DIY: A Linen Pleated Lampshade

This poor lampshade.

It's too short for this tall lamp.

But, a bigger shade looks strange on such a tall, skinny lamp.

What to do?

Make a skirt for the shade!

Go to Hobby Lobby.
Buy 1/3 yard of nubby linen for $1.12, and heat up the HGG (Hot Glue Gun).

This won't hurt a bit.

Fold over the fabric and glue.

Second verse, same as the first.
Try to avoid your fingernail.
The hot glue gun doesn't not feel good on fingernails.

Fold over and glue again.

All the way around.

Fold last fold over the spot you started.
Put skirt-covered shade on lamp.

Use HGG to tack down the folds. Avoid gluing fingertips to the material.
(My HGG is 22 years old. Anyone else have an older one?)

This is what yours may or may not look like after the folds are glued down.

Looking spiffy, there, my friend!

Let's shorten your skirt a tad.

And glue the selvage down around the top of the shade, and glue a hem around the bottom.
(I obviously need to learn about the camera's focusing capabilities).

Now you can grace the counter in my kitchen.

And not be embarrassed.

In fact, you look quite at home.

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  1. Hi! why do you put this lamp à this place? She is little, don't take place but can be remark! She seem to be burried by her environment. It will be better if you have a ceiling lamp. You will see better that way. Find an other place for this lovely lamp, a place where she will have all the place she need.
    have a nice day

  2. Very cute! I've never thought about skirting a too-short lampshade - good idea!

  3. Great solution to a too short shade. I love the fabric. My dining room shade could use a new look. And my glue gun is ancient too. I don't even know how old but it still works!

  4. Mine is at least 20 years old and still works. Love the lamp skirt, great idea!

  5. OK, great idea... cute lamp shade... AND you kept making me laugh with your comments.

    Second verse same as the first...
    Laughing...laughing... laughing...And feeling the need to sing it with a British accent.

  6. I have to agree- that was a rather witty post! And such a clever girl you are! That lamp needed to be a bit more modest. Showing of her leg like that. Tsk tsk! The lampshade is awesome.

  7. Leslie, I love how that turned out. What a great idea you came up with. I still love that large silver tray you have there.

  8. Gotta love the HGG! :) The lampshade looks great!

  9. Cute! but is it not plugged in? you know water/electricity ;)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love it...When first posting I thought I had the exact same lamp. I know see that mine is a little different.
    I will post a picture over on my blog just for fun.


  12. Thanks so much for coming by! I am now looking at moving my lamp to the kitchen...see what you started...LOL

    Oh yes and passed a love pat on to Pradawho is a spoiled rotten mess!

  13. That is so stinkin cute and clever. Great tutorial....I felt a few burns though from the glue gun...but that's OK I may still try it sometime:) Thanks Leslie for joining me, I really enjoyed this project.

  14. super cute! found ya at debbiedoos~new follower (:

  15. the two things i like the most about this project - 1)cheap and 2) no sewing!. great job!

  16. Cute lamp shade-I think we all have shades that need redone-Thanks for sharing!

  17. Looks wonderful just like you. Hmm...I may have to bring lampshades, glue gun and glue when I come to visit so I can watch how you do it so I do not glue my nails...

  18. I stumbled upon your blog thanks to "Like A Warm Cup of Coffee", and oh my, I'm really trying hard not to have kitchen envy. I hastily chose a color for my kitchen cabinets when we moved here. They were primed, not painted, I had a fresh canvas to work with and because of my hasty decisions, I do not like what I did, done, have done. *sigh* I love your kitchen. It gives me hope that I can rescue mine. What was I thinking??? I do try to blame it on the fact that the paint samples at Lowes are being discovered in florouscent lighting and we all know how wrongly colors are interpretted in such lighting, if only I had taken that into account before hastily picking out kitchen colors. Haste makes waste. Too true.

    Anyway, I'm so glad to have read here, and will be back, I LOVE your humor! And love that lamp skirt!


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