overwhelming.

Taken at Christmastime.
This room has changed since then, too.

But thought you'd might like to see it anyway.
Did you?

This is our basement theater room,
and this picture is not a good one of the shutters, is it?

It is a hanging pair of shutters with a $1.00 tray that I painted with chalkboard paint,
hanging in the center of it..

Here's what it really looks like.

Opposite side of the room.

So, I hope that helps any of you who are out and about,
and you spy some interesting shutters and don't quite know what to do with them yet!

P.S My foot is healing!
Thank you all for the prayers!!
The bruises have turned from black and blue to yellow and green.
But, I am in no pain.
The 13th, next Wednesday (2 weeks from injury date),
is the day I will attempt to gently start to walk on it.

Blessings and joy to all of you!



  1. I never ever thought of using a pair of shutters as a shelf! That's alot better than sitting in my closet! I will scrollsaw wood brackets of roosters. Thank you for the idea!!

  2. Oh my, you and my other dear blogging friend, Cindy Adkins from Whimsical Musings, are just killing me with your amazing artistic talents. This is gorgeous. Now I'm going to drive my husband crazy to find some shutters. I LOVE the headboard idea. Our daughter's bed needs one and we've been coming up with different ideas. Your IS a wonderful life.

    By the way, I am off to get Life Beautiful today. I was checking it online and love it.

    Glad to hear your foot is healing. Have a beautiful Friday!

  3. Hi, LOTS of uses for shutters. By the way, I loved the white against the red walls of the bathroom. Very classy looking.

    Leslie, I read one of your posts on your online sales business. You stated you were going to post two more segments. Were you able to do that? If yes, do you know the dates they ran? Thanks! My e-mail is

  4. What great shutter inspiration! Actually, I've been trying to think of something for a particular wall. . . hmmm. Wonder if my Habitat store has any shutters? I might need to make a little trip. Thanks for the inspiration!

    So glad your foot is healing! Keep taking care of yourself!

  5. OH wow! I love all the pictures. What great ideas! Now if I could only figure out how to implement them in my home ;)

    Glad to hear your foot is healing!

  6. Hi Leslie! Wow! I love all those uses for shutters!!! What a great bunch of fabulous ideas!! I would love it if you would consider joining my Feathered Nest Friday Party - all about decorating inspiration! I emailed you back a few weeks ago...hope all is well & glad to hear your foot is mending! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. So glad your foot is getting better. The use of shutters is endless. I love all of your pics and the way you use them in your home is wonderful. I really thought that was a window too at the top of the stairs. Very clever. Hugs, Marty

  8. Um, now that we're roommates and all, could you come to nashville and decorate my house... please?? I'll take you to my favorite burrito joint. And for gourmet popsicles (just to sweeten the deal).

  9. I keep meaning to go to that store and I always forget. When your foot gets better and we have our thrifting date, we need to stop by there. Loved that fake window. Would've never thought it was fake.

    I have two shutters that I got last Spring and had forgotten all about them. Thinking of where I can put them now.

    ~ Kristi

  10. Love all the shutter inspiration. You've done a beautiful work with them in your home.

  11. Oh I love shutters. I just hung some on my front porch that I found at the flea market. Our Habitat Restore never has stutters! Maybe I need to hit the one on the big city. I love these examples. Great ideas! I'm glad your foot is now yellow. :) Lisa~

  12. I love using shutters in my home also. Your ideas are wonderful! Thanks for sharing all the inspirational pics as well.

  13. I am so glad you are improving really, really hurt yourself worse than I thought.

    Of course we wanted to see obsolete pictures, you know how curious we are out here:)

    Keep taking good care of you.

  14. Great collection of ideas! Thanks!

  15. I adore shutters and I love love all the pictures and ideas and what you have done! Great idea with the faux window!

  16. Hey Leslie! I'm so glad your foot is starting to improve! I loved getting to see more of your gorgeous home and I know I was supposed to be looking at the shutters but I have to tell you how much I LOVE those red chairs flanking the fireplace! Gorgeous! If you ever get a chance, hop over and click on the pic of my daughter's room and you can see how we used shutters in there over her crib. I love how they add so much character!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Great shutter inspiration pictures!! I love you faux window!! Glad to hear your foot is doing better!

