We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Program

For a SURPRISE, last-minute vacation from my beefcake to us...

Williamsburg, VA locator map

He bought us a timeshare week (off eBay--where else?)
and got some house and ferret-sitters,
and we will be in Williamsburg, VA.

I am NOT going to be posting--
I will be organizing all the posts coming up about

This summer was very busy--
can anyone else say' "Amen" to that?

Lots on our plates,
lots on our minds
lots to get done
before this next year of school starts mid-August!

So, we seriously need the vacation.

I will be visiting y'all while I am sitting under a shade tree or umbrella somewhere.

I am anxious to meet all my new follower friends,
and am planning a give-away
for Back-to-School.

I'll miss you while I'm gone and and tell you:

"The Weather's here!
Wish you were beautiful!!"
(Inside family joke--now you can use it, too!)

May be doing some of this at Busch Gardens, too!

Have a blessed and joyful week while this home maker gets some time off!



  1. I'm so glad you are taking a vacation. I am so excited to hear more ebay how-to's and inspiration when you return. I'm sure the time away will do you a world of good.


  2. Have a wonderful vacation, I think you are off to a great start! Ebay...I am in need of tutoring!



  3. Oh Leslie, so happy for you! That's wonderful news to hear you are on vacation. Can't wait for all the e-bay posts, too. Have FUN! (How could you not?) Take care. Susan

  4. Wow! First a road trip to Texas and now this! I am really, really looking forward to reading your tips on ebay selling! Lisa~

  5. I hope you have a good time my friend! I will anxiously be waiting for more ebay tips. I have stuff that needs to be sold! I need someone to give me a big shove to get started. :)

  6. How funny, Lesley ~ someone just said that joke last night at a block party we attended! Enjoy your vacation! We haven't been to Williamsburg in over 10 years! I'd love to get to Busch Gardens in the next couple of years and maybe Virginia Beach.

  7. Have a wonderful time! We will chat when you get back!


  8. Okay, I just added that joke to my repertoire. hehehe

  9. Enjoy this wonderful trip!
    When you return I am anxious to read more about your Ebay tips.

  10. You are visiting one of my favorite places! We once enjoyed it at Christmas time, and it remains a family delight.

    Have a wonderful time!

  11. Have fun dear!
    Talking about you on my blog!

  12. I hope you have a wonderful time! My family made that trip a few years ago and loved it. I'd love to go back again.

  13. Oh! Have FUN FUN FUN!!

    By the time you get back I SHOULD be in another house trying to make it a home! We shall see..

    While you are away, take a minute to sign up for our back to school giveaway!




  14. Thank you Leslie for thinking of me. Please don't go out of your way for the bottle. You are on vacation! I may just sell the one I have once I get further instruction on ebay ;)

  15. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your 'down' time with your sweet husband and beautiful daughters. Hope the heat lets up. I was in Williamsburg VA during a heat wave and all I could think of was the poor employees that dress in colonial garb and what it must have been like for the original towns people. Thank God I was born after air conditioning was invented!

    Your Friend,

  16. Oh how fun! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    see you when you get back.
    ♥ maureen

  17. Enjoy!! Williamsburg is a great place - good outlets :)
    Have a fun and safe trip!

  18. Enjoy your vacation, good heaven's girl, you surely deserve it!

  19. Really enjoyed your blog. Have fun in Williamsburg. Be sure to go to the Jamestown restoration. My husbands uncle is the lead archeologist and lives on site in a sweet cottage.

  20. Have a great vacation!

    White Spray Paint

    It has been a crazy summer!

  21. Ohhhhh, have fun!

    Thanks for stopping by Popcorn and leaving the super kind note, you are too cool for me!

    Chill out and enjoy!


  22. How fun to take a last minute vay cay. We are doing the same thing next week.

  23. Enjoy your vacation, Virgina is very nice and Bush Gardens is so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  24. Hope you are having a blast....we are dying to know about that Busch gardens...hope you went so you can tell me all about it. Debbie

  25. Have a wonderful vacation! Found you via your basement cafe post on Stories of A2Z, new follower. Looking forward to your eBay posts, for some reason it has always scared me away!

    -Ann Marie

  26. Sounds like fun!! Enjoy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! :)

  27. Woo hoo! This sounds like fun. Hope you have the best holiday and are refreshed for school when you return. I love ebay so will be interested to learn more.
    I like the name of your blog.It caught my eye as we are about to remodel our house and hope it becomes a home..:D

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