Our Kitchen Transformation

Well *sigh*, we are finally finished with the kitchen!


Here is the before:

And the after:



The wall color is not green, but in some pictures it appears that way. 
It's a mature khaki-yellow.
But, then again, I took these in the afternoon,
since that's when the sun is on the kitchen side of the house, so the color is off.

This project was started a week before my June 15th birthday.
THREE months later (ugh!) it's done!

I put wainscoting wallpaper inside the open cabinets, too.
Click here for the link to the wallpaper at Lowe's Home Improvement.

The kitchen not only got new paint, an Ikea rug, bamboo blinds, beadboard wallpaper,
most importantly to ME, it got a new faucet.

We priced this Delta faucet on Amazon: $178.00
Y'all know me--I'm cheap.
I waited on the Lord to provide either the money or a less-expensive faucet.

Well, when Mark and I went to Williamsburg last month for a get-away before school started,
we found OUR FAUCET at Tuesday Morning for $60.00!!

A month after my birthday, our old fridge gave out!
Not the best timing, as my sisters were visiting.
We kept the groceries cold by putting them in the freezer because it wasn't freezing,
it was only as cold as the refrigerator.

Thankfully, we have an emergency fund (thanks, Dave!) and we purchased a new one.
Paid cash, and saved $200 on it, too.

The scrolly iron piece above the cabinets, was a gift from a friend.
I believe it used to be part of a gate.

and had something in the pile to sell.
I woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about this thing.
Wondering if it just might work.

A dressing wall mirror. Sideways.
Above the counter.
I took it out of the yard sale pile.

And it DID work!
And made the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.
It also gives a whole new meaning to "watching what you are eating".

I found these terracotta fruits in all their 1980's glory at a thrift store for $1.00 each.
Red and yellow, meet cream.

$7 silver yard sale urn.

Coffee station. 
The Pfaltzgraff Heritage pieces came from Good Will.
Sugar container on the left.
I think the container on the right is a butter crock, but the filters fit!

Reminders of my faith.

Bed and Breakfast, anyone?

These platters took EXTRA LARGE holders.
Found them at Hobby Lobby.

My flea market frame.
I cut cardboard/rolled cork to fit.
Button push pins.
I lowered it from its previous height to cover the light switch.

The Graphics Fairy! I love her! Have you been to her blog yet?
You must do that! 

I am a sheep, and Jesus is my Shepherd.

I loved my island and two chairs, before, in RED.
But am enjoying the change to the black and white, too.

Come by for a cup of coffee and a scone???


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  1. Super charming remodel! Great Job! Love the green paint!! :)

  2. I love the transformation! You did a wonderful job and the mature khaki yellow is very pretty. The shades are great. I think I'm going to get some myself for our french doors. What is the panel that is on the left side of the room?

  3. Leslie, it is just beautiful. I love your vintage picnic baskets and love the mirror you added to the counter. Great cork board. Love that, too.

  4. I like the make-over. REALLY like that mirror idea!

  5. I love it and I really love the paint color!!! I know you are so happy!!!

  6. Grrrrrreat job, Leslie! Wow. You incorporated so many super ideas. Love the new look. The mirror idea is great and the little lambie pie, adorable. Enjoyed the tour. Sincerely, Susan

  7. I think it looks fabulous. I love red but getting rid of it made a huge difference. It all looks great. My favorite piece is the shape of that cork board.

  8. Wow! the transformation is amazing. I am very impressed. Good job!

  9. Your kitchen is beautiful... great job. Love the mirror idea the best...I may have to copy that one!

  10. I love it! The mirror is a great idea, but my favorite is the gorgeous (antique?) frame with the cork board. Genius!

  11. Oh gosh... wonderful!!! The wall colour, island, chairs, everything just looks so much more toned down and lovely! The beadboard also made a huge difference. Kitchens are SO much work so I can only imagine how you must feel to get this done. Good going!!


  12. I love your kitchen. It makes a beautful warm beat to the heart of the house. And I really like the mirror placement :)


  13. I just love what you have done with your kitchen. I looks amazing. You really have an eye for details (and bargains). Your framed cork board is beautiful. I know you're thankful to be finished.

  14. I love it!!!! I really do, Leslie. I have a kitchen that is in the saddest need of a makeover in blogland, and you are such an inspiration. I'm saving this to my decorating file so that I can flatter and flatter and flatter by imitation. Great job. I love that mirror on the counter, btw.

  15. My kinda kitchen. I love every change you made..
    applause applause.. take a bow, you deserve it.


  16. It looks gorgeous...total transformation. Amazing with a little vision, time, energy, and paint can do.

  17. Beautiful. Love the open cabinets and the lamp on the counter. it looks so cozy!

  18. Wow what great color you chose for the walls! I love it all! You did a great job!

  19. Oh my! It's beautiful! I'm glad you were able to finally get it done & that you shared it with us ;)

    I would love to come by for a cup of coffee & a scone. Miss you my friend!