  18. Love seeing the beautiful pictures of your home; it's like a miniature tour! So glad that you aren't in pain from your foot. I hope it heals completely soon!

  19. Your restore has a great supply of shutters. I was just at ours and they didn't have much at all.

    Love all your ideas. Shutters are great to use just about anywhere. I have a set that I made into a hall tree. Fits a nice narrow space.

    Glad you are feeling better. Bet you can't wait to get to walking on it again!

  20. I love shutters too. I have some in my back yard. Thanks for sharing all of the great ideas. Now I need more to use inside. Thanks!

  21. This is my first visit to your blog, and it's lovely, lots of good ideas also! Funny you should be discussing shutters, when we moved into our home 15 years ago our dining room had shutters - screwed to the wall! We got rid of them and I was just thinking that I might like shutters in the dining room! Haven't told hubby yet! LOL Of course what I want will cost a fortune and it's not going to happen anytime soon. If you'd like to "visit" me in New England I love company and new Followers are always so exciting. Thank you, I enjoyed my visit today!


  22. OR you could...leave them in a box in the attic because you can't decide what to do with them.

    I have some shutters on my infamous 101 list. My problem is that I don't have enough of them to do EVERYTHING so I can't decide WHICH THING to do.

    I'm pathetic.
    Your ideas, both from your own home and others, are great. Now... I'm even more uncertain. Grin.

  23. Amazing uses, and such wonderful photos!

  24. Now THAT was fun! The faux window made me smile huge! What a fab idea to do to a room that just needs a window but can't have one. LOVE. I hope you repost this when we do a shutter highlight for SNS coming soon!


  25. Love this post on shutters. Great ideas. Hoping your rainbow {bruising} continues to heal.

  26. Leslie,

    So much inspiration in this post. I especially like the fire place screen. Our home has all the original 1880 working shutters intact.

    Your Friend,

  27. Hey, were you on the HGTV message boards a couple years ago? I recognize your upstairs hallway! I think I even have that picture saved in my inspiration folder!

  28. We visited several REAL yard sales this weekend, and I thought of you and all your great finds, while sorting through all the stuff and found some of my own great finds. (You do know what I mean about real yard sales, right? The kind where people are selling their own, no longer needed stuff for pennies on the dollar, not the kind of sale where someone has ransacked all of the other real yardsales, and are now trying to resale everything for more than they'd pay for it at Wal-mart?) I'm gonna write about our finds tomorrow.

    Wish I had found some old shutters because I LOVE all the ideas you shared here! Next time I'm out, I will definitely be looking for old shutters. Love how you used them in your own home, so beautiful!

    So thankful you are no longer in pain. Hope to hear you are back up on your own two feet soon!

    Mrs. C

  29. I'm just going to comment again! I have to say how much I love the glass ones you are using a a fireplace screen. So pretty. Hope you are having a great weekend my friend!

  30. Ahhh... and there it is! Just a wonderful collection of shutter uses you have here!


  31. Wow, what wonderful inspiration pictures !! I'm so inspired to go buy a shutter or two and find something fun to do with it. Thanks for sharing, *Becca*

  32. Thanks for all those inspiration pics!!! Love your fireplace shutters...great look!


  33. Love all the ways you used shutters.
    Thanks for sharing a link to my shutters.

  34. I love all of your pictures.
    Perfect for my condo here in Chicago Lake front Homes

  35. Thank you for all the great ideas! I found a shutter at a yard sale and was wondering what exactly to do with it. I am also your newest follower!

  36. you have done a beautiful work with shutters in your home...I never thought of it.

    window shutters clayton, ca

  37. Thanks for posting. You've given me an idea on how I could beautify my exterior wood shutters at home.

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  39. We're working on a year that we've been in our home and I figured it was time for an official home tour. But seeing as how many of our rooms need some special attention. shutters chelmsford

  40. All stutter decorations are wonderful, you have done new things. Actually I didn’t have ideas like this.


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