Girls' Road Trip!! Let's Visit Lisa at Pennington Point!

Hello all you gorgeous, blessed, frugal, creative, charitable, 
expressive, thoughtful, whimsical, intelligent, funny, and charming homemakers!

Today I wanted to take you all with me over 
to Lisa Pennington's home in Texas!
She is my new friend, and I want to introduce you to her!

(Let's all pile in my Honda CR-V. 
Sorry if some of you are hanging out of the car!
I'll drive fast so we don't get caught by a State Trooper!)

Lisa is a home maker that lives in a small town, 
and on their land they have a farm with a myriad of animals.

She also makes adorable things and sells them on Esty

(Did one of you remember the map? Chocolate?)

I adore her because she is funny 
(and has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh), 
sweet, creative, energetic, 
loves God and her family, and her home shows it!
She makes beautiful and organized spaces on a budget, 
and we can learn a thing or two from her.

(Someone has their foot in my ear! Move it!)

She and her husband, James, have 9 children AND she home schools!!! 

(I only have the capacity to home school 2 socially-awkward children geniuses at a time.)

We're here! Let us in!

(I call first dibs on the Powder Room!!)

Okay, so the room I wanted y'all to see was her elegant, yet cozy

Dining Room/School Room

I don't know about you, but my home school room DOES NOT look like this.

I think she has tastefully combined a teaching and dining area.
She has unified the room by painting all the wooden chairs white.

Remember, she has 9 socially-awkward geniuses, so they need the seating!

The touches of black iron and black furniture unify the two sides of the room.

See the adorable gum/candy machine below the clock?
And the wording LEARN, Imagine and BELIEVE above the white board?
The baskets under the white board to organize "stuff"?

This long side board/teacher's table is perfect 
for a holiday or birthday buffet, 
or (lots of) grading papers!

See way down there at the end, underneath this sideboard table?
It's a cabinet she and her daughter Hope built.

It holds all the kids' laptops. Smart!

The table centerpiece is creative!
She got her tables from a guy at the flea market that restores furniture.  

See the "J" in the chair above, that's where her hubby James is enthroned.
Here's Lisa's chair.
She monogrammed them.
(Maybe with 9 kids you forget your own name?
The initials are there to jog their memories?)

But aren't they pretty?

Their little son, Levi, got his WHOLE name!
Lisa used her Cricut.

This is the official "school table".

Here are some other spaces around her lovely home.

Thank you, Lisa for letting us traipse through your lovely and loving home.
Thanks for the scones and coffee, too!

(We pray you have many years of homeschooling bliss!)

The Pennington Point


  1. Oh wow, this is just unreal. I can't get my house to look like this and I don't have any children. Everything is just gorgeous. Loved all the pics. Thanks for the tour. Hugs, Marty

  2. I just came to your blog from The Girl Creative's New Friend Friday blog hop, and I am glad I did! I love your friend's home. Mothers with 9 children have to be organized and their homes are usually very neat. My niece has 9 that she homeschools as well and her home is well organized also. Nice meeting you and I will be back.

  3. Because it's a sin, I'm trying not to covet that amazingly beautiful, organized school/dining room. Wow! I really think my kids could turn from socially awkward homeschoolers to genuises in that environment....and I could turn into a calm and organized mother who homeschools with joy - always. Well, I guess only the Lord can do all that, but it's still an amazing home! Thanks for introducing us.

  4. Wow! That's impressive. What a wonderful atmosphere she's created! Stunning.

    Your newest follower=)

  5. Oh my goodness I am CRACKING UP over the road trip references! You always make me laugh.

    Can I tell you how completely weird it is seeing my whole house on someone else's blog. It's a good thing you aren't a stalker (I hope!).

    I wish you would have warned me that you all were coming....I would have made a whole bunch of brownies and bought extra Diet Dr Pepper. LOL!

    Thanks're such a good friend. Lisa~

  6. Is this woman impressive or what? Thanks, Leslie, for taking us along. What a neat trip!

  7. I love your blog, I am now following. Thanks for the tips! They all sound wonderful!

  8. Love this house. So many beautiful touches. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was drinking in the details in every picture. I loved the white FRESHNESS of her home. That was what popped out at me the most. I noticed those initialed chairs right away and loved them.

    Thanks for this inspiring tour.
    Nine kids to school? I'm filled with great respect!

  10. Oh my gosh, Leslie. That was a great tour. Your friend's home is so lovely, neat, bright, and organized. Wow! I'm impressed. With all those children, she sure does a great job in the decorating department. Enjoyed the tour. Great photos, too, by the way. Susan

  11. Very beautiful!
    Happy Friday!
    Come follow me back!

  12. I just love here home and that big p is my favorite!

  13. Leslie,

    Thank you for sharing Lisa's beautiful and inspiring home. It's hard to imagine nine children live in that house.

    Your Friend,

  14. wow. that's just amazing. Her home is beautiful, I love how she made the space she shares everyday with her children so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I'll have to take a drive over and see for my self. :)


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