House Hunting Tour :: 1915 SEARS KIT Home Arts and Crafts Bungalow

Okay, so some, most, a few of you know that we are going through our home
room by room de-cluttering, paring down, painting, repairing, updating
our home.

It is over 3300 square feet 
and there are 3 stories (basement + 1st and 2nd stories)
5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths,
2 kitchens, a theater room, living and sitting rooms, etc---
and we KNOW are so blessed!!
But there are only 3 of us living here full-time.
It's too much, and it's okay to say it's too much.
We have made so many fond memories here, and we do hate to leave,
but, it's time. You know?

We have 32 spaces (rooms, closets, halls, outside) to get ready,
so we've given ourselves till January 2012,
which will be here sooner than we think.

God-willing, we would like to move closer to our downtown.

What motivates us to ready our home is looking at the homes downtown.
Which is what we did a few weeks back, and we learned a lot
about what we do and don't like.
We toured several, but I am only going to show you one in this post!

We didn't know we loved bungalows until we walked-through this one.

So, come along, and see what we found!
I did manage to take a few pictures with my camera.
(Some of these pictures I borrowed off the Realtor's site, 
because I was too busy ooohing and ahhhing at the home.)
We cannot buy this home now. It sold a week after we looked at it.
We weren't ready anyway.
But the area in which this home is located has many such styles.

WARNING: there are a lot of pictures!

Click the words below to see the ad from 1915!

This is a 1915 SEARS Craftsman-style home.

All the rooms revolve around each other, and there are no hallways.

The original plan:

104 Briarcliff Drive

Porch, left-side.

Porch, right-side.

Come on in!

This is what you see ahead of you when you come in the parlor or HALL, 
as the original floor plan calls it..

To the right.

To the right some more.

Facing the front door, back to French doors.

From where you are standing now, turn left, into the dining room.
Start counting the fireplaces.
And check out the hardwood floors.

Left again, into the living room.
The main rooms all had the original picture molding!

I point out the doorway molding to you, at the bottom corner of the doorway below, 
to the right of the rocking chair, below the fan.

Sears homes have square blocks on molding joints at complex joints. 
While framing members were pre-cut, 
some of the moldings and baseboard trim were not pre-cut 
(due to variances in plaster thickness). 
To simplify construction, Sears homes often have a block 
at the point where complex joints meet. 
This probably made construction much easier for the novice homebuilder.

I love built-ins!
Anyone else?
I think this room was originally the dining room because of the built-in hutch
(The doors were wonky, and didn't latch shut, but we didn't mind- we liked the quirkiness!)

And check out the original chandeliers.
They were not operated by a wall switch, they were turned on 
with a knob near the base of the light.

Through the doorway behind the wingback, is the kitchen.

Obviously not the original cabinetry, but the floors-oh my!
What would you do with these cabinets and countertops?
Change them? To what?
Or leave them?

If you turn around with your back to the fridge, there is another doorway.
The homeowner painted some chalkboard which I would totally leave.
The green cabinet just through the doorway is a closet,
with the original shelving, wish I'd taken a picture of it!
Our ancestors required much less pantry space than we do.

Through the doorway is the laundry room/mud room.
The door to the right leads to the back yard.
See the ceiling in here?

The one and only bath.

Turn around and there's a tiny cute little sink.

To the right of the sink is another doorway, to the Master Bedroom.
This is what you see from the bathroom.
Still counting fireplaces?

Outside this room, is the library, the space we saw behind the French doors,
which are to the left.

The living room/original dining room leads to the library, too.

If I put you back in the parlor/foyer, turn right.

And you will be in this room, the 2nd bedroom.
This is to your left, and the window on the left is the front of the house.

To your right.
Last fireplace. How many did you count?

If we went back to the laundry room.

And went out the door to the right here, this is where we will be.

Further back in the yard, we turn around.
Dizzy yet?

At the end of the mulch path at the bottom right of the picture above is an old storage bldg.
It needs paint, but these are so hard to find, included with the old homes.
The doors slide, instead of lifting.
It has an attic space that is attainable by some very narrow stairs.

Turn around again, and to your right you can enjoy the side yard.
It's actually a second lot, but belongs with the house!

Looking back towards the house with storage building behind you.

The old crepe myrtles line the side yard.

So concludes our tour, ladies and gentlemen!
You may have a seat.

Oh, I see you already did!

This was the actual listing that attracted us:

Minutes from downtown Greenville, this completely renovated 2 bed 1 bath Arts and Crafts bungalow has over 1550 square feet with an office area and large foyer that could be used as a sitting parlor. The home features hardwood floors throughout with the exception of the bathroom, and updated kitchen, 4 decorative fireplaces, French doors, built-ins, 9ft ceilings and a large front porch. Step outside the back door onto a stone patio that is surrounded by a flower garden. The 0.59 acre fenced-in yard includes a bonus lot with established plantings and garden areas. The outbuilding is large enough to be used as a two-car garage. Updates include… fully remodeled kitchen, water heater, furnace, air conditioning, electrical system, plumbing and roof. 

This home cost, in 1915, a whopping $825 for Sears to send you all the pieces, 
and you built it yourself.
For labor, cement, brick and plaster, the home could be built on your site for $1,615.00.

It sold last week for $189,000.

Still a great price for today's economy!

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did guiding it!


