Things My Relevant Roomies and You Should Know

What is a Relevant Roomie?

A blessed woman of God who gets to cram into a hotel room for 3 days, 3 nights 
with a few other blessed women that she may or may not have met yet, 
in Harrisburg, PA in October, the 21st-24th, 
for a blogging conference for Christian women writers

Look over to the far right, on my blog, above my head.
See the Relevant Button above my head?
Go check it out!

My poor extremely lucky Roomies are:

I have never met these gals in person, but, I like new people, 
so it's all good!
I am excited to learn and laugh together with all the Attendees!

If you are going to Relevant, and if you'd like to get to know some of the other ladies, write a Top 10 Things My Relevant Roomies Should Know About Me post,
and link up your post at these Roomies' blogs:

So here goes, I hope you still like me once you really know me!

I don't follow the rules: Like a TOP 10 things list, I'd rather torture you with a 50 TOP Things list.
I like to hear myself type.
I was born in Milwaukee, WI. Grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and ended up here in Greenville, SC.
South Carolina is home, and I am Southern, and you can't tell me any differently. 
I love grits. And dark chocolate. But not together, though I might try that.
I don’t like shellfish (seafood). I wish I did. I do love Tuna and Salmon.
I love hugs, and you will get one whether you like it or not.
I am open to new ideas or criticism. 

I love strangers, because I am a stranger here, or is that because there is no one stranger, here? 
I drive fast. I’m working on that. Sort of.

I love a good hymn. “How Great Thou Art” and “It is Well with My Soul” are my favorites.
I’ve attempted to learn 3 different languages (Latin, Spanish and French). I only remember one: English.
I think public school teachers are the biggest unsung heroes in America. My sister is one of them.
Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I am thankful that they can be dried and last all year.
I really do love people-and ask all sorts of questions because I truly am interested.
Popcorn is my favorite food.
Sometimes, I say bad words. Especially if I get scared (like almost driving off the road or something like that).
We have homeschooled our daughters for 11 years, combined, so far.
I've moved 23 times in my life. Literally.

I don't drink soda.
I don't color my hair, use perfume or use hair spray. Don't like the chemicals, they make me sneeze!
When I was a child I had a cat named Doorbell.
If you need something, and I have it, I will give it to you, if the Spirit so leads me.
My favorite color is red.
I usually try to order something different every time I go out to eat.
I pluck my eyebrows regularly.
Everything in our household gets paid for with cash. (Or found on the side of the road).
The Relevant Conference is something I have been looking forward to since they announced it in the Spring!
I have been looking forward to meeting my Relevant Roomies since Summer!
I hate dusting and vacuuming and avoid it with a passion. So, I make my daughters do it.

I have peanut butter and jelly on toast almost every morning for breakfast.
Laughter heals EVERYTHING. And I do it often, and loudly.
I sing in our Praise Band at church. The band's name? The Below Average White Band!
I’m lovingly competitive.
My life is an open book. I don't have anything to hide because I am not ashamed because I have been given much grace. Go ahead, ask me anything, I will answer you.
I don’t remember the names of or the plots of most of the movies I have watched in my lifetime.
I will break out in song at the very mention of something that prompts a remembrance of said song. 
I can do a mean ELMO imitation. (Elmo loves you! And his crayons and Dorothy and Mr. Noodle!)
I do a mean sheep imitation, too, but that is reserved for Easter.

I take Synthroid, a hypo-thyroid medication every morning.
I have expensive taste. Unfortunately, I usually can’t act on it. But, I can occasionally replicate it.
My favorite book of the Bible is Proverbs.
I got saved on August 1, 1990. My real Birthday.
I’m good at starting things. I’m horrible at finishing things, but usually do.
I’m a very good cook and I love to bake.
I get exceptionally crabby when I’m tired.
I am a birth mom.
I love all of you, my follower friends and readers and I pray for you regularly.
I don’t like to exercise. Hate, NO, loathe it, but do it anyway. I call the elliptical the elliptiKILLER, and the treadmill the DREADmill.

