Lest We Forget

Hi sweet friends!!
I do so appreciate the advice and help with the headboard in the last post.
It was unanimoose!

The scrolly headboard WON!

Can you believe I found that on the side of the road!?!?!
It was outside an apartment complex, on the lawn,
between the parking lot and the road I was driving on,
when I first spied it.
Of course, as usual, my daughters were with me and they rolled their eyes
because they KNEW what was about to happen.

I have already listed the oak headboard on Craigslist!

And, I have already purchased the spray paint, Heirloom White.
Today seems like a good day to sniff some paint fumes!

I have got a lot of work to do in that room!

My younger daughter loves to paint as much as I do,
so I am going to pay her, hourly, to paint walls, trim, etc, with me.
What do you think a fair amount per hour would be to pay a 16 year old?
Scratching my head.

(THE MOTHER. For the Royal Path of Life ~The Graphics Fairy)

Here's another topic, entirely:
I was thumbing through the Journal that I have had for years, and read something
that I wrote in it many years ago, when I was a younger wife and mother.

Thought you might like it.


She came tonight as I sat alone, the girl I used to be
and she gazed at me with her earnest eye
and questioned reproachfully:

"Have you forgotten the many plans and hopes I had for you?
The great career, the splendid fame, all the wonderful things to do?
Where is the mansion of stately height with all its gardens rare?
The silken robes that I dreamed for you and the jewels in your hair?"

As she spoke I was very sad
for I wanted her pleased with me,
this slender girl from the shadowy past,
the girl that I used to be.

So, gently rising, I took her hand
and guided her up the stair.
Where peacefully sleeping, my babies lay,
innocent, sweet and fair.

I told her that these are my only gems
and precious they are to me.
That silken robe is my motherhood of costly simplicity.

My mansion of stately height is love,
and the only career I know is serving each day in these sheltered walls
for the dear ones who come and go.

And as I spoke to my shadowy guest, she smiled through her tears at me.
And I saw the woman that I am now
pleased the girl that I used to be.

~Author Unknown


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  1. Yeah for the scrolly headboard and heirloom white it is!! Love this poem makes me think!

  2. What a great poem! Love it!! The headboard is a super find too~can't wait to see how the room turns out :)

  3. Leslie, what a beautiful poem!!! Our children are truly more valuable than any earthly treasures!

    My "treasure" just posted some fun etiquette from the 40's on her blog! Quite interesting! Stop by if you have a moment: http://taylorkay1522.blogspot.com/

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Glad you chose the roadside find! And I can't wait to see your kitchen!

  5. I LOVE that poem about motherhood. So true...the little lives we are shaping are the most precious gems there are. What a gift from God to be a mother!

  6. The poem made me all misty. Sometimes, in the midst of naughtiness and teeth brushing and homework, I can forget how important my job is, and how precious my babies are to me. Thanks so much for the reminder.

    Of course you did a U turn and picked up that loverly headboard! Who wouldn't? Ok, lot's of people, but I sure would! Can't wait to see all your projects you're working on! Especially the kitchen!

  7. You are just so busy, Leslie! I would be pulling my hair out with more than one thing going. Minimum wage is what - $7.00 something an hour now, so you can't pay her less than $5.00. : ) Good luck with that!

  8. When I was 16, I happily worked for $4.25 an hour. LOL! I just realized how LONG ago that was! Scary. Maybe $5/hour would be fair???

  9. Love the headboard!!! How awesome it was FREE!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the eye rolling...lol!!! Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  10. I think $5 (plus room and board) lol. I would have done a u-turn and hoped the whole time no one would beat me to it. It will be so lovely.
    The poem made me cry. I want it in cross-stitch to remind me everyday. I remember when the baby I had at 40 turned to me when she was 14 and said "you don't know what it is like to have a dream" and I had to explain to her that indeed I did and do!

  11. What a wonderful poem. I've never heard it before. Thank you for sharing it!

  12. For more reasons that I care to explain, that post made me cry.

    Good tears, though.

  13. Wow that was such a great poem. Love it! Thanks for the share. Yea for the head board!

  14. Hi Leslie...I hadn't heard that poem before, either and I liked it very much. Great pictures, too. And I love the scrolly headboard. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous in white! Take care. Susan

  15. Ok, so where do you get your Heirloom White? I can never find it anywhere around here (Lowe's, Home Depot, Hobby Lob). Maybe I'm just missing it. It's Rustoleum, right?

    Lovely poem.


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