Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

Is Blogger acting up for anyone else?

I am sorry, but
I had posted How I Sell on eBay Part 2 :: What I Sell
but I had to save it as a draft for now,
until I fix the html code, or re-write it.

I am tired.

And Miss A, my younger daughter, is calling me to watch America's Got Talent with her.
So, ta ta for now...

A few random pics of things that I love, from my Style File because I don't do pictureless posts!

Most of these are from Martha Stewart-the others, I don't know, sorry!

Be back tomorrow when I am in a better mood.
Pray for me!


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  1. No problems with blogger yet. Knock on wood. See you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Leslie...Gosh, haven't had any problems here. Hope all is well by the time tomorrow comes. Susan

  3. Woot! I'm nearly glad that blogger is playing up as maybe I'd never have seen that scrumptious quilt!!!!! Want it now..:)

  4. Your post came through perfectly for me. Both of them:) Keep the faith, tomorrow will be better.


  5. i have only one word and its wow, your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom all look just fabulous, the way you have designed things is too good, i am bawled over by the sheer design and scheme of things - too good

  6. your home is absolutely beautiful, i really loved the quilt, i have never seen anything so different yet so stylish!! where did you buy this from?? i would love to visit that shop to see what else they offer!!

  7. I seem to have various problems with Blogger, now and again. If you're attempting to post at night, that could be part of the issue-way too many peeps online then.

    On a more positive note. The pics in your post are great. Beauty simply stated is often the best.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  8. Hi, I think when we are rushed and stressed blogging seems more a chore, we don't always have time to do everything we want (what a statement) Had been trying to find your blog couldn't get on for one reason or another, anyway showhouse has come and gone, I was there
    3 days fast and furious (talk about not having enough time) I love to DVR, Americas Got Talent,
    its half the time then to watch without all the
    commericials!!! Off to Ca, this weekend for a
    week, best to you
    kate :)

  9. Hi Leslie!
    No problems with blogger that I know of. Hope things return to normal for you soon. BTW - I snagged the first photo for my records! Love the inspiration :)! Thanks for sharing! Val

  10. Leslie, I have had some problems, but I think/thought/am thinking... it is on my end with my computer.

    At any rate, I hope your get settled. I want to see more ebay tutorials. Seriously... I'm VERY interested.

  11. Hey friend! I love the picture with the tea cups. What a great idea!

    I've had HTML problems posting before. They can be very frustrating. I hope you get it figured out.

    So are you driving to Relevant? Do you have room in your car? I'm trying to decide between driving and flying. Money has a lot to do w/it at this point ;)

    Take care my friend!

  12. I'm back with, as a friend would say, a big fat phooey. I think my problems ARE with blogger. It seems to be eating half my blog. Sometimes, the background is gone; other times it's items on the sidebar. It gobbled up my Bible snippets site and some of the link within pictures.

    I noticed it gobbled up your link within pictures too. So sigh...

    BTW, I LOVE that picture witht the teacup jewelry storage. I want to copy that.

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