A Birthday for Beefcake :: 46 Reasons I am Glad He's Mine

HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY, my love!

I have thought of 46, though I am sure there are 4,600 more,
reasons I am glad my beefcake is mine:

1. He's handsome.

(In college right before we met.)

2. He's extremely intelligent. (He picked me, didn't he?)

3. He makes me laugh.

4. He is trustworthy.

5. His heart is tender, and he can cry in a manly way.

6. I love watching him worship, it makes my heart rejoice!

7. I love how he loves our daughters. He is protective and involved.
(However, our daughters call it "lecturing".)

8. He always dresses nicely and smells good.

9. When he says he's gonna do something, he does.

10. He calls his sisters and his mom regularly.

11. He thinks I'm cute and tells me this, often.
(Then again, he wears glasses to see things up close.)

12. He is my biggest encourager, but can correct me in a loving, gentle way.

13. He still brings me flowers for "no reason".

14. He prays for me and with me, always guiding me to the Truth.

15. He's married me three times. We've renewed our vows twice!

16. When I need something, he willingly provides it.

17. He forgives me if I don't have all the laundry washed and put away.

18. He forgives me if we have cereal for dinner.

19. When something is on his Honey Do list, he does it!!!! (Really!)

20. He manages our finances, keeps us debt-free, and makes sure we are saving for the future. 
He also has a passion for others to be debt-free.

(As a Financial Peace University Co-ordinator, 
here he presents a Certificate of Completion to an FPU class participant, in our living room).

21. He keeps himself fit, eats right and encourages me to do the same,
so we can have a long life together.

so I can cherish our wedding day when I look at my gown.
(Also, so our girls, if they choose, can wear it.)

23. He loves talking and dreaming about life with me.

24. He picks up after himself!

25. When he makes a mistake, he admits it and repents.
(This speaks volumes to my heart, and has taught me about grace.)

26. His childhood was not easy, he had no father around.
Yet, he reads all he can get his hands on, or will go to small groups with me,
to learn about being a great parent.
He takes our girls on Daddy-Daughter Dates.

(On a date with her daddy: A makeover for Miss A.)

(On a date with her daddy: Enjoying a regional piano recital with Miss S.)

27. Memories of our times together are most important to him.
He preserves them in DVDs and Slideshows, adding music and narration.

28. He respects me as a person. R - E - S - P - E - C - T! (You know you wanna sing it!)

29. He is a man of courage. My protector. My warrior.
He does not shrink from Satan when we are attacked.
Rather, he, through God's strength, stands and fights.

30. He talks to me about his work
(And uses small words and short syllables, so I can understand it.)

31. When my heart hurts, he knows, even when I say nothing.
And he listens to my hurt and comforts me, without trying to "fix" me.

32. He tolerates my creative nature. (A.K.A. piles of this and that.)

33. He kisses me goodbye every morning when he leaves for work,
and kisses me hello every day when he comes home.

34. He loves our neighbors and his co-workers and prays for them.

35. He celebrates life!
He reminds me of what Jesus said, when I feel hopeless and need reminding:
John 10b: "I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly."

36. He is musically gifted!
He plays the keyboard in our Worship Band.
He could probably also play any instrument he wanted to.

(Mark in background, at his Yamaha.)

37. I love his laugh!

38. He can do a  talk-through of a computer problem over the phone- and always solve it.

40. He listens to me ramble about this and that about decorating, 
paint color, moving stuff around.
(He even acts half-interested!)

41. When he and I _________________, and__________________,________.
(I can't put reason 41. on my family-friendly blog.)

42. Travelling is one of his loves, and takes me with him.
I love exploring strange and wonderful new places with him.
He makes vacations FUN!

(Disney Cruise-we were crowned King and Queen of Karaoke-here we are singing Love Shack.)

43. He calls me every afternoon when he is taking a break to walk around outside
by the lake near his office.

44. I love his brown teddy bear eyes!

45. He takes care of our yard.

The last, but biggest reason I'm glad he's mine is:

46. I would not be who I am or who I am becoming without his steady influence in my life.

(Last year's birthday, reading cards before cake.)