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  1. We love bungalow's, too! Fell in love with them when we lived Downtown Greenville in the historic area (12 years +). Although, neither of the homes we owned in that area were a bungalow, many of our neighbors did live in them. :)

  2. I love that house! I will have to see if there are any homes like that out here (in the desert) husband thinks I'm silly for wanting to live in an older home, but the modern look just doesn't do it for me! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. What an amazingly nice home. I'm not surprised it sold already. But I agree, it is good motivation. My target date is early spring, just before Passover, so that I can ge tthe house on the market for the spring. At the moment it feels impossible, but lets see if we can meet our targets! God bless you!

  4. Leslie,
    How beautiful! It has so much more space inside than I would have guessed! Love it. :)

  5. That was great Leslie. Big homes are over rated these days....some are left un decortated and cold feeling. I love the feel of those small bungalows. Great pictures, I loved the porch and yard! Have fun decluttering UGHHHHH! you probably forget how much stuff you have. I just watched a you tube video that George Carlin did about stuff, it had me in stitches...look it up, it was not foul mouthed either:)

  6. Beautiful!!
    I love that period. Unfortunately, around here historic areas have not been maintained with the appropriate intregity so it's still a risk to invest in them. I would LOVE to.

    I love the floors in this place! I would definitely change that kitchen "back" to something that showcased that beautiful one in there.

  7. I LOVE home tours! I live in a bungalow style house. Like you said, I never realized that I liked them, but it suits us well. It's quietly got its own style and not dramatic about it. That was fun! Thanks, Lisa~

  8. Great tour, Leslie. Those kitchen cabinets? If it were my bungalow, they would be painted white, white, white! Then the kitchen could be so adorable. I loved the house as it has lots of nice features. Take care. Susan P.S. Did you ever post more information on your online business selling things? I only saw the first installment. Susan

  9. Thanks for the house tour! Love looking at old homes. This one is very charming. Love the porch and the yard is so pretty and peaceful. I thought the price was great too. I'm sure you'll find another when you are ready to buy!

  10. Wonderful tour! I felt like I was back in my Great Grandparents home! They build a Sears Home and the detail, molding, and hardware floors are what I remember the most! Although, the kitchen was tiny and they keep their refrigerator on the enclosed porch! LOL!
    I can see why you loved this house...WOW!

  11. Less it definitely more, I think, as we age. We have learned to appreciate the simple things in life and cherish what is important...time spent with loved ones. This home is beautiful. Brings back memories of growing up in a similar home. Look forward to watching you stage your present home. May God give you the energy and time you will need to get everything done to sell! God Bless!

  12. I am a retired Realtor and this is my favorite type home. We lived in one in Huntington, WV and I felt more at home and safer than anywhere I have ever lived. I loved my built in china cabinet, fireplaces and french doors. You find blessings in the features of these homes that just are not duplicated today. I wish you only the best knowing the perfect will house will show up for you when you are ready.

  13. so darling! i love that style of homes. so unique, has character. we do NOT have houses like there where i live in az, it stinks so bad. we lack culture i feel. thanks for the tour, i feel like i saw it in person. :) gorgeous!

  14. you are selling your house? now? after you just finished that lovely kitchen?
    I understand the desire to downsize, really I do. Remember? I just bought a 960 sq ft home. :)
    I love those old bungalows, and girl, what you could do with that house! I just know you'd make it beautiful.
    Best of luck with this next adventure!
    ♥ maureen

  15. I love, love, love bungalows!!! This one is great, but I know the Lord has the perfect one for you when the time is right.

  16. Love those neat-o floors!!! My kitchen cabinets would look really cute in there, antiqued glazed white. Or even just white would be an improvement don't you think? Thanks for sharing the tour, I'm sure something even better will be out there when you're ready! :) xoxo

  17. Oh, how exciting! Some people hate the idea of moving but I see all the new and exciting possibilities! Good luck on your hunt!
    And those floors...Oh, My Goodness! Gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful house! I am sure wherever you move, once you have put your personal touches in it will be lovely.

  19. Wow...I can see why you fell in love with it both inside and out. I adore the floors and that grove of crepe myrtles is fantastic. What fun to look forward to. Patty

  20. thanks, I've been gone for awhile, i love the house, its just what I've been looking for in
    Hendersonville,,,,none ending hunt for the perfect house. Yes, I would change up the kitchen but nothing else, the back yard is darling and all the details in the house are wonderful!!!! my email has changed and same phone and on face book katie delahanty, hope all is well with your hunting and decision making
    Kate :)

  21. Oh wow, what a gorgeous home!! I love the outfits hanging over the adorable! And the bookshelves..and the colors--wow! It's so beautiful.
    Hugs to you! And wishing you a blessing-filled day...and thank you so much for your prayers for Jack...I didn't realize that recuperation took so long...I pray he will be alright...

  22. i LOVE craftman bungalows. Love them. The floors, the built ins, i love all of it. Thanks for the tour, and good luck with the staging. I'm sure it will all look awesome.

  23. Who let you into my house and how dare you take pictures without asking me??? Hee hee hee... just kidding! That's only my DREAM house. But we actually would need about 2-3 more bedrooms, I guess.

    Anyhoo, Roomie! Can't wait for the conference! Just a few weeks away!! Can you believe it???

  24. What a beautiful home. I just bought a Sears kit bungalow that needs a lot of TLC but has good "bones". I will be looking at your pics for inspiration in restoring it to its original glory. Thanks for posting.

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  26. I really like this building! I am going to find out if there are actually any houses such as that outside. I really enjoy the style of these tiny cottage. I will planning to structure one for my family.

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