I don't smoke or drink, but did enough of that when I was in my late teens, early 20's.
I don’t worry too much about what other people think about me.
Coffee is my best friend in the morning. Do not talk to me until the cup is empty.
I love the sun. My skin doesn’t, so I stay out of it.
Practical jokes? If you DON'T get one played on you by me, I DON'T like you very much.
I am not afraid of spiders, bees, wasps or snakes, but don't want one as a pet or anything.
Don't think I snore.
I am an etsy, eBay, Amazon and Craigslist seller, and oddly enough, there is still a lot of stuff in our house!
The love of my life is Jesus. He restored my hope, gave me grace and eternal life, how can I NOT love him?

Are you still here?

Now, tell me some things interesting about YOU!!!


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House Hunting Tour :: 1915 SEARS KIT Home Arts and Crafts Bungalow

Okay, so some, most, a few of you know that we are going through our home
room by room de-cluttering, paring down, painting, repairing, updating
our home.

It is over 3300 square feet 
and there are 3 stories (basement + 1st and 2nd stories)
5 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths,
2 kitchens, a theater room, living and sitting rooms, etc---
and we KNOW are so blessed!!
But there are only 3 of us living here full-time.
It's too much, and it's okay to say it's too much.
We have made so many fond memories here, and we do hate to leave,
but, it's time. You know?

We have 32 spaces (rooms, closets, halls, outside) to get ready,
so we've given ourselves till January 2012,
which will be here sooner than we think.

God-willing, we would like to move closer to our downtown.

What motivates us to ready our home is looking at the homes downtown.
Which is what we did a few weeks back, and we learned a lot
about what we do and don't like.
We toured several, but I am only going to show you one in this post!

We didn't know we loved bungalows until we walked-through this one.

So, come along, and see what we found!
I did manage to take a few pictures with my camera.
(Some of these pictures I borrowed off the Realtor's site, 
because I was too busy ooohing and ahhhing at the home.)
We cannot buy this home now. It sold a week after we looked at it.
We weren't ready anyway.
But the area in which this home is located has many such styles.

WARNING: there are a lot of pictures!

Click the words below to see the ad from 1915!

This is a 1915 SEARS Craftsman-style home.

All the rooms revolve around each other, and there are no hallways.

The original plan:

104 Briarcliff Drive

Porch, left-side.

Porch, right-side.

Come on in!

This is what you see ahead of you when you come in the parlor or HALL, 
as the original floor plan calls it..

To the right.

To the right some more.

Facing the front door, back to French doors.

From where you are standing now, turn left, into the dining room.
Start counting the fireplaces.
And check out the hardwood floors.

Left again, into the living room.
The main rooms all had the original picture molding!

I point out the doorway molding to you, at the bottom corner of the doorway below, 
to the right of the rocking chair, below the fan.

Sears homes have square blocks on molding joints at complex joints. 
While framing members were pre-cut, 
some of the moldings and baseboard trim were not pre-cut 
(due to variances in plaster thickness). 
To simplify construction, Sears homes often have a block 
at the point where complex joints meet. 
This probably made construction much easier for the novice homebuilder.

I love built-ins!
Anyone else?
I think this room was originally the dining room because of the built-in hutch
(The doors were wonky, and didn't latch shut, but we didn't mind- we liked the quirkiness!)

And check out the original chandeliers.
They were not operated by a wall switch, they were turned on 
with a knob near the base of the light.

Through the doorway behind the wingback, is the kitchen.

Obviously not the original cabinetry, but the floors-oh my!
What would you do with these cabinets and countertops?
Change them? To what?
Or leave them?

If you turn around with your back to the fridge, there is another doorway.
The homeowner painted some chalkboard which I would totally leave.
The green cabinet just through the doorway is a closet,
with the original shelving, wish I'd taken a picture of it!
Our ancestors required much less pantry space than we do.

Through the doorway is the laundry room/mud room.
The door to the right leads to the back yard.
See the ceiling in here?

The one and only bath.

Turn around and there's a tiny cute little sink.

To the right of the sink is another doorway, to the Master Bedroom.
This is what you see from the bathroom.
Still counting fireplaces?

Outside this room, is the library, the space we saw behind the French doors,
which are to the left.

The living room/original dining room leads to the library, too.