  20. It looks wonderful!! So bright and airy! I knew I would find something from Hobby Lobby in there!!!!

  21. Great job, I love the mirror idea! and your baskets above the cabinets are perfect.

  22. In our home in California I put mirror tiles behind the stove and they were the easiest thing ever to clean up, sweetpea. Just a little windex and they were sparkling and no more trying to get grease off the walls. I loved them. I love what you've done with your kitchen and I'm embarking on a little project in ours to keep this 49+ years marriage in tact! Sigh...

  23. Your kitchen transformation is just stunning! And so worth the wait! Some of my favorite things are the mirror you placed behind the glass canisters! Now that was a real brainstorm! Love it! I also adore your cork board, so neat! And the framed Graphics Fairy print, and your white tray (I've got one just like it). Love how you accessorized it! You should be [proud :)

  24. Leslie it's gorgeous! I've been wondering about your kitchen ever since you started teasing us about it on your birthday. I love everything....the beadboard wallpaper, the mirror, the accessories, the faucet....score! Now, when can I come over for some tea (I'm not a coffee drinker)? Lisa~

  25. I picked the perfect day to pop back in from my break;)! I am so glad or I would have missed your beautiful kitchen!

    Everything is wonderful...all of your changes are perfect! I love the addition of the beadboard wallpaper and the cork board...GORGEOUS! I have been wanting to make a coffee station in my kitchen...I may have to copy yours;)!

    I love the sheep too...I am going to copy that too...love the message;)!

    I wish we could get together and share a cup of coffee in your wonderful "new" space! I know we would have so much fun and then I could gush all over your hard work in person! Great job sweet friend!


    I adore the basket filled with hydrangea too! I LOVE IT ALL!

  26. Very pretty, Leslie! I think it turned out great! Is that the same chandelier just nekkid? : ) Love the black on the island base and the mirror sideways - genius! I love that idea. Did you mount it somehow or are the canisters holding it in place? Wonderfully done and I love that you did it on a budget.

  27. A big "WOO HOO" for your finished project! Well done.

    My project only took 2 years to finish. :)

  28. I liked your before, cause I am rather partial to red. But....Oh My! Your after! Sooo beautiful! I just love it! Elegant and not stuffy (a hard combo to hit sometimes!) and pretty things everywhere you look. You must be so happy with it!

    I may have to go back and study your pics later to see how you've put together your stuff on your counters. Yes, so I can copy you. Of course.

  29. Love it all! The silver urn is my fav. Glad I'm not the only one who retrieves from my yard sale pile! Beautiful kitchen.

  30. Your kitchen is just gorgeous! Love all your re-dos. Great photos. Found you through FunkyJunk. At least you finished, still working on mine...check it out if you get a chance.
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  31. Everything is beautiful. Love the color change.
    I also put a long mirror in one of my backsplashes, and I put a Bed & Breakfast sign above my doorway. Only I added a little something else to it too.

    I really like how clean it all looks.

  32. Yes, love the divider thing. Quite handy to move around and hide the messes! I also love the print from the GF and how you layered it with the silver tray. Brilliant. I may steal that idea. :)

  33. Wow! Great transformation! Plus, your kitchen looks more open, more streamlined, larger, in fact. You have included so many of your great finds: WTG!!! Kudos on an excellent job! Now, sit back, drink your coffee, & revel in your accomplishment. :)

  34. Looks great! I love every bit of it!! you making scones I'm bringing coffee :-)

  35. I really LOVE your kitchen. I'll be happy to have one like yours... I prefer the red in the middle. But I don't know where you live and if you have some snow in winter... With the snow we get in winter here, in Quebec, we need color!
    I saw some bottles of herbs... do you know it is better to keep your herbs in a dark place? They loose some essence and color when they see light! This is not like me
    have a nice day!

  36. The kitchen looks so welcoming, I would come any time especially for conversation with the coffee:)

  37. oh la la... I feel right at home. When can I come for a retreat!! ( and I mean that in a total non-stalker way..) Love it! love you!

  38. Oh, my oh my did that turn out awesome! worth the wait. I can't believe all the little details, so unique and beautiful.
    You did a fabulous job! It looks like something right out of BHG magazine.
    I would love to come over for a cuppa!

  39. Hi there Leslie! So happy you stopped by my blog for my GD project! Thank you for your encouraging words! It was really sweet!

    Wow, your kitchen was beautiful before, but that little makeover is something to behold!!! Love it!! I honestly think my favorite thing is how you used the old mirror. I just wish I had a big enough counter space for such a treat!

    Beautiful, beautiful!


  40. This is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful job. Really love that cork board and the frame. Wow! I also like the idea of using a mirror for a back splash reflector of light. I am going to be on the look out for a mirror as my kitchen is on the north side and dark. Thanks for sharing!

  41. I'm your newest follower. http://moogieland.blogspot.com/

  42. charming and lovely! iwant to stop by for a cup of tea, pronto!

  43. It looks amazing!! Love the {greenish} yellow-khaki paint color with the black accents!! And I had no idea there was such a thing as beadboard wall paper!! Will definitely have to look into that!!