I am so glad God made you, my forever love.


  1. WELL SAID, Leslie! - Jenni from church

  2. He's a handsome guy, your hubby, Leslie! LOL at #41 {you can't fill in the blanks on your family friendly blog}. Love shack, huh? : ) My hubby and I are the same age as your hubby ~ isn't it funny how you just love him more and more as the years go by. I look at mine sometimes and can't believe it's the same 19 year old guy I fell for!

  3. Yay!! Happy b-day, Beefy M!! What a sweet post, Leslie! Hope you guys have a great celebration and have plenty of No 41 tonight!! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! That is such a sweet post! Great job! :)

  5. happy birthday, daddy. <3

  6. Sweet post. Happy Birthday to your beefcake. You're a blessed woman! I'm sure he's blessed to have you as well.

  7. Happy Birthday to your hubby! He is blessed to have you and your girls to love him so much.

  8. Happy b-day to a sweet husband, from a girl who knows how awesome it is to have a sweet husband! Leslie, I'm so happy we're both so blessed!

    (Oh, and #41...Wowza!!!!)

  9. You are way too sweet!!! You are one lucky lady miss Leslie!!!

  10. You are a fortunate woman and he is a lucky man to have a wife that can put it into words!

  11. Leslie, how blessed you are. Truly blessed. Happy Birthday to your husband!

    I'd love to see you for Simple Pleasures on Thursday.

  12. Wow, that was really sweet... can I borrow the idea?

  13. Oh, Leslie. That was one of the most beautiful birthday tributes I've ever been privileged to read. Your hubby must be prouder than a peacock to read those reasons why you love him. SUPERLATIVE JOB! Susan

  14. Happy Birthday to your husband! The two of you make a wonderful couple and family :)

  15. ...and i'm crying. this was so sweet. thanks for setting an awesome example of godly marriage.

  16. This is a precious post! I just wish we lived closer to one another...we'd totally be BFFs. And then I'd rope you into helping me get ready for my garage sale this weekend. And then I'd get you to help me brainstorm more ideas for my flea market booth I'm starting. And then I'd bake you a huge batch of cookies for all your help. But, we don't live close enough.

  17. Oh! How sweet! That is so good to hear that people are still in love. It gives me hope that I might find my special someone at age 55. Ha ha

  18. that was darling! what a great man you have!

    on a not serious note, when you wrote about being debt free i thought of dave ramsey so when you said he helps others be debt free & it went to dave's site i thought "holy smokes IS she married to dave ramsey??"

    haha, anyway, happy bday to your beefcake! :)kelli

  19. Defenetly he is a great man! And you have soo lucky to have im... but i also have may luck to have you!! Im portuguese we say:

    Por detrás de um grande homem, há sempre uma enorme mulher!



  20. That is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time. How blessed you both are.

  21. I'm so glad God blessed you with each other!

    Hope your hubby has a wonderful year.

    Your Friend,

  22. Wonderful post! May God continue to bless your marriage and your family!!

  23. This made me tear up! You are so blessed to have such love in your life. Go you!

  24. What an absolutely beautiful tribute! I am so happy I popped over today and found this! You both are blessed to have such a wonderful marriage! I pray for many more happy and fun filled years together!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. That is such a nice post to your husband....my husband is a lot of those things too...not as many though...hmmmm...and I thought my guy was perfect. Happy Birthday to your husband and many many more.

  26. Hey Leslie!! Happy happy birthday to your hubs!! What a great man he sounds like...obviously he must be because he picked a great wife! :)

  27. What a sweet woman you are! You are truly blessed. (as is he, I am sure). Happy birthday to your man!

    Thank you for the sharing this post to your husband. For me, this was a needed, gentle reminder for me to be more thankful for my husband -- for who he is, for the little things he does that show me I am loved and cherished and for putting up with me and my quirks!

    Thanks again for sharing.


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