If I put you back in the parlor/foyer, turn right.

And you will be in this room, the 2nd bedroom.
This is to your left, and the window on the left is the front of the house.

To your right.
Last fireplace. How many did you count?

If we went back to the laundry room.

And went out the door to the right here, this is where we will be.

Further back in the yard, we turn around.
Dizzy yet?

At the end of the mulch path at the bottom right of the picture above is an old storage bldg.
It needs paint, but these are so hard to find, included with the old homes.
The doors slide, instead of lifting.
It has an attic space that is attainable by some very narrow stairs.

Turn around again, and to your right you can enjoy the side yard.
It's actually a second lot, but belongs with the house!

Looking back towards the house with storage building behind you.

The old crepe myrtles line the side yard.

So concludes our tour, ladies and gentlemen!
You may have a seat.

Oh, I see you already did!

This was the actual listing that attracted us:

Minutes from downtown Greenville, this completely renovated 2 bed 1 bath Arts and Crafts bungalow has over 1550 square feet with an office area and large foyer that could be used as a sitting parlor. The home features hardwood floors throughout with the exception of the bathroom, and updated kitchen, 4 decorative fireplaces, French doors, built-ins, 9ft ceilings and a large front porch. Step outside the back door onto a stone patio that is surrounded by a flower garden. The 0.59 acre fenced-in yard includes a bonus lot with established plantings and garden areas. The outbuilding is large enough to be used as a two-car garage. Updates include… fully remodeled kitchen, water heater, furnace, air conditioning, electrical system, plumbing and roof. 

This home cost, in 1915, a whopping $825 for Sears to send you all the pieces, 
and you built it yourself.
For labor, cement, brick and plaster, the home could be built on your site for $1,615.00.

It sold last week for $189,000.

Still a great price for today's economy!

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did guiding it!


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THE CHRYSALIS (Part 2 of 2) :: My Encounter with Depression

Chrysalis -  noun
(Latin) Chrysallid-,

A protective covering while undergoing metamorphosis: a stage of being or growth.

Metamorphosis - 
(Greek) To transform;

A marked change in appearance, character, condition or function.

Through some kinds words of healing from a friend,
I learned that struggles are normal
how to forgive myself 
and that depression precedes change.

I have an enemy that hates me, but his killing, stealing and destroying has been overcome
by Jesus' love on the cross and victory over the tomb!!

One afternoon, shortly after 
The Great Healing of the Darkness of My Soul began,
our family went to our city's Planetarium/Science Center.

There, in the Butterfly Garden, God spoke to me about my ordeal,
while a crowd of people gathered to watch a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon.

I was so moved by it, I wrote about it.


Watching in amazement,
some gazing with disgust
as that creature
who by her own power
crawls into a place of isolation.

Never knowing she was spinning
threads of pain,
threads of doubt,
threads of unforgiveness.

Around and around she goes
being sure to keep those strands taut, strong.
The only protection for her fragile soul.
The only thing keeping her world still.

Only knowing that darkness and passage of time
hold no relief from it,
And passage of time serves no purpose.
Unaware that she is a victim
of her own chrysalis.

Hanging now,
by a single strand of hope.
All the while, an unseen power transforms her.

Releasing her soul
to become new.
Every broken part
being replaced
with joy
being replaced with love
being replaced with peace.

Where she thought was a hiding place
had become her healing place.

So, now,
unaware of the audience fascinated by her ordeal,
she ever so quietly,
wrestles herself from her self-made cocoon.

Not knowing why she is born this way.

Seeing the light, she is blinded by its intensity,
yet captivated
by the wonders awaiting her.

And she is coaxed by one within the crowd,
by One whose cocoon is long empty
to emerge from her pain,
release her past
and embrace the Sun.

As she unfurls her wings for flight,
she instinctively knows
her destination
and effortlessly glides on winds unseen,
toward the Garden,
as the crowd looks on.

~LeslieAnn 2001

All these gorgeous photos of butterflies were taken by my friend, 

I am honored that she would let me share them with you!

Her photographs captured my eyes and heart! 
She sees things in her lens of life that leave me speechless.
If you love photography, you will love her blog!


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