  44. What a beautiful kitchen and transformation!! I love your island!! The wainscoting wallpaper is great! I will have to look into that!

  45. Your kitchen turned out so beautifully! Your island is great and looks like you have so much space.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  46. Lovely! This is what my kitchen hopes to be when it grows up. :)

  47. What a wonderful transformation though I liked it before as well! Looks like you are simplifying with your decor now and it is fab! I was just debating on a red island in our kitchen and just a few weeks back I put the grapevine up above our cabinets after a year of them being naked but I never thought abt lights for um. Hmmmm.....Again loving the simplier redo!

  48. Oh, it looks great! Like a whole different kitchen. I love the neutrals and how serene the feel. I think you look for the same type stuff that I do when you're out thrifting. Let's plan our coffee and thrifting for sometime the beginning of Oct. Hopefully the weather will be cooler and the leaves will finally be falling. You mentioned a Weds.. that'd be good with me.

    ~ Kristi - The Speckled Dog

  49. Very well done! I like it so much. you did a really good job.

  50. Great job. Love the white fruit and the cork board. I just love white kitchens!

  51. WOW! It is SO serene and welcoming. It was pretty before, but it is BEAUTIFUL now. What a wonderful place to live your life ...

  52. Looks lovely! Good job. KarenK

  53. Specatular! I love it all!
    Great job!

  54. Oh good! Your kitchen its beautifull!!!!
    I love the mirrow and the card bord, so many ideas.

    Just love it.


  55. Soooo nice!! Hope you continue to enjoy the finished product each day!!

  56. Oh my goodness, this is too wonderful to even begin choosing my favorite. I would have to say top three would be the mirror, the cork frame, and...that gorgeous silver urn used for your utensils...genious!! That's it!! Now, you got my creativity going. I want to lighten up my kitchen a bit too, maybe bring in more whites. Mine is much smaller but I'll play with it and see what I come up with.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Leslie. Blessings!

  57. Wow Leslie, I can't believe I am just now seeing this! What a spectacular kitchen makeover. And the funny thing is you don't seem to have done many major changes, just subtle things, but what a difference! That wrought iron scrolly thing is genius. I think it's what totally sets this kitchen apart from the pack. Awesome job.

  58. I enjoyed looking over your blog and this Kitchen make over..Love it. I adore WHITE and I too have a little lamp in the corner of my kitchen counter! That little glow ...well everywhere is so soothing. Great idea with the mirror! very tastefully done..CONGRATS!

    Your red kitchen was very nice too...


  59. I really, really like your kitchen. You've done a wonderful job.

  60. I agree...beautiful. Like the mirror too, A great way to "expand" your space and a nice change from the current tile trend.

  61. Your kitchen looks absolutely beautiful!!! Job well done! :)

  62. The before was pretty, but the after is AMAZING!
    Great job indeed!


  63. it s very very magnifique i am un french girl my name is Marie my home is ILE DE RE biz


  64. Wow, this is amazing. It looks wonderful. And, you may think i'm crazy, but one of my favorite things is the little crock with the coffee filters.


  65. OMG ... love it. LOVE IT. I think my fave part is the mirror turned sideways. Brilliant!

  66. I just found your blog this morning, and am inspired with my first visit.

    I love your kitchen transformation.


  67. I love your kitchen...I just painted my kitchen a very similar color. I love the mirror idea. Could you please tell me what your countertops are made of.
    Kelly :)

  68. Yes, I'm stalking your kitchen makeover again. I worked all day on ours and we are painting it this weekend too, so I thought I'd get some ideas. I added more whites and remembered how much I loved your kitchen with its dreamy whites the first time I visited this post. You know me, I'm probably going to need some color and I'm thinking of painting my island in, yeah, turquoise, but I CANNOT decide on a wall color for the life of me. I want something neutral like a cream or latte-like color. I like it against my white moldings but unfortunately, my cabinets are a light honey/cream too. What's your take on the wall color being similar to the cabinet color? Yes, you are a designer but I am your friend so the tips are free. ;)

  69. You are amazingly talented. I love your kitchen. It is beautiful. The mirror was an ingenious idea. I may just copy. And I was glad to read your post about hanging the beadboard wallpaper because I've been wanting to do that but wasn't sure if it would look right on the one wall because it would just end (it wouldn't run into a corner.) And I notice that you have the same issue and it looks good! So that is encouraging. I just might give it a spin! And I just want to say how much I love the little sheep and what it symbolizes. Amen. And praise Him!

  70. I am dying to know where you purchased your kitchen island! It is so adorable and functional - would work perfect for our kitchen!


  71. Would it be possible to find out the mfg. and the name, and number of the paint you used in your kitchen. I'm trying to find a nice soft color for my kitchen, that will go with my accent red wall.

  72. Love your kitchen transformation. I have to say I wasn't a fan of the before pictures but I love the after! You had some really great ideas too. Turning the mirror sideways and putting it on the wall was awesome. Congrats on your new kitchen! :)


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